Cafe Restaurant Free AMP HTML Template

Posted Under: AMP, HTML5, Responsive, Template on Aug 18, 2018
Cafe Restaurant is free full featured accelerated mobile pages (AMP) template. It is a simple HTML template for e-commerce or a static website or may be food blog.

CSS Style Ordered List numbers

Posted Under: CSS3, Snippets on Aug 17, 2018
This CSS snippet will stylized order list using :before pseudo CSS element.

Encrypt String Using PHP

Posted Under: PHP, Snippets, Tutorials on Aug 17, 2018
PHP snippet to Encrypt string using AES-256 encryption algorithm with 32 Bytes key. In order to use encryption php_mcrypt extension need to be installed and activated.

Install PHP mcrypt Extension on Linux

Posted Under: Configuration, PHP, Shell, Snippets on Aug 17, 2018
In order to use encryption and decryption in PHP, we need to inatall PHP extension mcrypt.

Find all occurrences of a String in a String in PHP

Posted Under: PHP, Snippets on Aug 16, 2018
This PHP snippet will list all indexes of a sub-string in parent string.
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