L0rdix Attack Tool Sample Download

Posted Under: Stealer on Dec 10, 2018
L0rdix, a multipurpose attack tools that appear to in development pahse. Is is currently available for purchase in underground forums, is aimed at infecting Windows-based machines, combines stealing and cryptocurrency mining methods, can avoid malware analysis tools and is designed to be a universal "go-to" tool for attackers.

Dark Tequila Banking Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: Stealer on Nov 27, 2018
Dark Tequila is stealth Banking Malware that carefully choose its victims. It the victiem does not fall in to specific criteria it silently wipe itself for the host.

DarkGate Ransomware Sample Download

Posted Under: Stealer on Nov 25, 2018
DarkGate Ransomware is targeted to Europe and specifically towards Spain and France users. DarkGate has several capabilities including crypto mining, stealing credentials from crypto wallets (crypto stealing), ransomware and remote access and control.
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