Fast CND Link for Popular Libraries

A content delivery network is a highly distributed server platform optimized for delivering content, including web applications and streaming media content. CDN is the network of servers is distributed in different physical locations and points of the network in order to directly deal with requests from end users requesting the content. It acts as an intermediary between a content server, also called the origin server, and its end users, or clients. Without CDN, the origin servers must respond to each request from end users, generating significant traffic on the origin server and increased load. In the event of excessively dense traffic peaks or persistent load, the risk of failure of the origin server is high. By responding to requests from end users instead of the originating server on a network close to the end user, CDN offloads content servers and improves the web experience, which benefits both the content provider and to end users.

Library Name Description Latest Release
Vue.jsVue.js is an open-source model–view–viewmodel...3.2.20
react-isBrand checking of React Elements.0.0.0-expe
reactReact is a JavaScript library for building user i...18.0.0-alp
react-domThe entry point of the DOM-related rendering path...18.0.0-alp
create-react-classLegacy API for creating React components.15.7.0
BootstrapBootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework...5.1.3
Twitter BootstrapThe most popular front-end framework for developi...5.1.3
D3D3.js is a JavaScript library for producing dynam...7.3.0
AxiosAxios is a promise-based HTTP Client for node.js ...0.23.0
angularAngular - the core framework12.2.11
antdAn UI design language4.17.0-alp
typescriptTypeScript is a language for application scale Ja...4.4.4
Material UIMUI provides a simple, customizable, and accessib...5.0.0
three.jsThree.js is a cross-browser JavaScript library an...r128
animate.cssPlug and play, app-like animations for your websi...4.1.1
Font AwesomeFont Awesome is a font and icon toolkit based on ...6.2.0
angular-animateAngularJS module for CSS-based animations (keyfra...1.8.2
angular-ariaAngularJS module for common ARIA attributes that ...1.8.2
angular-cookiesAngularJS module for reading and writing browser ...1.8.2
angular-i18nLocales for AngularJS1.8.2
angular-loaderModule loader for AngularJS modules. If you are l...1.8.2
angular-message-formatAngularJS module extends the AngularJS $interpola...1.8.2
angular-messagesAngularJS module that provides enhanced support f...1.8.2
angular-parse-extAngularJS module provides functionality to allow ...1.8.2
Angular ResourceAngularJS module for interacting with RESTful ser...1.8.2
Angular RouteAngularJS module for routing and deeplinking serv...1.8.2
angular-sanitizeAngularJS module for sanitizing HTML1.8.2
angular-touchAngularJS module for touch events and helpers for...1.8.2
angular.jsAngularJS is an MVC framework for building web ap...1.8.2
reveal.jsThe HTML Presentation Framework4.1.2
reduxPredictable state container for JavaScript apps4.1.1
jQueryjQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simpli...3.6.0
socket.ionode.js realtime framework server4.3.2
Chart.jsSimple HTML5 charts using the canvas element.3.6.0
jquery-compatJavaScript library for DOM operations3.0.0-alph
Element UIElement, a Vue 2.0 based component library for de...2.15.6
Fira CodeFira Code: monospaced font with programming ligat...6.2.0
Semantic UISemantic is a development framework that helps cr...2.4.1
lodash.jsA utility library delivering consistency, customi...4.17.21
tailwindcssA utility-first CSS framework for rapidly buildin...2.2.17
echartsA powerful, interactive charting and data visuali...5.2.1
ionicAdvanced HTML5 Mobile App Framework.1.3.2
moment.jsParse, validate, manipulate, and display dates2.29.1
react-routerA complete routing library for React.js6.0.0-beta
react-router-domDOM bindings for React Router6.0.0-beta
bulmaModern CSS framework based on Flexbox0.9.3
Material Design IconsMaterial Design Icons is a growing icon collectio...4.0.0
PrettierPrettier is an opinionated JavaScript formatter w...2.4.1
normalizeNormalize.css as a node packaged module8.0.1
Admin LTE v3Admin dashboard and control panel template3.2.0-rc