JavaScript Cut Array in Half

Posted Under: JavaScript on Jun 15, 2019
This tutorial explain how to cut a JavaScript array in half no matter what the size is. it will splice the array in equal halves.

Eliminate Render Blocking JavaScript

Posted Under: JavaScript on Sep 7, 2018
Webpage loading time is an important factor for website ranking a delay in the loading time can give your competitors a head start and you may loose visitor and search engine visibility. Search engine pay huge attention to site speed.

Redirect to another page using JavaScript

Posted Under: JavaScript on Aug 19, 2018
JavaScript Snippet to redirect the user to another web page. There are two mechanism for redirecting a user.

Get Query String Values Using JavaScript

Posted Under: JavaScript on Aug 19, 2018
URL Query String was a difficult and time consuming thing before the introduction of URLSearchParams() API, which is supported on all major browsers i.e. Firefox 44+, Opera 36+, Edge 17+, Safari 10.3+ and Chrome 49+. As usual Internet Explorer or Edge still lags behind.

Highlight User Selected Text in Webpage

Posted Under: JavaScript on Mar 2, 2017
Enhance your user's reading experience on your website by highlighting only the portion of text user selected. Fokus is a simple script that do this simple job in less than 3KB of code.
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