Eliminate Render Blocking JavaScript

Posted Under: JavaScript on Sep 7, 2018
Webpage loading time is an important factor for website ranking a delay in the loading time can give your competitors a head start and you may loose visitor and search engine visibility. Search engine pay huge attention to site speed.

Redirect to another page using JavaScript

Posted Under: JavaScript on Aug 19, 2018
JavaScript Snippet to redirect the user to another web page. There are two mechanism for redirecting a user.

Get Query String Values Using JavaScript

Posted Under: JavaScript on Aug 19, 2018
URL Query String was a difficult and time consuming thing before the introduction of URLSearchParams() API, which is supported on all major browsers i.e. Firefox 44+, Opera 36+, Edge 17+, Safari 10.3+ and Chrome 49+. As usual Internet Explorer or Edge still lags behind.

Highlight User Selected Text in Webpage

Posted Under: JavaScript on Mar 2, 2017
Enhance your user's reading experience on your website by highlighting only the portion of text user selected. Fokus is a simple script that do this simple job in less than 3KB of code.

Get Unique Values in an Array - JavaScript

Posted Under: JavaScript on Dec 22, 2016
This tutorial will demonstrate how to find unique values in any given array and also how the elements return are in the same position as they were in the original subject array, i.e. only duplicates are removed
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