Avaddon Ransomware Sample Download

Avaddon ransomware encrypts user data using AES-256 + RSA-2048, and then requires a ransom of $150 to $350 or more in BTC in order to return the files.

PonyFinal Ransomware Sample Download

PonyFinal is a Java based ransomware that is deployed in human operated ransomware attacks. While Java based ransomware are not unheard of, they are not as common as other threat file types. However, organizations should focus less on this payload and more on how it's delivered.

FUCKUNICORN Ransomware Sample Download

FUCKUNICORN ransomware threatens pharmacies and medical businesses. It tries to convince the user to download an executable file and run it on their computer, with the promise of offering the beta version of the IMMUNI app and have first-hand data of COVID-19 updated in real time regarding the situations of contagion in your region.

Ako Ransomware Sample Download

Ako ransomware encrypts the data of computers on the local network running Windows (including Windows 10) using AES, and then requires a ransom of 0.5 to 1 BTC in order to return the files. Ransom amount varies from case to case.

VCrypt Ransomware Sample Download

VCrypt Ransomware encrypt user data using 7Zip, a legitimate file encryption program, and then delete the original folder. Apparently it is target toward French speaking victims.
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