Highlight User Selected Text in Webpage

Posted Under: JavaScript on Mar 2, 2017
Enhance your user's reading experience on your website by highlighting only the portion of text user selected. Fokus is a simple script that do this simple job in less than 3KB of code.

Get Unique Values in an Array - JavaScript

Posted Under: JavaScript on Dec 22, 2016
This tutorial will demonstrate how to find unique values in any given array and also how the elements return are in the same position as they were in the original subject array, i.e. only duplicates are removed

Videojs Flash Fallback Example

Posted Under: JavaScript on Feb 20, 2013
VideoJS is a HTML5 Video Player, recently i started using it in a project i choose it for is supper easy installation which is easy by just adding one video.js file and video-js.css a css file, both are hosted on free CDN. While working on the project i find out that it does not fall back on it own

Extjs 4 Hello World Tutorial

Posted Under: JavaScript on Dec 29, 2012
Extjs is a free and open source javascript library used for building rich internet application. Extjs is compatible with almost all major modern browsers. Extjs can be used with jQuery so there is no need to replace jQuery at the same time you can do almost everything with Extjs too.
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