Fast CND Link for Popular Libraries

A content delivery network is a highly distributed server platform optimized for delivering content, including web applications and streaming media content. CDN is the network of servers is distributed in different physical locations and points of the network in order to directly deal with requests from end users requesting the content. It acts as an intermediary between a content server, also called the origin server, and its end users, or clients. Without CDN, the origin servers must respond to each request from end users, generating significant traffic on the origin server and increased load. In the event of excessively dense traffic peaks or persistent load, the risk of failure of the origin server is high. By responding to requests from end users instead of the originating server on a network close to the end user, CDN offloads content servers and improves the web experience, which benefits both the content provider and to end users.

UID Library Name Description Latest Release
UID Library Name Description Latest Release
11140The 1140 grid fits perfectly into a 1280 monitor....2.0
21000hz-bootstrap-validatorA user-friendly HTML5 Form validator for Bootstra...0.11.9
310up-sanitize.cssRender elements consistently. Style with best pra...11.0.0
416pixels16pixels as a node packaged module0.1.9
53DmolObject oriented Javascript molecular visualizatio...1.4.0
66pac-slickgridA lightning fast JavaScript grid/spreadsheet2.4.15
76pxJavascript client for 6px1.0.3
86to5Turn ES6 code into readable vanilla ES5 with sour...3.6.5
9960gsThe 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline we...0
10AlertifyJSAlertifyJS is a javascript framework for developi...1.13.1
11Allofthelights.jsAllofthelights.js is a jQuery plugin to turn off ...2.0
12AniJSDeclarative handling library for CSS animations.0.9.3
13Backbone.dualStorageA dual (localStorage and REST) sync adapter for B...1.4.1
14Base64Base64 encoding and decoding1.1.0
15BigVideo.jsThe jQuery Plugin for Big Background Video (and I...1.1.5
16BlotterA JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text ...0.1.0
17Bridge.NETWrite modern mobile and web apps in C#. Run them ...17.9.0
18BroadwayA JavaScript H.264 decoder.0.1.0
19BrowserFSA filesystem in your browser!2.0.0
20ButtonsA CSS button library built with Sass2.0.0
21CSS-MintLightweight and simple to use UI Kit2.0.7
22CameraA jQuery slideshow with many effects, transitions...1.3.4
23CanvasInputCanvasInput recreates and improves a full DOM ele...1.2.7
24CaptionatorSimple closed-captioning polyfill for HTML5. Just...0.6
25Caret.jsGet caret position and offset from inputor0.3.1
26Chart.jsSimple HTML5 charts using the canvas element.2.9.3
27Clamp.jsClamps an HTML element by adding ellipsis to it i...0.5.1
28ClientJSDevice information and digital fingerprinting wri...0.1.11
29CodeFlask.jsA micro code-editor for awesome web pages.1.4.1
30Colors.jsA simple color manipulation javascript library.1.2.4
31ContentToolsA JS library for building WYSIWYG editors for HTM...1.6.12
32Cookies.jsClient-Side Cookie Manipulation API1.2.1
33CoolQueue.ioOffline failsafe for socket.io1.0.0
34Counter-UpA lightweight jQuery plugin that counts up to a t...1.0.0
35Darkmode.js🌓 Add darkmode / nightmode to your websit...1.5.4
36Detect.jsJS Library to detect browser, os and device based...2.2.2
37DinaKitiTemplates DinaKit Framework1.2
38DirectorA client Side/Server Side Router1.2.8
39DisplayJSA simple JavaScript framework for building ambiti...2.3.0
40DragDropA JavaScript micro-framework for adding drag-and-...0.3.0
41DropifyOverride your input files with style.0.2.2
42DynatableA funner, semantic, HTML5+JSON, interactive table...0.3.1
43EaselJSEaselJS is a library for building high-performanc...1.0.2
44EventEmitterEvent based JavaScript for the browser5.2.8
45F2An open framework for the financial services indu...1.4.5
46FakerGenerate massive amounts of fake contextual data3.1.0
47FastActiveFastActive is a javascript snippet that makes web...1.0.1
48FeedEkFeedEk is a jQuery plugin for parsing and display...3.1.1
49FileSaver.jsAn HTML5 saveAs() FileSaver implementation.1.3.8
50FitText.jsA jQuery plugin for inflating web type1.2.0
51FlexSearchNext-Generation full text search library with zer...0.6.22
52FlipDivA space efficient 3D menu with CSS transitions.1.6.0
53Flowtype.jsWeb typography at its finest: font-size and line-...1.1.0
54Fort.jsModern progress bar for form completion.2.0.0
56FuncUnitA functional test suite based on jQuery.2.0.4
57Glide.jsSimple, lightweight and fast jQuery slider3.4.1
58HTML5NotificationNotification polyfill3.0.0
59HanThe CSS typography framework optimised for Hanzi3.3.0
60HoverizrAn image manipulation and overlay plugin for jQue...1.0
61HyphenatorHyphenator.js is a free open source Javascript li...5.3.0
62IBM-typeAn opinionated type for all IBM experiences, incl...0.5.4
63ICanHaz.jsA clean solution for templating with Mustache.js ...0.10.3
64Iframe-Height-Jquery-PluginThis plugin can get contents of iframe and set he...1.2.5
65IndexedDBShimA polyfill for IndexedDB using WebSql6.0.1
66JQuery-SnowfallMake it snow on you page or elements1.7.4
67JavaScript-autoCompleteAn extremely lightweight vanilla JavaScript compl...1.0.4
68JoueleJouele is a simple and beautiful audio player for...2.3.0
69KaTeXFast math typesetting for the web.0.11.1
70KalendaeA framework agnostic javascript date picker.1.0.0
71KrakenA lightweight front-end boilerplate10.0.0
72LaddaButtons with built-in loading indicators1.0.6
73Leaflet.EasyButtoneasily add control buttons to your leaflet maps w...2.4.0
74Leaflet.SpinShow a spinner on a Leaflet map using Spin.js1.1.0
75Leaflet.awesome-markersColorful iconic & retina-proof markers for Le...2.0.2
76LoadGoLoadGo is a JQuery plugin for using your logo as ...2.2.1
77LogosDistortA simple Javascript plugin that uses matrix3d to ...0.3.8
78MaterialDesign-WebfontDist for Material Design Webfont. This includes t...4.8.95
79MinPubSub198 byte publish/subscribe messaging micro-f...0.0.2
80Mock.jsMock.js is a simulation data generator to help th...1.0.0
81ModaalAn accessible dialog window library for all human...0.4.4
82ModelCoreA RESTful Javascript ORM for AngularJS1.1.1
83MorphextA simple, high-performance and cross-browser jQue...2.4.4
84MutationObserver.jsMutationObserver shim for ES3 environments0.3.3
85NestableNestable is an experimental example and not under...2012-10-15
86NicEditLightweight, Cross Platform WYSIWYG editor.0.93
87ODataResourcesAllows making fluent OData queries from angular r...1.0.25
88OrgChart.jsorganization chart plugin based on ES60.0.1
89OverlappingMarkerSpiderfierDeals with overlapping markers in Google Maps JS ...1.0.3
90OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier-LeafletDeals with overlapping markers in the Leaflet map...0.2.6
91OwlCarousel2Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create ...2.3.4
92PKI.jsPublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the basis of h...1.2.1
93PapaParseFast and powerful CSV parser for the browser that...5.1.0
94PgwSliderResponsive and lightweight Slider plugin for jQue...2.3.1
95PhononJsPhonon is a lightweight & scalable Javascript...1.5.1
96PhysicsJSA modular, extendable, and easy-to-use physics en...0.7.0
97PickMeUpReally simple, powerful, customizable and lightwe...3.2.1
98PikaChoosePikaChoose is jQuery gallery plugin to make slide...4.5.0
99Pjax-StandaloneA standalone implementation of Pushstate AJAX, fo...0.6.0
100PreloadJSPreloadJS makes it easy to preload your assets: i...1.0.1
101PrimerPrimer is the CSS framework that powers GitHub...11.0.0
102PrintAreaPrints a specific area of the page. Using json se...2.4.1
103ProminA jQuery plugin to boost your HTML forms to level...1.0.1
104PullToRefresha JavaScript implementation of PullToRefresh with...0.1.1
105RadianRadian is a JavaScript library for producing inte...0.1.3
106ReStablejQuery plugin that make tables responsive0.1.2
107Readmore.jsA lightweight jQuery plugin for collapsing and ex...2.2.1
108RecordRTCRecordRTC is a server-less (entire client-side) J...5.5.8
109Repaintless.cssRepaintless is a library of CSS animations, which...1.4.0
110ResponsiveSlides.jsSimple & lightweight responsive slider plugin1.55
111Ripple.jsAdds Material style ripple to buttons, links1.2.1
112RyanMullins-angular-hammerHammer.js support for Angular.js applications2.2.0
113SVG-MorpheusJavaScript library enabling SVG icons to morph fr...0.3.2
114ScrollMagicThe javascript library for magical scroll interac...2.0.7
115ScrollToFixedThis plugin is used to fix elements on the page (...1.0.8
116ScrollTriggerTriggers classes on HTML elements based on the sc...1.0.3
117Selectivity.jsModular and light-weight selection library for jQ...2.1.0
118SharrreMake your sharing widget! Sharrre is a jQuery plu...2.0.1
119ShuffleCategorize, sort, and filter a responsive grid of...5.2.3
120Sidy.jsjQuery plugin for Off-, On- canvas panels with CS...1.1.0
121SlickNavResponsive Mobile Menu Plugin for jQuery1.0.10
122SlyJavaScript library for one-directional scrolling ...1.6.1
123SnowstormA JavaScript Snow Effect for HTML20131208
124SocialIconsAn easier way to create social icons and buttons....1.0.1
125SortableMinimalist JavaScript library for reorderable dra...1.10.1
126SoundJSA JavaScript library that provides a simple API, ...1.0.2
127SpeechKITTA flexible GUI for interacting with Speech Recogn...1.0.0
128SuperScrolloramaThe jQuery plugin for supercool scroll animation1.0.3
129SwiperMost modern mobile touch slider and framework wit...4.5.1
130SyntaxHighlighterSyntaxHighlighter is a fully functional self-cont...3.0.83
131TableDnDjQuery plug-in to drag and drop rows in HTML tabl...1.0.3
132TableExportThe simple, easy-to-implement plugin to export HT...5.2.0
133TheoremJSA Math library for computation in JavaScript1.2.0
134TimeMe.jsA utility to time how long a user interacts with ...2.0.0
135TinyNav.jsTinyNav.js is a tiny jQuery plugin (452 bytes min...1.2.0
136Tipue-SearchTipue Search is a site search engine jQuery plugi...5.0.0
137Tocca.jsSuper lightweight script (1kb) to detect via Java...2.0.4
138TremulaJSPicture Streams + Momentum Engine + Bézier Paths...1.3.2
139Trip.jsTrip.js is a plugin that can help you make tutori...3.3.5
140TrumbowygA lightweight WYSIWYG editor2.20.0
141Turf.jsa node.js library for performing geospatial opera...5.1.5
142TypeWatchA jquery plugin to determine when a user has stop...3.0.1
143TypewriterJSA native javascript plugin that can be used to cr...1.0.0
144TypistElegant automated typing, for your text rotation ...1.2
145UAParser.jsLightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string pa...0.7.21
146URI.jsURI.js is a Javascript library for working with U...1.19.2
147Uniform.jsA plugin for jQuery. Make your form controls look...4.3.0
148UpUpControl the content users see, even when they'...1.1.0
149Vague.jsVague.js is an experimental script that allows yo...0.0.6
150VentusA window manager written in Javascript, HTML5 and...0.3.0
151VidageYour solution to full-screen background video and...0.5.1
152VoyeurVoyeur is a tiny (1.2kb) Javascript library that ...0.4.0
153Vue.DraggableVue component allowing drag-and-drop sorting in s...15.0.0
154Vue2LeafletVue2 leaflet library1.0.2
155WebRupeeRupee Symbol for the Web2.0
156Zebra_datepickerA super-lightweight, highly configurable, cross-b...1.9.13
157abcjsjavascript for rendering abc music notation3.1.1
158absurdJavaScript library with superpowers - http:/...0.3.9
159academiconsAcademicons is an icon font for academics. It aim...1.8.6
160accounting.jsA lightweight JavaScript library for number, mone...0.4.1
161aceAce (Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor)1.4.7
162acornECMAScript parser7.1.0
163across-tabsEasy communication between cross-origin browser t...1.3.1
164adapterjsCreating a common API for WebRTC in the browser0.15.4
165adblock-detectDetect ad blocker presence in browser1.0.5
166admin-lteAdmin dashboard and control panel template3.0.2
167adobe-sign-sdkSDK for Adobe Sign REST API1.1.0
168aegisAegis CSS Framework1.3.3
169aes-jsA pure JavaScript implementation of the AES block...3.1.2
170aframeBuilding blocks for the VR Web0.7.1
171aframe-text-componentText component for A-Frame VR.0.4.2
172ag-gridAdvanced Framework Agnostic Javascript Datagrid.21.2.2
173agilityJavascript MVC for the "write less, do more&...0.1.3
174aightun-suck JavaScript APIs in IE8 & 91.2.2
175air-datepickerLightweight customizable cross-browser jQuery dat...2.2.3
176airbrake-jsNotify Airbrake on JavaScript exceptions1.6.7
177ajaAsynchronous JavaScript And JavaScript/JSON(...0.4.1
178ajax-bootstrap-selectExtends existing [Bootstrap Select] implementatio...1.4.5
179ajaxifyAjaxify your site out of the box, instantly7.5.4
180ajileajile enables namespacing, dependency-management,...2.1.7
181ajvAnother JSON Schema Validator6.11.0
182alasqlVersatile SQL database for browser or node. Handl...0.5.5
183alchemyjsAlchemy.js is a graph drawing application built i...0.4.2
184alertify.jsAlertify is an unobtrusive customizable JavaScrip...0.5.0
185alertifyjs-alertify.jsAn lightweight, unobtrusive customizable JavaScri...1.0.11
186alexandernst-angular-multi-selectA multi select dropdown directive for AngularJS7.4.6
187algebra.jsBuild, display, and solve algebraic equations.0.2.6
188algoliasearchAlgoliaSearch API JavaScript client3.35.1
189algoliasearch-helper-jsHelper for implementing advanced search features ...2.28.1
190algoliasearch.zendesk-hcAlgolia Search for Zendesk's Help Center2.29.0
191allmighty-autocompleteSimple to use autocomplete directive in a module ...1.0.140706
192allow-meVisual aid for your users in giving you browser&#...0.1.1
194ally.jsJavaScript library to help web applications with ...1.4.1
195altA flux implementation0.18.6
196altonAlton is a jQuery-powered scrolling plugin, with ...1.2.1
197amazeuiSleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framewor...2.7.2
198amazeui-reactAmaze UI components build with React.1.2.3
199amchartsJavaScript Charts V33.21.15
200ami.jsAMI Medical Imaging (AMI) JS ToolKit for THREEJS0.32.0
201ammapsJavaScript / HTML5 mapping library to create...3.13.0
202amplifyjsAmplifyJS is a set of components for data managem...1.1.2
203amplitudejsA JavaScript library that allows you to control t...5.0.3
204amstockchartamCharts is a robust charting tool that will suit...3.13.0
205analytics.jsThe hassle-free way to integrate analytics into a...2.9.1
206anchor-jsA Javscript utility for adding deep anchor links ...4.2.2
207anchor.jsThis small but might really useful jQuery Plugin ...1.0.6
208anchorificAutomatically generate anchored headings and nest...1.2
209androidiconsAndroidicons is a professional, handcrafted icon ...1.0
210angucomplete-altAwesome Autocompleteness for AngularJS3.0.0
211angular-audioTotal awesomeness for playing sounds in AngularJS1.7.4
212angular-auth0Auth0.js wrapper for Angular.js3.0.6
213angular-autofieldsAutomatically generate fields from a schema objec...2.2.6
214angular-azure-mobile-serviceAngular Azure Mobile Service1.3.11
215angular-baconbacon.js bindings for AngularJS2.0.1
216angular-base64Base64 conversion for AngularJS2.0.5
217angular-bindonceZero watchers binding directives for AngularJS0.3.3
218angular-block-uiAn AngularJS module that allows you to block user...0.2.2
219angular-bootstrap-colorpickerNative AngularJS colorpicker directive3.0.32
220angular-bootstrap-datetimepickerThis directive allows you to add a datetime-picke...1.1.4
221angular-bootstrap-lightboxAn AngularJS lightbox built using UI Bootstrap Mo...0.12.0
222angular-bootstrap-sliderAn angular directive for seiyria-bootstrap-slider0.1.28
223angular-bootstrap-switchAngularJS directive for the bootstrap-switch jQue...0.5.2
224angular-br-filtersAn Angular library of masks applicable to several...0.7.0
225angular-breadcrumbAngularJS module that generates a breadcrumb from...0.5.0
226angular-busyShow busy/loading indicators on any $http or...4.1.4
227angular-cacheangular-cache is a very useful replacement for An...4.6.0
228angular-cached-resourceAn AngularJS module to interact with RESTful reso...1.4.2
229angular-carouselAngular Carousel - Mobile friendly touch carousel...1.1.0
230angular-chart.jsAn angular.js wrapper for Chart.js1.1.1
231angular-chartist.jsAngular directive for Chartist.js4.3.4
232angular-chartsangular directives for common charts using d3, fo...0.2.7
233angular-chosen-localyticsAngular Chosen directive is an AngularJS Directiv...1.9.3
234angular-ckeditorCKEditor directive for Angular.1.0.3
235angular-clipboardCopy to clipboard with AngularJS directive, witho...1.7.0
236angular-confirmAngular Confirm Modal1.2.6
237angular-cookieangular module for accessing browser coockies4.1.0
238angular-cssCSS on-demand for AngularJS1.0.8
239angular-css-injectorangularJS service to load dynamically CSS files1.4.0
240angular-dataAngular wrapper for js-data.1.5.3
241angular-data-tableA feature-rich but lightweight ES6 AngularJS Data...0.8.1
242angular-datatablesAngular module that provides a datatable directiv...2.1.0
243angular-debounceAngularJS Debounce service and directive0.1.7
244angular-deckgridA lightweight masonry-like grid for AngularJS.0.5.0
245angular-dialog-serviceA service to handle common dialog types in a web ...5.3.0
246angular-drag-and-drop-listsAngular directives for sorting nested lists using...2.1.0
247angular-dragulaDrag and drop so simple it hurts1.2.8
248angular-dynamic-localeA minimal module that adds the ability to dynamic...0.1.37
249angular-elasticElastic (autosize) textareas for AngularJS, witho...2.5.1
250angular-elastic-inputA directive for AngularJS which automatically res...2.4.0
251angular-elevatezoom-plusAngular directive for ElevateZoom Plus.1.2.2
252angular-file-saverAn AngularJS service that implements the HTML5 W3...1.1.3
253angular-file-uploadAngular File Upload is a module for the AngularJS...2.5.0
254angular-filemanagerA very smart filemanager to manage your files in ...1.5.1
255angular-filterBunch of useful filters for angularJS(with no ext...0.5.17
256angular-fontselectA fontselect directive for AngularJS0.13.4
257angular-formlyAngularJS directive which takes JSON representing...8.4.1
258angular-formly-materialMaterial design templates for angular-formly0.14.3
259angular-formly-templates-bootstrapAngular-Formly plugin which outputs bootstrap com...6.5.1
260angular-foundationAngular components for Foundation0.8.0
261angular-foundation-6This project is a port of the AngularUI team'...0.11.22
262angular-ganttGantt chart component for AngularJS1.3.3
263angular-gettextGettext support for Angular.js2.4.1
264angular-google-analyticsAngular Google Analytics - Easy tracking for your...1.1.9
265angular-google-chartGoogle Chart Tools AngularJS Directive Module0.1.0
266angular-google-mapsAngularJS directives for Google Maps2.4.1
267angular-gravatarAngular.JS directive for gravatar images0.4.2
268angular-gridsterAn implementation of gridster-like widgets for An...0.13.15
269angular-growlgrowl like notifications for angularJS projects, ...0.4.0
270angular-growl-2growl like notifications for angularJS projects, ...0.7.9
271angular-halHal client for angularjs2.3.0
272angular-highlightjsAngularJS directive for syntax highlighting with ...0.7.1
273angular-hotkeysAutomatic keyboard shortcuts for your Angular Apps1.7.0
274angular-http-authHTTP Auth Interceptor Module for AngularJS.1.5.0
275angular-i18nLocales for AngularJS1.7.9
276angular-image-spinnerAngular directive for showing spinner in the cont...0.1.5
277angular-img-cropperClient side image cropper directive for AngularJS...1.1.0
278angular-imgcache.jsSimple imgcache.js wrapper for AngularJS, can be ...0.1.0
279angular-input-masksPersonalized input masks for AngularJS4.4.1
280angular-inviewAngularJS directive to check if a DOM element is ...3.1.0
281angular-js-bootstrap-datetimepickerDate-time picker AngularJS Bootstrap plugin2.5.1
282angular-laddaAn angular directive wrapper for Ladda.0.4.3
283angular-leaflet-directiveangular-leaflet-directive - An AngularJS directiv...0.10.0
284angular-linkifyAngular filter to linkify urls, "@" use...2.0.0
285angular-loading-barAn automatic loading bar for AngularJS0.9.0
286angular-local-storageAn Angular module that gives you access to the br...0.7.1
287angular-mapboxgl-directiveAn AngularJS directive for Mapbox GL0.46.0
288angular-materialMaterial Design for AngularJS Apps1.1.21
289angular-material-data-tableMaterial Design data table.0.10.10
290angular-material-iconsAngularJS directive to use Material Design icons ...0.7.1
291angular-materializeAngularjs directives for Materialize CSS Framework0.2.2
292angular-md5A md5 crypto component for Angular.js0.1.10
293angular-media-queriesAngular service to test if a given @media statmen...0.6.1
294angular-messagesAngularJS module that provides enhanced support f...1.7.9
295angular-mixpanelWraps the mixpanel JavaScript global to make it i...1.1.2
296angular-mocksAngularJS mocks for testing1.7.9
297angular-momentAngular.JS directives for Moment.JS (timeago alte...1.3.0
298angular-moment-pickerAngular Moment Picker is an AngularJS directive f...0.10.2
299angular-morrisEasy use of morris.js with angular.js1.3.0
300angular-motionAngularMotion - Fancy CSS3 animations for Angular...0.4.4
301angular-mousewheelAn AngularJS directive for cross-browser mouse wh...1.0.5
302angular-multi-selectA multi select dropdown directive for AngularJS4.0.0
303angular-notificationNotification service for Angular using native HTM...1.1.1
304angular-numeraljsAngularJS filter for Numeral.js: number formattin...2.0.1
305angular-nvd3An AngularJS directive for NVD3.js reusable chart...1.0.9
306angular-pageslide-directiveAngularJS sliding panel for serving additional co...2.2.0
307angular-patternflyAngular extension of the PatternFly project.5.0.3
308angular-permissionSimple route authorization via roles/permiss...6.0.0
309angular-pollerAngular Poller service uses a timer and sends req...0.4.5
310angular-pusherAngularJS provider and service for Pusher0.0.14
311angular-qrcodeQR Code elements for AngularJS.7.2.0
312angular-recaptchaAn AngularJS module to ease usage of reCaptcha in...4.2.0
313angular-relative-dateAngularJS filter to provide relative, human-reada...2.1.1
314angular-resizableA directive for creating resizable containers in ...1.2.0
315angular-resourceAngularJS module for interacting with RESTful ser...1.7.9
316angular-restmodAPI Bound Models for AngularJS1.1.11
317angular-retinaReplace AngularJS directive 'ng-src' by a...0.3.1
318angular-route-segmentA lightweight extension for AngularJS $route serv...1.5.1
319angular-sanitizeAngularJS module for sanitizing HTML1.7.9
320angular-schema-formCreate complex forms from a JSON schema with angu...0.8.14
321angular-scrollScrollspy, animated scrollTo and scroll events1.0.2
322angular-signalr-hubA handy wrapper for SignalR Hubs. Just specify th...1.6.3
323angular-simple-loggerBasic logger with level logging which can also be...0.1.7
324angular-slick-carouselAngular directive for slick carousel3.1.7
325angular-smart-tableSmart table is a table module for angular js. It ...2.1.11
326angular-smooth-scrollbarAn angular module that allows you customize smoot...7.2.0
327angular-socialshareA social urls and content sharing directive for a...2.3.11
328angular-socket-ioSocket.IO component for AngularJS0.7.0
329angular-sortable-viewFully declarative (multi)sortable for AngularJS0.0.17
330angular-soundmanager2SoundManager2 Music Player for AngularJs0.5.6
331angular-spinnerAngular directive to show an animated spinner (us...0.8.1
332angular-storageA Storage done right for AngularJS0.0.15
333angular-strapAngularStrap - AngularJS directives for Bootstrap2.3.12
334angular-stripeAngular service provider for interacting with Str...5.0.0
335angular-summernoteAngularJS directive to Summernote0.8.1
336angular-svg-round-progressbarAngularJS module that uses SVG to create a circul...0.4.8
337angular-sweetalertAngularJS wrapper for SweetAlert1.1.2
338angular-timerA simple, re-usable, inter-operable timer directi...1.3.5
339angular-toarrayfilterAn angular filter to convert objects to arrays fo...1.0.3
340angular-toastrAngular-toastr is a notification library based on...2.1.1
341angular-touchAngularJS module for touch events and helpers for...1.7.9
342angular-translatei18n for your Angular apps, made easy2.18.2
343angular-translate-handler-logUses angular's $log service to give a warning...2.18.1
344angular-translate-interpolation-messageformatUses MessageFormat.js to interpolate strings agai...2.18.1
346angular-translate-loader-static-filesCreates a loading function for a typical static f...2.18.1
347angular-translate-loader-urlCreates a loading function for a typical dynamic ...2.18.1
348angular-translate-storage-cookieAbstraction layer for cookieStore. This service i...2.18.1
349angular-translate-storage-localAbstraction layer for localStorage. This service ...2.18.1
350angular-tree-controlAngular Tree Control0.2.30
351angular-truncateAngular Truncate - Ellipsis for your templates0.1.2
352angular-uiAngularUI - The companion suite for AngularJS0.4.0
353angular-ui-bootstrapNative AngularJS (Angular) directives for Bootstr...2.5.0
354angular-ui-calendarA complete AngularJS directive for the Arshaw Ful...1.0.0
355angular-ui-codemirrorThis directive allows you to add CodeMirror to yo...0.3.0
356angular-ui-dateThis directive allows you to add a date-picker to...1.0.1
357angular-ui-gridA data grid for Angular4.8.3
358angular-ui-maskMask on an input field so the user can only type ...1.8.7
359angular-ui-notificationAngular.js service providing simple notifications...0.3.6
360angular-ui-routerState-based routing for AngularJS1.0.24
361angular-ui-router-defaultAngularJS module that adds support for specifying...0.0.6
362angular-ui-router-titleAngularJS module for updating browser title/...0.1.1
363angular-ui-router.statehelperA helper module for AngularUI Router, which allow...1.3.1
364angular-ui-selectAngularJS ui-select0.20.0
365angular-ui-sliderThis directive allows you to add a slider to your...0.4.0
366angular-ui-sortableThis directive allows you to jQueryUI Sortable.0.19.0
367angular-ui-tinymceThis directive allows you to add a tinymce to you...0.0.19
368angular-ui-treeAn AngularJS UI component that can sort nested li...2.22.6
369angular-ui-utilsAngularUI is the companion suite to the AngularJS...0.1.1
370angular-ui-validateGeneral-purpose validator for ngModel.1.2.3
371angular-utf8-base64Base64 encoding/decoding with UTF8 support f...0.0.5
372angular-validationClient-side Validation for AngularJS1.4.4
373angular-validatorPowerful, flexible and simple Angular validation!1.2.10
374angular-vertxbusAngularJS facade and service acting as a Vert.x S...6.4.1
375angular-video-bgAn Angular.js YouTube video background player dir...0.3.4
376angular-websocketAn Angular WebSocket service for connecting clien...2.0.1
377angular-wizardEasy to use Wizard library for AngularJS1.1.1
378angular-wysiwygAngularJS WYSIWYG editor1.2.4
379angular-xeditableEdit-in-place for angular.js0.10.1
380angular.jsAngularJS is an MVC framework for building web ap...1.7.8
381angular2-polyfillAngular2 polyfill for Angular10.0.32
382angularFireThe officially supported AngularJS binding for Fi...2.3.0
383angularLocalStorageangular local storage module0.3.2
384angularSubkitAngularSubkit is a set of browser Subkit bindings...1.0.3
385angularjs-color-pickerColor Picker Directive For AngularJS3.4.8
386angularjs-datepickerA datepicker directive for angularjs.2.1.23
387angularjs-dropdown-multiselectThis directive gives you a Bootstrap Dropdown wit...1.11.8
388angularjs-ie8-buildA build of AngularJS 1.3 with polyfils and some c...1.4.7
389angularjs-nvd3-directivesAngular.js directives for nvd30.0.8
390angularjs-pdfAn Angularjs directive <ng-pdf> to display ...2.0.0
391angularjs-scroll-glueAn AngularJs directive that automatically scrolls...2.2.0
392angularjs-sliderAngularJS slider directive with no external depen...7.0.0
393angularjs-toasterAngularJS Toaster is a customized version of toas...3.0.0
394angularticsVendor-agnostic web analytics for AngularJS appli...1.6.0
395angulartics-google-analyticsGoogle Analytics plugin for Angulartics0.5.0
396animaCSS/JS Animations Library with Physics suppo...0.4.0
397animate.cssPlug and play, app-like animations for your websi...3.7.2
398animateCSSAnimate CSS jQuery Plugin1.2.2
399animated-headerA fixed header that will animate its size on scro...0.0.1
400animateloAnimatelo is a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-brow...1.0.3
401animateplusCSS and SVG animation library2.1.1
402animationsA versatile CSS3 animation pack with various usag...2.1
403animejsPolyvalent Javascript animation engine2.2.0
404animo.jsA powerful little tool for managing CSS animations1.0.3
405animsitionA simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated ...4.0.2
406annyangA javascript library for adding voice commands to...2.6.1
407ant-design-proAn enterprise-class UI design language and React-...2.3.2
408antdAn UI design language3.26.7
409antd-mobileA configurable Mobile UI specification and React-...2.3.1
410antimoderateThe progressive image loading library for great g...0.0.2
411antiscrollAntiscroll addresses this issue by providing a cr...0.9
412anyjsIt's a library which improve JS UI-developmen...1.0.6
413anythingsliderJust what the world needs, another jQuery slider....1.9.7
414aosAnimate on scroll library2.3.4
415apexchartsA JavaScript Chart Library3.15.3
416aphroditeInline styles in JS that just work (TM)2.4.0
417api-checkValidate the api to your functions to help people...7.5.5
418apingapiNG is an AngularJS directive that enables you ...1.4.3
419aplayerWow, such a beautiful html5 music player1.10.1
420apng-canvasLibrary for displaing animated PNG files in brows...2.1.2
421app-loadingFocus on Medium-like app loading style0.0.51
422appbase-jsAppbase.io streaming client lib for Javascript3.2.0
423approvejsA simple JavaScript validation library that doesn...3.1.2
424aquarellewatercolor animation1.0.0
425aragonite-form-validatorA lightweight and onobstrusive field validator th...1.1.2
426arbora graph visualization library using web workers a...0.91.0
427architectArchitect is a JavaScript library built on top of...0.0.6
428arrivearrive.js provides events to watch for DOM elemen...2.4.1
429artDialogclassical web dialog module which perfectly craft...7.0.0
430asciidoctor.jsA JavaScript AsciiDoc processor, cross-compiled f...1.5.9
431asciinema-playerWeb player for terminal session recordings2.4.1
432asmCryptoAsm.js implementation of WebCrypto API2.3.2
433aspnet-signalrASP.NET Core SignalR is an open-source library th...1.1.4
434asyncHigher-order functions and common patterns for as...3.1.1
435asynquencepromise-style async sequence flow-control0.10.2
436asynquence-contribadditional plugins for asynquence0.28.2
437at.jsAdd Github like mentions autocomplete to your app...1.5.4
438atmosphereA browser-side JavaScript client for the Atmosphe...2.2.9
439atrament.jsTiny JS library for beautiful drawing and handwri...1.0.0
440attrchangeattrchange is a simple jQuery crossbrowser plugin...2.0.1
441audio5jsHTML5 Audio Compatibility Layer0.1.12
442audiojsA cross-browser javascript wrapper for the html5 ...1.0.1
443audiosynthDynamic waveform audio synthesizer, written in Ja...1.0.0
444augmentThe world's smallest and fastest classical Ja...4.3.1
445augment.jsEnables use of modern JavaScript by augmenting bu...1.0.0
446auiAtlassian User Interface Framework7.6.0
447aureliaThe home for Aurelia's concatenated script-ta...1.0.2
448aurora-gridGrid system for Aurora Kit1.0.9
449aurora.jsAudio decoding framework0.4.2
450aurora.js-aacAn AAC decoder for Aurora.js0.1.0
451aurora.js-alacAn Apple Lossless decoder for Aurora.js0.1.0
452aurora.js-flacA FLAC decoder for Aurora.js0.2.1
453aurora.js-mp3An MP3 decoder for Aurora.js0.1.0
454authy-form-helpersAuthy Form Helpers help you build your Registrati...2.3
455authy-forms.cssAuthy Form Helpers help you build your Registrati...2.2
456authy-forms.jsAuthy Form Helpers help you build your Registrati...2.2
457autocompeterA really fast AJAX autocomplete service and widget1.2.3
458autocomplete.jsFast and fully-featured autocomplete library0.37.1
459autolinkerUtility to automatically link the URLs, email add...3.11.1
460autonumericautoNumeric is a standalone Javascript library th...4.1.0
461autosize.jsAutosize is a small, stand-alone script to automa...4.0.2
462autotrackAutomatic + enhanced analytics.js tracking for co...2.4.1
463avalanche-cssSuperclean, powerful, responsive, Sass-based, BEM...1.3.0
464avalon.jsA lightweight,high-performance and easy-to-learn ...2.2.7
465avgrundA JS/CSS3 modal UI concept0.1.0
466awesome-bootstrap-checkboxFont Awesome Bootstrap Checkboxes & Radios. P...1.0.2
467awesompleteUltra lightweight, usable, beautiful autocomplete...1.1.5
468aws-sdkAWS SDK for JavaScript2.610.0
469axe-coreAccessibility engine for automated Web UI testing3.4.1
470axiosPromise based HTTP client for the browser and nod...0.19.2
471bPopupbPopup is a lightweight jQuery modal popup plugin...0.11.0
472babel-coreA compiler for writing next generation JavaScript6.1.19
473babel-polyfillProvides polyfills necessary for a full ES2015+ e...7.8.3
474babel-standaloneStandalone build of Babel for use in non-Node.js ...6.26.0
475babelfishi18n with human friendly syntax1.1.2
476babili-standaloneStandalone build of Babili (babel-minify) for use...0.0.10
477babylonjsBabylon.js is a JavaScript 3D engine based on web...4.0.3
478backbone-associationsCreate object hierarchies with Backbone models. R...0.6.2
479backbone-formsA flexible, customisable form framework for Backb...0.14.1
480backbone-localstorage.jsA simple module to replace Backbone.sync with loc...1.1.16
481backbone-pageableA pageable Backbone.Collection superset. Supports...1.4.8
482backbone-react-componentBackbone.React.Component is a wrapper for React.C...1.0.0
483backbone-relationalGet and set relations (one-to-one, one-to-many, m...0.10.0
484backbone-superA convenient super method for the popular JavaScr...1.0.4
485backbone-tastypieA small compatibility layer to make backbone.js a...0.2
486backbone.babysitterManage child views in a Backbone.View0.1.12
487backbone.collectionViewEasily render backbone.js collections with suppor...2.0.0
488backbone.epoxyElegant data binding for Backbone.js1.3.1
489backbone.eventbinderManage your Backbone event bindings better0.1.0
490backbone.fetch-cacheCaches calls to Backbone.[Model | Collection].fet...1.1.2
491backbone.jsGive your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views...1.4.0
492backbone.layoutmanagerA layout and template manager for Backbone.js app...1.0.0
493backbone.marionetteMake your Backbone.js apps dance!4.1.2
494backbone.modalA plugin for Backbone.js that simplifies creating...1.1.5
495backbone.modelbinderSimple, flexible and powerful Model-View binding ...1.1.0
496backbone.obscuraA read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that c...0.1.6
497backbone.paginatorA pageable Backbone.Collection superset. Supports...2.0.8
498backbone.projectionsVarious projections for Backbone.Collection1.0.0
499backbone.radioMessaging patterns for Backbone applications.2.0.0
500backbone.ribsDeep get/set, bindings and computed model at...0.2.2
501backbone.routefilterBefore and after filters for Backbone.Router.0.2.0
502backbone.stickitModel binding in Backbone style.0.9.2
503backbone.syphonSerialize a Backbone.View in to a JavaScript obje...0.8.0
504backbone.validationA validation plugin for Backbone.js that validate...0.11.5
505backbone.wreqrA Simple Service Bus For Backbone and Backbone.Ma...1.4.0
506backgrid.jsBackgrid.js is a set of components for building s...0.3.8
507background-blurCross browser blurring of images0.1.3
508background-checkAutomatically switch to a darker or a lighter ver...1.2.2
509bacon.jsA small functional reactive programming lib for J...3.0.12
510baffle.jsA tiny javascript library for obfuscating and rev...0.3.6
511bagjsJS / CSS / resources loader with cache ...3.0.0
512baguettebox.jsSimple and easy to use lightbox script written in...1.11.0
513balance-textPlugin for implementing balancing of text across ...3.3.0
514balloon-cssSimple tooltips made of pure CSS1.0.4
515balupton-jquery-historySuper-seeded by github.com/balupton/his...1.5.0-final
516baobabJavaScript persistent data tree with cursors.2.5.3
517barba.jsBarba.js it's a small, flexible and dependenc...1.0.0
518baremetrics-calendarThe Baremetrics date range picker is a simplified...1.0.14
519barmanA small library to brew JavaScript objects.0.4.2
520barnFast, atomic persistent storage layer on top of l...0.2.3
521baseguideLightweight and robust CSS framework for prototyp...3.3.0
522basicModalEasy-to-use modal window for your website or weba...3.3.9
523basicsA lightweight, drop-in stylesheet for intelligent...1.3.3
524basil.jsThe missing Javascript smart persistant layer0.4.10
525basis.jsJavaScript framework to build single-page applica...1.11.1
526basket.jsA script and resource loader for caching & lo...0.5.2
527basscssLow-level CSS toolkit8.1.0
528batman.jsThe best client side framework for Rails develope...0.16.0
529beanA small, fast, framework-agnostic event manager1.0.15
530beepjsMakes browser beep.0.0.1
531beeplayWrite A Song In JavaScript0.0.5
532behaviortreeA JavaScript implementation of Behavior Trees. Th...1.0.4
533benchmarkA benchmarking library that supports high-resolut...2.1.4
534bespoke.jsDIY Presentation Micro-Framework1.1.0
535better-dateinput-polyfillinput[type=date] polyfill for better-dom3.2.8
536big-integerAn arbitrary length integer library for Javascript1.6.48
537big.jsA small, fast, easy-to-use library for arbitrary-...5.2.2
538bigfishtv-turretA responsive frontend framework build with Less t...5.2.1
539bigfootA jQuery plugin for creating exceptional HTML foo...2.1.4
540bignumber.jsA library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non...9.0.0
541bigslide.jsA tiny slide panel navigation jQuery plugin with ...0.12.0
542billboard.jsRe-usable easy interface JavaScript chart library...1.10.2
543bitcoinjs-libClient-side Bitcoin JavaScript library0.2.0-1
544bitset.jsA performance optimized infinite bit vector libra...5.1.0
545blaEasy way to create your own API methods for serve...1.9.2
546blackbaud-skyuxSky UX provides an HTML, CSS and JavaScript frame...1.23.3
547blanket.jsseamless js code coverage1.1.4
548blazeOpen Source CSS Framework3.6.3
549blazyA lightweight pure JavaScript script for lazy loa...1.8.2
550blenduiA Hybrid Javascript Framework For Mobile WebApp0.0.4
551blissfuljsLightweight helper library for modern browsers.1.0.6
552blob-polyfillBlob.js implements the W3C Blob interface in brow...4.0.20190430
553blob-utilUtilities for working with Blob objects in the br...2.0.1
554blockadblockDetects ad blockers (AdBlock, ...)3.2.1
555bluebirdFull featured Promises/A+ implementation wit...3.7.2
556blueimp-JavaScript-Templates1KB lightweight, fast & powerful JavaScript t...3.13.0
557blueimp-file-uploadFile Upload widget with multiple file selection, ...10.7.0
558blueimp-galleryblueimp Gallery is a touch-enabled, responsive an...2.36.0
559blueimp-load-imageJavaScript Load Image is a library to load images...2.26.0
560blueimp-md5JavaScript MD5 implementation.2.12.0
561blueprintA sleek and simple interface for building powerfu...2.1.5
562boba.jsA small, easily extensible JavaScript library tha...1.0.3
563bodymovinAfter Effects plugin for exporting animations to ...5.6.3
564boexfiSome sample files used in the implementation of B...1.0.0
565bokehInteractive, novel data visualization1.4.0
566bonsaiBonsai runtime and node server0.4.5
567bonzoLibrary agnostic, extensible DOM utility2.0.0
568booking-jsMake a beautiful embeddable booking widget in min...2.6.0
569bootbox.jsWrappers for JavaScript alert(), confirm() and ot...5.4.0
570bootcardsA cards-based UI framework for mobile and desktop...1.1.2
571bootflatBOOTFLAT is an open source Flat UI KIT based on B...2.0.4
572bootpagbootpag - dynamic pagination jQuery plugin. Works...1.0.7
573bootstrap-3-typeaheadBootstrap 3 Typeahead: The typeahead autocomplete...4.0.2
574bootstrap-autohidingnavbarAn extension for Bootstrap's fixed navbar whi...4.0.0
575bootstrap-calendarBootstrap full view calendar0.2.5
576bootstrap-checkboxA checkbox component based on Bootstrap framework1.5.0
577bootstrap-colorpickerA nice and customizable colorpicker plugin for Tw...2.5.3
578bootstrap-comboboxA combobox plugin that works with twitter bootstr...1.2.0
579bootstrap-confirmationConfirmation plugin compatible with Twitter Boots...1.0.7
580bootstrap-contextmenuContext-menu extension for the Bootstrap framework0.3.4
581bootstrap-datepaginatorDate Paginator for Twitter Bootstrap1.1.0
582bootstrap-datepickerA datepicker for Bootstrap forked from Stefan Pet...1.9.0
583bootstrap-daterangepickerDate range picker component for Bootstrap3.0.5
584bootstrap-datetimepickerA date/time picker component designed to wor...4.17.47
585bootstrap-drawerA Bootstrap add-on to create drawer (off-canvas) ...1.0.6
586bootstrap-fileinputAn enhanced HTML 5 file input for Bootstrap 3.x w...5.0.8
587bootstrap-filestyleBootstrap FileStyle is a quick and simple plugin ...2.1.0
588bootstrap-formhelpersA collection of jQuery plugins for Bootstrap.2.3.0
589bootstrap-growlPretty simple jQuery plugin that turns standard B...1.0.0
590bootstrap-horizonBoostrap 3 rows with inline, horizontally scrolli...0.1.1
591bootstrap-hover-dropdownAn unofficial Bootstrap plugin to enable Bootstra...2.2.1
592bootstrap-iconpickerA simple iconpicker for Bootstrap 3.x1.10.0
593bootstrap-lightboxA simple lightbox plugin based on the bootstrap m...0.7.0
594bootstrap-magnifySmall bootstrap js plugin to enhance porte-folios...0.3.0
595bootstrap-markdownA bootstrap plugin for markdown editing2.10.0
596bootstrap-markdown-editorMarkdown editor for Bootstrap with preview, image...2.0.2
597bootstrap-material-datetimepickerDatepicker for bootstrap-material2.7.1
598bootstrap-material-designMaterial Design for Bootstrap 34.0.2
599bootstrap-maxlengthAn visual feedback indicator for the MaxLength at...1.7.0
600bootstrap-modalExtends the default Bootstrap Modal class.2.2.6
601bootstrap-multiselectJQuery multiselect plugin based on Twitter Bootst...0.9.15
602bootstrap-notifyBootstrap alert system made better.0.2.0
603bootstrap-progressbarprogressbar interactions for twitter bootstrap 2 ...0.9.0
604bootstrap-ratingA small jQuery plugin that turns an input field i...1.5.0
605bootstrap-rating-inputA Lightweight Bootstrap Rating Input0.4.0
606bootstrap-rtlRight-to-left (RTL) theme for Boostrap 3.x3.4.0
607bootstrap-selectBootstrap-select is a jQuery plugin that overhaul...1.13.12
608bootstrap-show-passwordShow/hide password plugin for twitter bootst...1.1.2
609bootstrap-sidebara sidebar plugin for bootstrap 30.2.2
610bootstrap-sliderSlider view component for Twitter Bootstrap.10.6.2
611bootstrap-socialSocial Buttons for Bootstrap5.1.1
612bootstrap-star-ratingA simple yet powerful JQuery star rating plugin f...4.0.6
613bootstrap-submenuBootstrap Sub-Menus3.0.1
614bootstrap-sweetalertA beautiful 'replacement' for JavaScript&...1.0.1
615bootstrap-switchTurn checkboxes and radio buttons into toggle swi...3.3.4
616bootstrap-tableAn extended Bootstrap table with radio, checkbox,...1.15.5
617bootstrap-tagsinputjQuery plugin providing a Twitter Bootstrap user ...0.8.0
618bootstrap-timepickerTimepicker widget for Twitter Bootstrap0.5.2
619bootstrap-toggleBootstrap Toggle is a highly flexible Bootstrap p...2.2.2
620bootstrap-tokenfieldAdvanced tagging/tokenizing plugin for input...0.12.0
621bootstrap-touchspinA mobile and touch friendly input spinner compone...4.2.5
622bootstrap-tourQuick and easy way to build your product tours wi...0.12.0
623bootstrap-treeviewTree View for Twitter Bootstrap1.2.0
624bootstrap-ui-datetime-pickerAngularJs directive to use a date and/or tim...2.6.4
625bootstrap-validatorThe best jQuery plugin to validate form fields. D...0.5.3
626bootstrap-waitingforWaiting for dialog with progress bar for Bootstrap1.2.8
627bootstrap-without-jqueryLightweight script to replace jQuery for simple i...0.6.1
628bootstrap-year-calendarA fully customizable year calendar widget, for Bo...1.1.1
629bootstrap.nativeNative Javascript for Bootstrap 3, the sweetest J...2.0.27
630bootstrap3-contact-formA simple bootstrap 3 contact form using Google...1.4.1
631bootstrap3-dialogMake use of Bootstrap Modal more monkey-friendly.1.35.4
632bootstrap3-wysiwygBootstrap 3 compatible wysiwyg editor0.3.3
633bootstrap4-duallistboxA responsive dual listbox widget optimized for Tw...4.0.1
634bootswatchBootswatch is a collection of themes for Bootstra...4.4.1
635bottlejsA powerful dependency injection micro container1.7.2
636bottleneckAsync rate limiter2.12.2
637botuiA JS library to build the UI for your bot0.3.9
638bowserLightweight browser detector1.9.4
639brainNeural network library0.6.3
640brand-colorsA collection of branding colors of all the major ...2.1.1
641breezejsBreezeJS is a JavaScript library for managing dat...1.5.7
642bricklayerLightweight cascading grid layout library0.4.3
643bricks.jsA blazing fast masonry layout generator for fixed...1.8.0
644britechartsD3.js based Modular Charting Library by Eventbrite3.0.0
645browser-deeplinkRedirect mobile website users to your native iOS ...1.0.1
646browser-logosCollection of high resolution web browser logos w...62.2.6
647brythonPython 3 in the browser3.8.6
648bsjsbsJS is a fast and concise declarative type JavaS...0.3.0
649bttn.cssAwesome buttons for awesome projects!0.2.4
651bubbly-bgLightweight and beautiful bubbly backgrounds1.0.0
652bucketsBuckets is a complete, fully tested and documente...1.90.0
653buckyCollect performance data from the client and node0.2.8
654bulmaModern CSS framework based on Flexbox0.8.0
655bulmaswatchThemes for Bulma0.7.5
656burgerBurger is a minimal hamburger menu with fullscree...2.0.2
657buy-button-jsBuyButton.js is a highly customizable UI library ...2.1.0
658buzzBuzz, a Javascript HTML5 Audio library1.2.1
659bxsliderTouch enabled jQuery plugin for creating responsi...4.2.15
660c3D3-based reusable chart library0.7.12
661c3-angularAn angularjs directive to integrate c3.js within ...1.4.0
662cache.adderallAn impatient version of cache.addAll()1.0.0
663cachep2pThe Peer to Peer Cache for the Masses0.1.6
664caiussA Minimalist and Civilized CSS framework.1.4.13
665cal-heatmapCal-Heatmap is a javascript module to create cale...3.6.2
666calendar-heatmapA d3.js heatmap representing time series data. In...0.4.1
667camanjsJavascript (Ca)nvas (Man)ipulation for NodeJS and...4.1.2
668can.jsMIT-licensed, client-side, JavaScript framework t...6.3.0
669cannon.jsA lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaSc...0.6.2
670canvas-nest.jsA nest backgroud of website draw on canvas use ja...2.0.4
671canvasXpressA package to create visualizations in CanvasXpress24.8.1
672canvasjsCanvasJS is an easy to use HTML5 & JavaScript...1.7.0
673canvgJavascript SVG parser and renderer on Canvas1.5
674canvidcanvid is a tiny library for playback of relative...1.6.0
675cardCard lets you add an interactive, CSS3 credit car...2.4.0
676cardkitA simple, powerful and fully configurable image e...2.0.6
677caretManipulate the caret's position in a text box...1.3.7
678cascade-frameworkCSS framework that puts back the C in CSS1.5.0
679cashAn absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern b...6.0.1
680casualjsA HTML5 Canvas Framework (ActionScript3.0 like).0.1.2
681catilineMulti proccessing with workers in the browser.2.9.3
682cc-iconsCSS framework for Creative Commons logo1.2.1
683cellA self-constructing web app framework powered by ...1.2.0
684cellxUltra-fast implementation of reactivity for javas...1.7.57
685chaiBDD/TDD assertion library for node.js and th...4.2.0
686chainloadingSimplifies deferred or function dependencies via ...1.1.1
687chainvasA tiny, modular library that can add chaining to ...2.1
688chanceChance - Utility library to generate anything ran...1.1.4
689chaplinAn Application Architecture Using Backbone.js0.11.3
690chardin.jsSimple overlay instructions for your apps.0.1.3
691chartistSimple, responsive charts0.11.4
692chartist-plugin-legendLegend plugin for Chartist.js.0.6.2
693chartjs-plugin-annotationAnnotations for Chart.js0.5.7
694chartjs-plugin-zoomSimple HTML5 charts using the canvas element.0.6.6
695chartkickCreate beautiful JavaScript charts with minimal c...2.3.0
696checkbox.cssTiny set of CSS3 animations for your input checkb...1.1.3
697checklist-modelAngularJS directive for list of checkboxes1.0.0
698cheet.jseasy easter eggs (konami code, etc) for your site0.3.3
699chess.jsA Javascript chess library for chess move generat...0.10.2
700chevalCopy to the clipboard using JavaScript without wr...1.4.0
701chibiA tiny JavaScript micro-library3.0.9
702chilloutReduce CPU usage by non-blocking async loop and p...5.0.0
703chimeea video-player aims to bring wonderful experience...0.11.0
704chirashiMinimalist DOM and events manager focused on perf...6.5.0
705chocolatResponsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin0.4.21
706choices.jsA vanilla JS customisable text input/select ...3.0.4
707chooA 4kb framework for creating sturdy frontend appl...7.1.0
708chosenChosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes select b...1.8.7
709chroma-jsJavaScript library for color conversions2.1.0
710chromatismA simple set of utility functions for colours.3.0.0
711chrome-bootstrapReusable Chrome settings UI1.5.0
712chrome-frameGoogle Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in tha...1.0.3
713chronoFormat dates in JavaScript1.0.5
714chrono-nodeA natural language date parser in Javascript1.4.2
715chronolinechronoline.js is a library for making a chronolog...0.1.6
716cignium-hypermedia-clientHypermedia renderer for Cignium's hypermedia ...1.34.3
717cinnamon.jsCinnamon.js takes some of the pain out of naming ...1.0.6
718circlesLightweight JavaScript library that generates cir...0.0.6
719circlifuljQuery circle statitic plugin1.2.1
720circular-progressA JavaScript circular progress widget, dependency...0.2.3
721ckanA Javascript client library for CKAN designed for...0.2.3
722ckeditorThe development version of CKEditor - JavaScript ...4.12.1
723clankClank: open source prototyping framework for mobi...0.3.6
724clapprAn extensible media player for the web0.3.12
725clappr-chromecast-pluginChromecast support for Clappr0.1.1
726clarinetSAX based evented streaming JSON parser in JavaSc...0.12.4
727clarity-iconsCustom Element Icons for Clarity0.10.28
728clarity-uiCSS for Clarity0.10.28
729classieclass helper functions1.0.1
730classlistCross-browser full element.classList implementati...1.2.201711092
731classnamesA simple utility for conditionally joining classN...2.2.6
732cldrjsSimple CLDR traverser0.5.1
733cleanslateExtreme CSS reset stylesheet0.10.1
734cleave.jsJavaScript library for formatting input text cont...1.5.3
735clickspark.jsClickSpark.js is a javascript utility that adds b...1.16.0
736clientside-haml-jsHaml compiler for client side javascript and coff...5.4
737clipboard-polyfillA polyfill for the asynchronous clipboard API2.8.6
738clipboard.jsModern copy to clipboard. No Flash. Just 2kb2.0.4
739clmtrackrclmtrackr is a javascript library for fitting fac...1.0.2
740clndrA jQuery calendar plugin that uses HTML templates.1.5.1
741clockpickerA clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap (or jQuery)0.0.7
742clonedeep cloning of objects and arrays2.1.2
743cloudinary-coreCloudinary Client Side JS library. Cloudinary str...2.8.0
744cloudinary-jquery-file-uploadCloudinary Client Side JS library. Cloudinary str...2.8.0
745clusterize.jsTiny vanilla JS plugin to display large data sets...0.18.0
746cogenerator async control flow goodness4.1.0
747codemirrorIn-browser code editing made bearable5.51.0
748coffee-scriptUnfancy JavaScript1.12.8
749coin-sliderjQuery Image Slider with Unique Effects1.0.0
750collageplusAn image grid gallery plugin for jQuery.0.3.3
751collect.jsConvenient and dependency free wrapper for workin...4.20.2
752colofilter.cssDuotone filters made with CSS1.0.0
753color-jsA color management API for JavaScript1.0.1
754color-schemeGenerate pleasant color schemes1.0.1
755color-thiefGet the dominant color or color palette from an i...2.3.0
756colorify.jsThe simple, customizable, tiny javascript color e...1.0.3
757colorsBetter default colors for the web. A collection o...3.0.0
758commandz⌘Z undo and redo commands. Add commands history...0.1.2
759commonmarka strongly specified, highly compatible variant o...0.29.1
760completerA jQuery auto complete plugin.0.1.3
761componentjsPowerful run-time Component System for structurin...1.6.2
762concretejsConcrete is a lightweight Html5 Canvas framework ...3.0.5
763conditionAdvanced condition library1.2.0
764conditional-fieldJavascript component that shows and hides page el...1.0.2
765conditionizr.jsDetecting front-end environments and conditionall...4.1.0
766confidencejsA light-weight JavaScript library to help you mak...1.2.0
767console-polyfillBrowser console polyfill. Makes it safe to do con...0.3.0
768console.jsA sane way to interface with your browser console...0.0.2
769constraintjsConstraint library for JavaScript0.9.7
770convnetjsDeep Learning in Javascript. Train Convolutional ...0.3.0
771cookie-bannerJavascript based cookie-info banner for complying...1.2.2
772cookie.jsA tiny JavaScript library that simplifies cookies.1.2.3
773cookieconsent2Silktide's cookie consent tool.3.1.1
774cookiejarJavaScript code to store data as JSON strings in ...0.5.1
775cookies-monsterSimplified HTML, CSS, JS EU Cookie Law0.1.4
776cookiesjsIntuitive cookie manipulation library3.0.3
777coordinates-pickerThis module allows you to show location of the ad...1.0.0
778core-jsStandard library2.6.11
779core.cssA lightweight foundation for building responsive ...3.0.0
780corejs-typeaheadfast and fully-featured autocomplete library1.3.0
781corysimmons-selectivizr2Selectivizr maintained.1.0.9
782cosmicjsThe official client module for Cosmic JS. This mo...3.2.40
783countableCountable is a JavaScript library to add live par...3.0.1
784countdownA simple JavaScript API for producing an accurate...2.6.0
785countly-sdk-webCountly Web SDK19.8.0
786country-region-dropdown-menuA dropdown menu created with javascript that allo...1.2.2
787country-select-jsA jQuery plugin for selecting a country2.0.1
788countup.jsAnimates a numerical value by counting to it2.0.4
789coverflowA jQuery UI powered coverflow component that take...3.0.2
790covervidMake your HTML5 video behave like a background co...1.0
791covjson-readerA reader for CoverageJSON files.0.16.3
792cplayerA beautiful and clean WEB Music Player by HTML5.3.2.1
793craftyCrafty is a modern component and event based fram...0.9.0
794crc-32Pure-JS CRC-321.2.0
795crelA small, simple, and fast DOM creation utility4.2.0
796cropitCustomizable crop and zoom.0.5.1
797cropperA simple jQuery image cropping plugin.4.1.0
798cropperjsJavaScript image cropper.1.5.6
799croppicThe image cropping jquery plugin that will satisf...1.0.3
800croppieA simple javascript image cropper2.6.4
801crossfilterFast multidimensional filtering for coordinated v...1.3.12
802crossfilter2Fast multidimensional filtering for coordinated v...1.5.2
803crossroadsFlexible router which can be used in multiple env...0.12.2
804crosstabA utility library for cross-tab communication usi...0.2.12
805crunchFast arbitraty-precision integer arithmetic libra...1.2.3
806crypticoAn easy-to-use encryption system utilizing RSA an...0.0.1343522940
807crypto-jsJavaScript library of crypto standards.3.1.9-1
808css-animations.jsA library to work with CSS3 keyframe animations f...0.1.0
809css-doodleA web component for drawing patterns with css.0.7.7
810css-element-queriesCSS-Element-Queries Polyfill. proof-of-concept fo...1.2.3
811css-layoutReimplementation of CSS layout using pure JavaScr...1.1.1
812css-loaderSimple loaders for your web applications using on...3.3.3
813css-sansCSS SANS is the font created by CSS, the programm...1.0.0
814css-social-buttonsZocial CSS social buttons.1.3.0
815css-spinning-spinnersA collection of zero element loading spinners, an...1.1.1
816css3-animate-itCSS3/jQuery plugin to animate elements as th...1.0.3
817css3finalizeAutomatically add vendor prefixes4.1.0
818css3pieCSS3 PIE JavaScript edition. Enables rendering of...2.0beta1
819csscoPhotographic filters made with CSS, inpsired by V...1.0.0
820cssescA JavaScript library for escaping CSS strings and...3.0.0
821cssgramInstagram filter library in Sass and CSS.0.1.12
822csshakeSome CSS classes to move your DOM!1.5.3
823cssobjRuntime CSS manager, Turn CSS into dynamic JS mod...1.3.6
824csspinCSS Spinners and Loaders - Modular, Customizable ...1.1.4
825cssuseragentCssUserAgent: user-agent specific CSS support2.1.31
826cssxCSS in JavaScript5.2.1
827cta.jsA light-weight performant library to animate your...0.3.2
828cubismA JavaScript library for time series visualizatio...1.6.0
829cufonFast text replacement with canvas and VML - no Fl...1.09i
830cuidCollision-resistant ids optimized for horizontal ...1.3.8
831curlcurl.js is small, fast, extensible module loader ...0.8.9
832currency-flagsFlags for currency codes.2.1.1
833currencyformatter.jsA super simple currency formatting library2.2.0
834custom-elementsHTML Custom Elements Polyfill1.3.2
835custom-elements-buildercustom-element-builder is just a set of builders,...0.3.4
836customboxModal dialog effects with transitions CSS34.0.3
837custommarkupA better way to use HTML1.1.12
838cutestrapA sassy, opinionated CSS Framework. A tiny altern...1.3.1
839cutjs2D HTML5 JavaScript library for cross-platform ga...0.4.14
840cyclejs-coreA fully reactive JavaScript framework for Human-C...7.0.0
841cyclejs-domThe standard DOM Driver for Cycle.js, based on vi...10.1.0
842cytoscapeGraph theory (a.k.a. network) library for analysi...3.9.4
843cytoscape-panzoomPanzoom extension for Cytoscape.js2.5.3
844d3A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and S...5.15.0
845d3-annotationUse d3-annotation with built-in annotation types,...2.5.1
846d3-arrayArray manipulation, ordering, searching, summariz...1.2.2
847d3-axisDisplays automatic reference lines for scales.1.0.10
848d3-brushSelect a one- or two-dimensional region using the...1.0.4
849d3-chordVisualize relationships or network flow with an a...1.0.4
850d3-cloudGenerate word clouds in JavaScript.1.2.5
851d3-collectionHandy data structures for elements keyed by strin...1.0.5
852d3-colorColor spaces! RGB, HSL, Cubehelix, Lab and HCL (L...1.2.1
853d3-composite-projectionsLike the AlbersUsa projection, adds several d3 pr...1.0.2
854d3-dispatchRegister named callbacks and call them with argum...1.0.3
855d3-dragDrag and drop SVG, HTML or Canvas using mouse or ...1.2.1
856d3-dsvA parser and formatter for delimiter-separated va...1.0.8
857d3-easeEasing functions for smooth animation.1.0.3
858d3-forceForce-directed graph layout using velocity Verlet...1.1.0
859d3-formatFormat numbers for human consumption.1.3.0
860d3-geoShapes and calculators for spherical coordinates.1.9.1
861d3-geo-projectionExtended geographic projections for D3.js.2.4.0
862d3-hierarchyLayout algorithms for visualizing hierarchical da...1.1.5
863d3-interpolateInterpolate numbers, colors, strings, arrays, obj...1.3.0
864d3-legendA legend component for d3. Given a d3.scale it ca...2.25.6
865d3-pathSerialize Canvas path commands to SVG.1.0.5
866d3-polygonOperations for two-dimensional polygons.1.0.3
867d3-quadtreeTwo-dimensional recursive spatial subdivision.1.0.3
868d3-queueEvaluate asynchronous tasks with configurable con...3.0.7
869d3-randomGenerate random numbers from various distribution...1.1.0
870d3-requestA convenient alternative to XMLHttpRequest.1.0.6
871d3-sankeyVisualize flow between nodes in a directed acycli...0.7.1
872d3-scaleEncodings that map abstract data to visual repres...1.0.7
873d3-selectionData-driven DOM manipulation: select elements and...1.2.0
874d3-shapeGraphical primitives for visualization, such as l...1.2.0
875d3-timeA calculator for humanity’s peculiar convention...1.0.8
876d3-time-formatA JavaScript time formatter and parser inspired b...2.1.1
877d3-timerAn efficient queue capable of managing thousands ...1.0.7
878d3-tipTooltips for d3 svg visualizations0.9.1
879d3-transformaddon to d3.js that wraps SVG transforms into an ...1.0.4
880d3-transitionAnimated transitions for D3 selections.1.1.1
881d3-voronoiCompute the Voronoi diagram of a set of two-dimen...1.1.2
882d3-zoomPan and zoom SVG, HTML or Canvas using mouse or t...1.7.1
883d3.chartA framework for creating reusable charts with D3....0.3.0
884d3fcA collection of components that make it easy to b...11.0.0
885d3kitA kit of tools to speed D3 related project develo...3.2.0
886d3kit-timelineA timeline component based on d3kit and labella.js2.0.1
887d3plusData visualization made easy. A javascript librar...1.9.8
888dagreGraph layout for JavaScript0.8.5
889dagre-d3A D3-based renderer for Dagre0.6.4
890dancer.jsdancer.js is a high-level audio API, usable with ...0.4.0
891danialfarid-angular-file-uploadAn AngularJS directive for file upload using HTML...12.2.13
892danielgindi-jquery-backstretchA simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a d...2.1.15
893darkroomjsExtensible image editing tool via HTML canvas2.0.1
894darktooltipA simple customizable tooltip with confirm option...0.4.0
895dash-shaka-playbackclappr dash playback based on shaka player2.0.8
896dashjsA reference client implementation for the playbac...3.0.1
897dat-guiA lightweight graphical user interface for changi...0.7.6
898data.jsdata.js is a datacenter with notifications. I cal...0.3.0
899datacombAn interactive tool for exploring large, tabular ...1.2.1
900datalibJavaScript utilites for loading, summarizing and ...1.9.2
901datalist-polyfillA minimal and dependency-free vanilla JavaScript ...1.23.3
902datamapsdatamaps with d3.js0.5.9
903datatableDatatable is a smart javascript plugin allowing y...2.0.1
904datatablesDataTables enhances HTML tables with the ability ...1.10.19
905datatables-colvisColVis adds a button to the toolbars around DataT...1.1.2
906datatables-fixedheaderThe FixedHeader plug-in will freeze in place the ...2.1.1
907datatables-tabletoolsTableTools is a plug-in for the DataTables HTML t...2.1.5
908date-fnsModern JavaScript date utility library1.30.1
909datedropperdatedropper is a jQuery datepicker plugin2.0
910datejsDatejs is an open source JavaScript Date library ...1.0
911datepair.jsA javascript plugin for intelligently selecting d...0.4.16
912datepickThis plugin attaches a popup calendar to your inp...5.1.1
913datepickerA simple jQuery datepicker plugin.0.6.5
914davis.jsDavis.js is a small JavaScript library using HTML...0.9.5
915dayjs2KB immutable date library alternative to Moment....1.8.19
916dcA multi-dimensional charting library built to wor...3.1.9
917dd_belatedpngAllows the use of transparent PNGs in images and ...0.0.8
918deb.jsMinimalistic JavaScript library for debugging in ...0.0.2
919decimal.jsAn arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScrip...10.2.0
920deck.jsModern HTML Presentations1.1.0
921deep-diffJavascript utility for calculating deep differenc...0.3.3
922deepstream.io-client-jsthe javascript client for deepstream.io2.3.3
923defiant.jsSearch JSON structures plus smart templating with...2.2.6
924dependent-dropdownA multi level dependent dropdown JQuery plugin th...1.4.9
925depotdepot.js is a namespaced localStorage wrapper wit...0.1.6
926design-systemSalesforce Lightning Design System2.11.2
927detect_swipeA jQuery plugin to detect swipes on touch devices.2.1.4
928detectizrDetectizr is a Modernizr extension to detect devi...2.2.0
929device.jsDevice.js makes it easy to write conditional CSS ...0.2.7
930deviconProgramming related icons collection2.2
931deviconsAn iconic font made for developers1.8.0
932dexieA Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB2.0.4
933df-number-formatEasily format numbers for display use. Replace nu...2.1.6
934dflowis a minimal Dataflow programming engine0.24.0
935dialog-polyfillPolyfill for the dialog element0.5.0
936diff2htmlFast Diff to colorized HTML2.12.2
937diff_match_patchThe Diff Match and Patch libraries offer robust a...20121119
938dimpleAn object-oriented charting API for d32.3.0
939dinero.jsAn immutable library to create, calculate and for...1.6.0
940dinqyjsA tiny but powerful Javascript library for workin...1.1.0
941dioDio is a lightweight (~7kb) feature rich Virtual ...7.1.0
942distpickerA simple jQuery plugin for picking provinces, cit...2.0.6
943diva.jsDiva.js is a JavaScript document image viewer des...5.1.3
944django.jsDjango.js provides tools for JavaScript developme...0.8.1
945dna.jsAn uncomplicated user interface library1.6.0
946docsearch.jsAdd an autocomplete dropdown to your documentation2.6.3
947docsifyA magical documentation generator.4.10.2
948document-register-elementA stand-alone working lightweight version of the ...1.14.3
949documentupPretty documentation generator for Github project...0.1.1
950docxtemplater.docx generator working with templates and data (...3.16.8
951dojoDojo saves you time, delivers powerful performanc...1.10.4
952dollar.jsA jQuery-compatible and non-All-in-One library wh...1.5.1
953dom-to-imageGenerates an image from a DOM node using HTML5 ca...2.6.0
954dom4a fully tested and covered polyfill for new DOM L...3.0.0
955domainr-search-boxDomainr instant search box for your site0.0.25
956domplotterMinimalistic Virtual DOM implementation with supp...1.3.1
957dompurifyDOMPurify is a DOM-only, super-fast, uber-toleran...2.0.7
958domreadymodern domready1.0.8
959domtasticSmall, fast, and modular DOM and event library fo...0.12.1
960dont-goClient-side library to change the title and/...1.1.1
961doofinderJavascript Library for Doofinder Search API5.10.1
962doonyUI Improvements for Jenkins2.1
963dotConcise and fast javascript templating compatible...1.1.3
964downloadjsfile downloading using client-side javascript1.4.8
965dplayerWow, such a lovely HTML5 danmaku video player1.25.0
966draft-jsA React framework for building text editors.0.11.4
967dragdealerDrag-based JavaScript component, embracing endles...0.9.9
968draggabillymake that shiz draggable2.2.0
969draggableThe JavaScript Drag & Drop library your grand...1.0.0-beta.9
970dragonbonesThe Open Source 2D skeleton animation solution2.4.1
971dragscrollTiny library for drag-n-drop scrolling style0.0.8
972dragulaDrag and drop so simple it hurts3.7.2
973drawerFlexible drawer menu using jQuery, iScroll and CS...3.2.2
974drawingboard.jsA canvas based drawing app that you can integrate...0.4.6
975driver.jsA light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript...0.9.8
976dropareajQuery plugin for HTML5 drag-and-drop (images and...1.1.1
977dropbox.jsClient library for the Dropbox API4.0.30
978dropdown.jsFinally a dropdown plugin that transforms select ...0.0.2dev
979dropzoneHandles drag and drop of files for you.5.5.1
980dustjs-helpersHelpers for dustjs-linkedin1.7.4
981dustjs-linkedinAsynchronous templates for the browser and server...2.7.5
982dygraphdygraphs is a fast, flexible open source JavaScri...2.1.0
983dynamics.jsJavascript library to create physics-related anim...1.1.5
984eModalEasy Modal for bootstrap, is a simple way to crea...1.2.67
985easy-autocompleteEasyAutocomplete is a jQuery autocomplete plugin....1.3.5
986easy-countdownSimple, lightweight and easy to use countdown plu...2.2.0
987easy-pie-chartLightweight plugin to render simple, animated and...2.1.6
988easyXDMA javascript library providing cross-browser, cro...2.4.20
989echartsA powerful charting and visualization library for...4.6.0
990eddyEvent Driven JS0.7.0
991editor.jsEditor.js — Native JS, based on API and Open So...2.16.1
992ef.js(maybe) An elegant HTML template engine & bas...0.9.7
993egg.jsA simple javascript library to add easter eggs to...1.0
994egjsSet of UI interactions, effects and utilities com...1.5.0
995egjs-agentExtracts browser and operating system information...2.1.5
996egjs-axesA module used to change the information of user a...2.6.0
997egjs-componentA base class utility that manages events and opti...2.1.2
998egjs-flickingSimple module to implement flicking carousel inte...3.4.6
999egjs-infinitegridiA module used to arrange card elements including...3.6.2
1000egjs-jquery-pauseresumePauses and resumes animation executed by the jQue...2.0.1
1001egjs-jquery-transformA method extended from the jQuery animate() metho...2.0.0
1002egjs-persistProvide cache interface to handle persisted data ...2.2.2
1003egjs-rotateTiny custom rotate event binder2.1.0
1004egjs-visibleA class that checks if an element is visible in t...2.1.0
1005ekko-lightboxA lightbox gallery plugin for Bootstrap 3 based o...5.3.0
1006elasticlunrLightweight full-text search engine in Javascript...0.9.6
1007elasticsearchThe official low-level Elasticsearch client for N...16.6.0
1008eldarion-ajaxa library for adding declarative ajax functionali...0.16.0
1009element-uiA Component Library for Vue.js.2.13.0
1010elementalReact UI Framework0.5.3
1011elevatezoomA jQuery image zoom plugin, with tints, easing an...3.0.8
1012elevator.jsElevator.js fixes those awkward "scroll to t...1.0.1
1013elfinderOpen-source file manager for web, written in Java...2.1.50
1014elm-runtimeThe runtime for the Elm language.
1015email-autocompletejQuery plugin that displays in-place autocomplete...0.1.3
1016embed-boxSimple install guidance for CMS plugins2.0.3
1017embed-jsA JavaScript plugin that analyses the string and ...5.0.4
1018embedly-jqueryThis library allows you to easily embed objects o...3.1.2
1019embedoA simple, fast, lightweight and standalone social...1.13.0
1020ember-authAuthentication framework for ember.js.9.0.7
1021ember-chartsA powerful and easy to use charting library for E...1.2.0
1022ember-computed-reverseA computed property macro for ember.js that retur...0.1.0
1023ember-data-django-rest-adapterAn ember-data adapter for django web applications...0.13.1
1024ember-data-model-fragmentsEmber Data addon to support nested JSON documents2.1.3
1025ember-data.jsA data layer for your Ember applications.3.0.2
1026ember-dialogAllows you to create modal windows1.2.5
1027ember-i18nInternationalization for Ember2.9.1
1028ember-localstorage-adapterStore your Ember application data in LocalStorage.0.3.1
1029ember-resource.jsA simple library to connect your Ember.js applica...2.3.5
1030ember-simple-authA lightweight library for implementing authentica...0.8.0
1031ember.jsEmber is a JavaScript framework for creating ambi...2.18.2
1032emberFireThe officially supported Ember binding for Fireba...2.0.10
1033emblemTemplating language targeting Handlebars with def...0.4.0
1034emergence.jsDetect element visibility in the browser1.1.2
1035emoji-pickerAdd a slick emoji selector to input fields and te...1.1.5
1036emoji-translateA library that translates english words to emoji1.0.2
1037emojify.jsA Javascript module to convert emoji keywords to ...1.1.0
1038emojioneEmoji One is a complete set of emojis designed fo...2.2.7
1039emojioneareaEmojiOne Area is a small jQuery plugin that allow...3.4.1
1040encoding-japaneseConverts character encoding.1.0.30
1041engine.io-clientClient for the realtime Engine3.4.0
1042enjoyhintWeb-tool that provides the simplest way to create...3.1.0
1043enquire.jsAwesome Media Queries in JavaScript2.1.6
1044entypoEntypo is a set of 250+ carefully crafted pictogr...2.0
1045eonasdan-bootstrap-datetimepickerA date/time picker component designed to wor...4.17.47
1046epiceditorAn Embeddable Markdown Editor0.2.2
1047epitomeEpitome, an MVP framework built on top of MooTools0.3.0
1048epochA general purpose real-time charting library for ...0.8.4
1049eqcssEQCSS is a polyfill that introduces Element Queri...1.9.2
1050equalize.jsThe jQuery plugin for equalizing the height or wi...1.0.2
1051equalizecsscss-grid built on the properties of flexboxes1.3.0
1052erudaConsole for Mobile Browsers1.5.8
1053es-classA future proof, backward compatible, JavaScript c...2.0.0
1054es5-shimECMAScript 5 compatibility shims for legacy JavaS...4.5.13
1055es6-promiseA lightweight library that provides tools for org...4.1.1
1056es6-shimECMAScript 6 (Harmony) compatibility shims for le...0.35.5
1057es6-tweenES6 implementation of amazing tween.js5.5.9
1058es7-shimECMAScript 7 compatibility shims for legacy JavaS...6.0.0
1059esprimaECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpos...2.7.3
1060esri-leafletLeaflet plugins for consuming ArcGIS Online and A...2.3.3
1061esri-leaflet-geocoderEsri Geocoding utility and search plugin for Leaf...2.3.2
1062esri-leaflet-relatedA Leaflet plugin that allows users to query relat...2.0.0
1063esri-leaflet-renderersesri-leaflet plugin for rendering2.0.6
1064etpJavascript bindings for Energistics Transport Pro...2.0.7-94
1065europaLibrary for converting HTML into valid Markdown4.0.0
1066evaporateJavascript library for browser to S3 multipart re...2.1.4
1067eve.jsA JavaScript meta-framework for scoped event dele...0.8.4
1068event-dropsA time based / event series interactive visu...1.3.0
1069event-source-polyfillA polyfill for http://www.w3.org/T...0.0.9
1070eventableThe events part of Backbone1.0.5
1071eventemitter3EventEmitter3 focuses on performance while mainta...4.0.0
1072eventmasterA simple, compact and consistent implementation t...2.0.0
1073eventproxyAn implementation of task/event based asynch...1.0.0
1074evil-iconsEvil Icons is a set of SVG icons designed extensi...1.10.1
1075evil.jsA JavaScript library for thwarting hotlinkers.42
1076excel-builderAn easy way of building Excel files with javascri...2.0.3
1077excel-formulaMethods to beautify an excel formula and convert ...1.4.2
1078exceljsExcel Workbook Manager - Read and Write xlsx and ...3.7.0
1079exif-jsJavaScript library for reading EXIF image metadata2.3.0
1080expectWrite better assertions1.20.2
1081expect.jsBDD style assertions for node and the browser.0.3.1
1082expr-evalMathematical expression evaluator2.0.2
1083expressive-annotations-validateClient-side component of ExpressiveAnnotations2.7.4
1084ext-coreExt JS is the developer's choice for building...3.1.0
1085extjsExt JS is the developer's choice for building...6.2.0
1086fabric.jsObject model for HTML5 canvas, and SVG-to-canvas ...3.6.1
1087faceboxFacebook-style lightbox, built in jQuery1.3
1088fakeLoader.jsfakeLoader.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that...1.1.0
1089falcorA JavaScript library for efficient data fetching.2.2.0
1090fallbackJavaScript library for dynamically loading CSS an...1.1.9
1091fancyInputMakes typing in input fields fun with CSS3 effects1.2.0
1092fancyboxTouch enabled, responsive and fully customizable ...3.5.7
1093fast-json-patchFast implementation of JSON-Patch (RFC-6902) with...2.2.1
1094fast-xml-parserParse XML to JS/JSON very fast without C...3.16.0
1095fastclickPolyfill to remove click delays on browsers with ...1.0.6
1096fastdomEliminates layout thrashing by batching DOM read&...1.0.9
1097fastselectA lightweight browser plugin for enhanced select ...0.7.3
1098fatcow-icons3500 Free "Farm-Fresh Web Icons" by Fat...20130425
1099favico.jsFavico.js is a library to manipulate the favicon,...0.3.10
1100faviconxA tiny javascript library that makes progress bar...1.0.1
1101fbbk-jsonParse JSON-Object string (not normalized JSON str...1.1.1
1102fdaciuk-ajaxAjax module in Vanilla JS3.0.4
1103feather-iconsSimply beautiful open source icons4.25.0
1104featherlightFeatherlight is a very lightweight jQuery lightbo...1.7.13
1105feature.jsFeature.js is a fast, simple and lightweight brow...1.1.1
1106fechaDate formatting and parsing2.3.3
1107feedback.jsFeedback form with screenshot2012.10.17
1108fermataSuccinct native REST client, for client-side web ...0.10.8
1109fetchA window.fetch JavaScript polyfill.3.0.0
1110fetch-jsonpFetch JSONP like a boss using Fetch API1.1.3
1111fetchivalMakes JSON requests with fetch easier0.3.2
1112fg-appendaroundA pattern for responsive markup1.0.0
1113fg-snapperA CSS Snap-Points based carousel (and lightweight...3.4.0
1114fiberLightweight JavaScript inheritance library1.0.5
1115field-kitUtilities to effectively manage text entry on the...2.1.0
1116file-uploaderMultiple file upload plugin with progress-bar, dr...5.16.2
1117filesizeJavaScript library to generate a human readable S...6.0.1
1118filter.jsA javascript library for filtering json object an...1.5.2
1119filterizrFilterizr is a jQuery plugin that sorts, shuffles...2.2.3
1120findAndReplaceDOMTextfindAndReplaceDOMText: DOM find/replace util...0.4.6
1121fingerprintjsFast browser fingerprint library. By default uses...0.5.3
1122fingerprintjs2Modern & flexible browser fingerprinting libr...2.1.0
1123firebug-liteFirebug Lite is a powerful console logging, modif...1.4.0
1124firminA JavaScript animation library based on CSS trans...1.0.0
1125fitvidsA lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for flui...1.2.0
1126fixed-data-tableA React table component designed to allow present...0.6.5
1127fixed-header-tableThe jQuery fixedHeaderTable plugin1.3.0
1128fixed-stickyA position: sticky polyfill that works with filam...0.1.7
1129fixtoA jQuery plugin for custom sticky positioning0.5.0
1130flag-icon-css:flags: A collection of all country flags in SVG ...3.4.3
1131flagstrapA lightwieght jQuery plugin for creating Bootstra...1.0
1132flat-uiFlat UI Free is a beautiful theme for Bootstrap. ...2.3.0
1133flatpickrA lightweight, powerful datetimepicker4.6.3
1134flex-layout-attributeHTML layout helper based on CSS flexbox specifica...1.0.3
1135flexMenuFlexMenu lets you create menu bars that automatic...1.6.2
1136flexboxgridGrid based off of CSS3 flexbox specification6.3.1
1137flexibilityUse Flexbox while supporting older Internet Explo...2.0.1
1138flexiblegs-cssFlexible Grid System CSS5.6.0
1139flexieCross-browser support for the CSS3 Flexible Box M...1.0.3
1140flexiselA responsive carousel jQuery plugin2.2.2
1141flexsliderAn awesome, fully responsive jQuery slider toolki...2.7.2
1142flickityTouch, responsive, flickable galleries2.2.1
1143flightAn event-driven web framework, from Twitter1.1.4
1144flipCounterUses valid markup and an image sprite to render a...1.2
1145flipclockFlipClock.js is a proper abstract object oriented...0.7.8
1146flipcountdownjQuery Clock,Timer or Counter plugin in retro fli...3.0.5
1147float-label-cssBulletproof CSS-only implementation of Float Labe...1.0.2
1148floating.jsFloat a number of things up on a page (hearts, fl...2.7.1
1149floatlabels.jsfloatlabels.js follows the famous Float Label Pat...1.0.0
1150floattheadfixed table header plugin that works2.1.4
1151flocks.jsSimpler state management for React.js1.6.1
1152flotAttractive Javascript plotting for jQuery0.8.3
1153flot.tooltipeasy-to-use tooltips for Flot charts0.9.0
1154flow.jsFlow.js library implements html5 file upload and ...2.14.0
1155flowchartDraws simple SVG flow chart diagrams from textual...1.13.0
1156flowplayerThe HTML5 video player for the web7.2.7
1157flubberBest-guess methods for smoothly interpolating and...0.4.2
1158fluidboxReplicating Medium's beautiful, minimalist li...2.0.5
1159fluidvids.jsRaw JavaScript fluid videos2.4.1
1160fluxAn application architecture based on a unidirecti...3.1.3
1161fluxifyThe simplest flux implementation0.2.3
1162flv.jsHTML5 FLV Player1.5.0
1163focusableSet focus on DOM element adding overlay to the re...1.0.0
1164foggyjQuery plugin for blurring page elements1.1.1
1165folktaleA suite of libraries for generic functional progr...2.0.1
1166fomantic-uiCommunity fork of the popular Semantic-UI framewo...2.7.8
1167font-awesomeThe iconic SVG, font, and CSS toolkit5.12.0
1168font-awesome-animationSimple animations using some CSS3 I found on the ...0.2.1
1169font-linuxFont-linux is an icon font containing logos of po...0.9
1170font-mfizzFont Mfizz - Vector Icons for Technology and Soft...2.4.1
1171fontawesome-iconpickerFont Awesome Icon Picker plugin for Twitter Boots...3.2.0
1172fontfaceobserverDetect if web fonts are available2.1.0
1173foonavFooNav.js - Simple Navigation Plugin0.0.6
1174force-jsThe easy way to scroll and animate your page0.1.3
1175foreachforeach component + npm package2.0.5
1176forerunnerdbA NoSQL document store database for browsers and ...2.0.22
1177forgeJavaScript implementations of network transports,...0.9.1
1178fork-awesomeA fork of the iconic font and CSS framework1.1.7
1179formatter.jsFormat user input to match a specified pattern0.1.5
1180formbuilderGraphical form builder for the web.0.2.1
1181formjsA classic form styling with ease1.1.1
1182formstoneLibrary of modular front end components.1.4.16
1183formsy-reactA form input builder and validator for React JS0.19.5
1184formulajsJavaScript implementation of most Microsoft Excel...1.0.8
1185fotoramaA simple, stunning, powerful jQuery gallery.4.6.4
1186foundationThe most advanced responsive front-end framework ...6.6.1
1187foundation-datepickerFoundation datepicker jQuery plugin1.5.6
1188foundation-emailsA framework for responsive emails made by ZURB2.2.1
1189foundation-essentialThe most advanced responsive front-end framework ...6.2.2
1190foundiconsA custom collection of 283 icons that are stored ...3.0.0
1191fpoFP library for JavaScript. Supports named-argumen...6.1.10
1192fpsmeterSexy, fast, and themable FPS meter.0.3.1
1193framework7Full Featured Mobile HTML Framework For Building ...4.5.2
1194frappe-chartsSimple, responsive, modern SVG Charts with zero d...1.3.0
1195frappe-ganttA simple, modern, interactive gantt library for t...0.3.0
1196free-jqgridgrid as jQuery plugin - fork of jqGrid before lic...4.15.5
1197freewallAmazing grid layout.1.0.5
1198freezer-jsA tree data structure that is always updated from...0.14.1
1199froala-design-blocksAn amazing collection of over 170 ready to use re...2.0.1
1200froala-editorA beautiful jQuery WYSIWYG HTML rich text editor....3.1.0
1201frontpressFull front-end AngularJS template for WordPress R...1.0.8
1202frozen-momentImmutability for Moment.js. Freeze moments so tha...0.4.0
1203frzrTurboboosted 2 KB view library0.22.7
1204fsvsFull Screen Vertical Scroll1.2.2
1205ftscrollerFTScroller is a cross-browser Javascript/CSS...0.7.0
1206fuckadblockDetects ad blockers (AdBlock, ...)3.2.1
1207fueluxBase Fuel UX styles and controls3.17.2
1208fukol-gridsA tiny, automatic, breakpoint free, 'element ...0.1.1
1209fullPage.jsCreate beautiful fullscreen scrolling websites3.0.8
1210fullcalendarFull-sized drag & drop event calendar4.2.0
1211fullcalendar-schedulerA premium add-on to FullCalendar for displaying e...1.10.0
1212function-plotA simple 2d function plotter powered by d31.18.1
1213furtiveA forward-thinking, CSS micro-framework. Minimal ...2.3.0
1214fuse.jsLightweight fuzzy-search3.4.6
1215fuzzyset.jsA fuzzy string set for JavaScript0.0.91
1216g9automatically interactive graphics1.0.16
1217ga-liteSmall, cacheable subset of Google Analytics JS cl...2.0.5
1218galleriaThe JavaScript Image Gallery.1.5.7
1219gallerifficA jQuery plugin for rendering rich, fast-performi...2.0.1
1220garlic.jsAutomatically persist your forms' text and se...1.4.2
1221gasGoogle Analytics on Steroids1.11.0
1222gatorEvent delegation in javascript1.2.4
1223gauge.js100% native and cool looking animated JavaScript&...1.3.7
1224gemmaA lightweight CSS library1.1.0
1225genericonsGenericons are vector icons embedded in a webfont...3.1
1226gentelellaGentellela Admin is a free to use Bootstrap admin...1.4.0
1227geo-location-javascriptJavaScript geo location framework for the mobile ...0.4.8
1228geocompleteAn advanced jQuery plugin that wraps the Google M...1.7.0
1229geoextGeoExt brings together the geospatial know how of...1.1
1230geojsJavaScript Geo visualization and Analysis Library0.19.8
1231geojsonTurn your geo data into GeoJSON0.5.0
1232geojson2svgConverts geojson to svg/path string given sv...1.2.3
1233geolocatorA utility for getting geo-location information vi...2.1.5
1234geopatternGenerate beautiful SVG patterns1.2.3
1235gettext.jsgettext.js is a lightweight (3k minified!) yet co...0.9.0
1236gh.jsTiny GitHub API wrapper for server and client.3.0.13
1237gibberish-aesA lightweight Javascript Libray for OpenSSL compa...1.0.0
1238gibonFunctional client-side router in ~570 bytes, buil...0.4.1
1239gif.jsJavaScript GIF encoding library0.2.0
1240giffferJavaScript library that prevents the autoplaying ...1.5.0
1241gifshotJavaScript library that can create animated gifs ...0.3.2
1242gijgoGijgo is a set of free open source javascript con...1.9.13
1243gillieJavaScript MVC Microframework0.2.1
1244gist-embedUltra powered gist embedding for your website2.7.1
1245gitalkGitalk is a modern comment component based on Git...1.5.0
1246gitgraph.jsA JavaScript library to draw pretty git graphs in...1.15.2
1247github-apiA higher-level wrapper around the Github API.3.3.0
1248github-calendarEmbed your GitHub contributions calendar anywhere.1.3.4
1249github-fork-ribbon-cssA CSS-only, resolution-independent 'Fork me o...0.2.3
1250github-markdown-cssThe minimal amount of CSS to replicate the GitHub...3.0.1
1251github-org-members.jsA JavaScript library for fetching and rendering i...1.2.10
1252github-repo-widgetGitHub jQuery Repo Widget will build you a beauti...e23d85ab8f
1253gitter-sidecarAn embeddable Gitter client.1.3.3
1254gl-matrixJavascript Matrix and Vector library for High Per...2.8.1
1255glamorinline css for component systems3.0.0-3
1256glamorousReact component styling solved5.0.0
1257gliojsDetects if the mouse of a user leaves the viewpor...0.0.7
1258globalizeA JavaScript library for internationalization and...1.4.2
1259gmail-jsJavaScript API for Gmail (useful for chrome exten...0.9.9
1260gmap3jQuery plugin to generate Google Maps7.2.0
1261gmaps.jsthe easiest way to use Google Maps0.4.25
1262gmaps4railsEnables easy Google map + overlays creation2.1.2
1263goalProgressAnimated progress bar using jQuery to show how cl...1.0
1264godlike.cssCSS for layout standardization and usability of w...3.6.2
1265gojsInteractive diagrams, charts, and graphs, such as...2.1.7
1266golden-layoutA multi-screen javascript Layout manager1.5.9
1267goodshare.jsUseful jQuery plugin that will help your website ...6.1.4
1268gorillascriptGorillaScript is a compile-to-JavaScript language...0.9.10
1269gotemCopy to clipboard for modern browsers in less tha...0.0.3
1270gpu.jsGPU Accelerated JavaScript1.10.4
1271grade-jsThis JavaScript library produces complimentary gr...1.0.10
1272graingert-wowReveal CSS animation as you scroll down a page.1.2.2
1273granimCreate fluid and interactive gradients animations...2.0.0
1274grapesjsFree and Open Source Web Builder Framework0.15.10
1275graphaelgRaphael's goal is to help you create stunnin...0.5.1
1276graphdraculaJavaScript Graph Layouting and Drawing1.3.0
1277graphicsjsA lightweight Javascript graphics library with th...1.3.9
1278graphiqlAn graphical interactive in-browser GraphQL IDE.0.17.5
1279grdA CSS grid framework using Flexbox.1.2.3
1280gremlins.jsA monkey testing library written in JavaScript, f...0.1.0
1281gridderA jQuery plugin that displays a thumbnail grid ex...1.4.2
1282griddle-reactGriddle - A fast and flexible grid component for ...0.8.2
1283gridformsData entry can be beautiful1.0.10
1284gridifierAsync responsive HTML grids2.0.3
1285gridlexJust a Flexbox Grid System2.7.1
1286gridlyThe minimal (~157 bytes) grid system for modern b...1.4.13
1287gridstack.jsgridstack.js is a jQuery plugin for widget layout0.4.0
1288grommetThe most advanced UX framework for enterprise app...2.10.0
1289grommet-indexGrommet UI and example server for searching, filt...1.1.3
1290gsapGSAP is a JavaScript library for building high-pe...3.1.1
1291gss-engineGSS styling engine2.0.0
1292guardsGuard your forms with class (or any other selecto...1.5.1
1293gulpThe streaming build system3.8.5
1294gumbyA Flexible, Responsive CSS Framework.2.6.4
1295gumshoeA simple, framework-agnostic scrollspy script.5.1.1
1296gyrejsExperimental data fetching and state library gear...0.4.1
1297h5ValidateHTML5 form validation0.9.0
1298hackDead simple CSS framework.0.8.1
1299hack-fontA typeface designed for source code3.003
1300hallo.jsSimple rich text editor1.1.1
1301hamburgersCollection of tasty CSS-animated hamburger icons....1.1.3
1302hammer-timeA fast click based on the touch-action css proper...1.1.0
1303hammer.jsA javascript library for multi-touch gestures2.0.8
1304hamsterjsA standalone javascript library for cross-browser...1.1.3
1305handjsHand.js is a polyfill for pointer events.1.3.11
1306handlebars.jsHandlebars provides the power necessary to let yo...4.7.2
1307handsontableSpreadsheet-like data grid editor that provides c...7.3.0
1308hasherHasher is a set of JavaScript functions to contro...1.2.0
1309hashgridA little tool that inserts a layout grid in web p...6
1310hasplayer.jsHttp Adaptive Streaming javascript player based o...1.15.1
1311hazzik-jquery.livequeryLive Query utilizes the power of jQuery selectors...1.3.6
1312heA robust HTML entities encoder/decoder with ...1.2.0
1313headhesiveAn on-demand sticky header1.2.4
1314headjsHeadJS: Responsive Design, Feature Detections &am...1.0.3
1315headroomGive your page some headroom. Hide your header un...0.11.0
1316heapboxCustomizable replacement for html select (not onl...0.9.4
1317heatcanvasSimple heatmap api based on HTML5 canvas.1.2.3
1318heatmap.jsDynamic JavaScript Heatmaps for the Web2.0.2
1319helium-cssjavascript tool to scan your site and show unused...1.1
1320hellojsA clientside Javascript library for standardizing...2.0.0-4
1321hi-svenSay hi to Sven1.1.5
1322hi-sven-gitSay hi to Sven1.1.5
1323hideseekA simple, yet customizable live search jQuery plu...0.8.0
1324hideshowpasswordEasily reveal or hide password field contents via...2.2.0
1325highchartTableThis jQuery plugin provides a simple way to conve...2.0.0
1326highchartsHighcharts is a charting library written in pure ...7.2.0
1327highcharts-export-csvHighcharts plugin to export the chart data to CSV...1.4.8
1328highcharts-ngAngularJS directive for Highcharts1.2.1
1329highlandThe high-level streams library for Node.js and th...2.13.5
1330highlight.jsSyntax highlighting with language autodetection.9.18.1
1331highlighter.jsHighlighter.js is a tiny (pure javascript) librar...1.0.0
1332highlightjs-line-numbers.jsHighlight.js line numbers plugin.2.7.0
1333highmapsHighmaps is Highcharts for geo maps. Mainly choro...6.0.3
1334highstockHighstock lets you create stock or general timeli...6.0.3
1335hincludeDeclarative client-side inclusion for the Web0.9.5
1336hint.cssA tooltip library in CSS for your lovely websites.2.6.0
1337historyA minimal, functional history implementation for ...4.10.1
1338history.jsHistory.js gracefully supports the HTML5 History&...1.8
1339hiw-apiThe HIW JavaScript API is designed to allow devel...5.2.0
1340hls.jsJavaScript HLS client using MediaSourceExtension0.13.1
1341hogan.jsA mustache compiler.3.0.2
1342hola-video.jsAn HTML5 and Flash video player with a common API...5.10.2-27
1343hola_playerAn HTML5 and Flash video player with a common API...1.0.165
1344holderHolder uses SVG to render image placeholders enti...2.9.6
1345holmes.jsFast and easy searching inside a page.1.17.3
1346hopscotchA framework to make it easy for developers to add...0.3.1
1347horseyProgressive and customizable autocomplete compone...4.2.2
1348hover.cssA collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be ...2.3.1
1349howlerJavascript audio library for the modern web.2.1.3
1350hprose-html5Hprose is a High Performance Remote Object Servic...2.0.36
1351hrjsTiny JavaScript plugin for gighlighting and repla...1.0.2
1352html-glGet as many FPS as you need by rendering HTML...0.3.1
1353html-inspectorHTML Inspector is a code quality tool to help you...0.8.2
1354html-minifierHighly configurable, well-tested, JavaScript-base...4.0.0
1355html.jsAn intuitive, extensible way to work directly wit...0.12.1
1356html2canvasScreenshots with JavaScript0.4.1
1357html2pdf.jsClient-side HTML-to-PDF rendering using pure JS0.9.1
1358html5-device-mockupsHTML5 mockups of popular devices, to showcase you...3.2.1
1359html5-history-apiHTML5 History API expansion for browsers not supp...4.2.10
1360html5mediahtml5media enables <video> and <audio>...1.1.8
1361html5shivhtml5shiv is an HTML5 JavaScript shim for IE to r...3.7.3
1362html5sortableLightweight jQuery plugin to create sortable list...0.9.17
1363html5tooltipsjsTooltips with smooth 3D animation.1.7.3
1364http-clientCompose HTTP clients using JavaScript's fetch...4.3.1
1365humane-jsA simple, modern, browser notification system3.2.2
1366humanize-durationConvert millisecond durations to English and many...3.21.0
1367humanize-plusA simple utility library for making the web more ...1.8.2
1368huslHuman-friendly HSL6.0.1
1369hydnaA multi-transport Hydna client library with suppo...1.0.1
1370hydra.jsFramework that gives you the tools to write your ...3.11.0
1371hyperapp1kb JavaScript library for building modern UI app...2.0.4
1372hyperformCapture form validation back from the browser0.11.0
1373i18nexti18next is a full-featured i18n javascript librar...19.1.0
1374i18next-browser-languagedetectorlanguage detector used in browser environment for...4.0.1
1375i18next-locize-backendThis is a simple i18next backend to be used for l...3.0.0
1376i18next-xhr-backendBackend layer for i18next using browsers XHR3.2.2
1377i3d3D3-based plotting and histogramming library0.9.1
1378iCheckHighly customizable checkboxes and radio buttons ...1.0.2
1379iDevice.jsDiscover which iOS devices are used on your site2.1.0
1380iGrowlA lightweight jQuery plugin that generates growl-...3.0.3
1381iNotifyJS achieve the browser title flashing , scrolling...1.1.0
1382iScrollSmooth scrolling for the web5.2.0
1383iamdustan-smoothscrollPolyfill for smooth scroll behavior0.4.0
1384ical.jsJavascript parser for ics (rfc5545) and vcard (rf...1.3.0
1385iceIce is a comprehensive RPC framework with support...3.7.3
1386iconateA light-weight library to animate your font-aweso...0.3.1
1387iconoPure CSS Icons1.3.0
1388idbwrapperA cross-browser wrapper for IndexedDB1.7.2
1389ideal-image-sliderQuite simply the ideal Image Slider in vanilla JS.1.5.1
1390identicon.jsGitHub-style identicons in JS with no server-side...2.3.3
1391ie-loveCombo polyfill for IE8 and below.0.0.3
1392ie8some damn DOM fix for this damned browser0.8.1
1393ieBetter.jsmake ie browser like a morden browser main for ie...1.0.3
1394iframe-resizerKeep same and cross domain iFrames sized to their...4.2.9
1395ifvisibleCrossbrowser & lightweight way to check if us...1.0.6
1396ikkiThe extention toolkit for Riot.js0.2.0
1397ilyabirman-likelyThe social sharing buttons that aren’t shabby2.4.0
1398image-map-resizerMake the HTML image map responsive, so the map sc...1.0.10
1399image-pickerImage Picker is a simple jQuery plugin that trans...0.3.1
1400image-selectImage Select is an extension of Chosen, a jQuery ...2.0
1401imagehover.cssA Scaleable & Light Image Hover CSS Library2.0.0
1402imager.jsImager.js is an alternative solution to the issue...0.5.1
1403imageviewerA simple jQuery image viewing plugin.1.1.0
1404imagine.jsLightweight HTML5 Canvas library0.1.0
1405imaskvanilla javascript input mask5.2.1
1406imgLiquidA jQuery Plugin to resize images to fit in a cont...0.9.944
1407imgareaselectImgAreaSelect is a plugin for selecting a rectang...0.9.10
1408imgcache.jsJS library based on the File API to cache images ...2.1.1
1409immstructImmutable data structure for top-to-bottom proper...2.0.0
1410immutableImmutable Data Collections3.8.2
1411impress.jsIt's a presentation framework based on the po...0.5.3
1412incremental-domAn in-place virtual DOM library0.6.0
1413infamousA famo.us UI library.5.0.0
1414infectInfect.js is a simple way to add the magic of dep...0.4.6
1415infernoAn extremely fast, isomorphic JavaScript library ...7.4.0
1416inferno-compatProvides a compatibility with React codebases7.4.0
1417inferno-componentProvides ES2015 stateful components (with lifecyc...7.4.0
1418inferno-create-classProvides a helper to create Inferno Components wi...7.4.0
1419inferno-create-elementProvides methods to create Inferno VNodes7.4.0
1420inferno-devtoolsProvides support for React's Dev Tools for In...7.4.0
1421inferno-hyperscriptBridging hyperscript to InfernoJS7.4.0
1422inferno-mobxOfficial Inferno bindings for Mobx7.4.0
1423inferno-reduxOfficial Inferno bindings for Redux7.4.0
1424inferno-routerProvides routing functionality for Inferno7.4.0
1425inferno-serverProvides methods to render HTML strings from Infe...7.4.0
1426inferno-sharedHelpers functions for Inferno7.4.0
1427inferno-test-utilsSuite of utilities for testing Inferno applicatio...7.4.0
1428inferno-vnode-flagsProvides an enum of all possible VNode Flags used...7.4.0
1429infieldLabelA jQuery plugin that creates a compact, text-over...1.1.0
1430infinityA UITableView for the web.0.2.2
1431infusionInfusion is an application framework for developi...2.0.0
1432inheritance-jsSimple, lightweight extensions and helpers that m...0.4.12
1433inkSAPO InK - Interface Toolkit3.1.10
1434inobounceStop your iOS webapp from bouncing around when sc...0.2.0
1435input-autogrowAutogrow plugin for inputs1.1.1
1436inputmaskInputmask is a javascript library which creates a...4.0.9
1437inputmask-multiInputmask Multi is a plugin which allows to selec...1.2.0
1438insightjsInsightJS is a data aggregation and vizualization...1.4.0
1439inspire-treeInspired JavaScript Tree UI Component6.0.1
1440instafeed.jsA simple Instagram javascript plugin for your web...1.4.1
1441instafetch.jsA 6KB JavaScript plugin for the Instagram API (wi...1.5.0
1442instagram-liteA simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to displ...3.0.0
1443instant.pageMake your site’s pages instant in 1 minute and ...3.0.0
1444instantclickA Javascript library that preloads pages making u...3.1.0
1445instantsearch.jsinstantsearch.js is a library of widgets to build...4.2.0
1446intense-imagesA simple library to view large images up close us...1.0.7
1447interact.jsDrag and drop, resizing and multi-touch gestures ...1.2.9
1448interactive-data-displayA JavaScript visualization library for dynamic da...1.5.34
1449intercom.jsA client-side cross-window message broadcast libr...0.1.4
1450intercooler-jsMaking AJAX as easy as anchor tags1.2.3
1451interpolate.jsMap an Object against a template String1.1.0
1452intl-messageformatFormats ICU Message strings with number, date, pl...7.8.4
1453intl-tel-inputA jQuery plugin for entering international teleph...16.0.8
1454intro.jsBetter introductions for websites and features wi...2.9.3
1455ion-rangesliderCool, comfortable and easily customizable range s...2.3.1
1456ion-soundJavaScript plugin for playing sounds and music in...3.0.7
1457ion-tree-listIonic directive for displaying nested list items.0.0.11
1458ion.calendarjQuery-calendar and datepicker, based on powerful...2.0.2
1459ion.checkradiojQuery plugin for styling checkboxes and radio-bu...2.0.0
1460ionicAdvanced HTML5 Mobile App Framework.1.3.2
1461ionic-filter-barA filter directive UI for Ionic apps that animate...1.1.1
1462ionic-frameworkAn advanced HTML5 mobile app framework built on A...2.0.0-beta.2
1463ioniconsThe premium icon font for Ionic Framework4.6.3
1464ipaddr.jsA library for manipulating IPv4 and IPv6 addresse...1.9.1
1465ipfsJavaScript implementation of the IPFS specificati...0.40.0
1466iris-wsClient side library for the Websocket package use...11.1.1
1467is-in-viewportAn ultra-light jQuery plugin that tells you if an...3.0.4
1468is_jsmicro check library0.9.0
1469ismobilejsA simple JS library that detects mobile devices.0.4.1
1470isomerA simple isometric graphics library for HTML5 can...0.2.6
1471isomorphic-gitA pure JavaScript implementation of git for node ...0.78.3
1472itypedDead simple animated typing, with no dependencies.0.0.1
1473iviewA high quality UI components Library with Vue.js3.5.4
1474iviewerjQuery.iviewer is an jQuery UI widget responsible...0.7.11
1475ixjsLibrary for composing asynchronous and event-base...1.0.6
1476izimodalElegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight mod...1.5.1
1477izitoastElegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight not...1.4.0
1478jBoxjBox is a powerful and flexible jQuery plugin, ta...0.4.9
1479jGravityjQuery plugin to bring gravity to your site.0.8.0
1480jInvertScrolljQuery plugin horizontal parallax scrolling.0.8.3
1481jQRangeSliderA javascript slider selector that supports dates5.7.2
1482jQuery-FlipjQuery Plugin - 3d Flip Content1.1.2
1483jQuery-GeolocationjQuery plugin which acts as a simplification of t...1.0.50
1484jQuery-JSONPjQuery-JSONP is a compact, yet feature-packed, al...2.4.0
1485jQuery-KnobNice, downward compatible, touchable, jQuery dial1.2.13
1486jQuery-PagingProbably the most advanced jQuery pagination plug...1.2.0
1487jQuery-Validation-EnginejQuery validation engine is a Javascript plugin a...2.6.4
1488jQuery-flexImagesA lightweight jQuery plugin for creating fluid ga...1.0.4
1489jQuery-linkifyIntelligent link recognition, made easy2.1.9
1490jQuery-rwdImageMapsAllows image maps to be used in a responsive desi...1.6
1491jQuery-slimScrollslimScroll is a small jQuery plugin that transfor...1.3.8
1492jQuery-ui-Slider-PipsA plugin to add little "pips" to the jQ...1.11.4
1493jQuery-viewport-checkerLittle script that detects if an element is in th...1.8.8
1494jQuery-webcamA webcam wrapper plugin for jQuery.1.0.0
1495jQuery.BgSwitcherSwitch the background image with using effect.0.4.3
1496jQuery.BlackAndWhiteThis plug-in can easily convert any colored image...0.3.8
1497jQuery.GanttjQuery Gantt Chart is a simple chart that impleme...1.1.0
1498jQuery.MarqueejQuery plugin to scroll the text like the old tra...1.5.0
1499jQuery.dotdotdotA jQuery plugin for advanced cross-browser ellips...4.0.11
1500jQuery.highlightRegexRegular-expression highlighter for jQuery0.1.2
1501jQuery.mmenuThe best jQuery plugin for app look-alike on- and...8.2.3
1502jQuery.myA lightweight jQuery plugin for complex two-way d...1.2.14
1503jQuery.printEasy to use, Element Printing Plugin for jQuery, ...1.6.0
1504jQuery.scrollSpeedExtension for custom scrolling speed and easing1.0.2
1505jQuery.serializeObjectA jQuery plugin to turn form data into JSON2.0.3
1506jQuery.x18nThe jQuery adapter for the x18n internationalisat...1.1.3
1507jQueryFormStylerJquery plugin for styling HTML form elements2.0.2
1508jRejectjReject is a simple tool for rejecting specific b...1.1.4
1509jRespondjRespond is a simple way to globally manage javas...1.0.0
1510jScrollPanejScrollPane - cross browser styleable scrollbars ...2.2.1
1511jSignaturejQuery plugin for handling digital signatures2.1.3
1512jStorageSimple local storage wrapper to save data on the ...0.4.12
1513jadeA clean, whitespace-sensitive template language f...1.11.0
1514jarallaxjQuery background parallax plugin. High performan...1.12.0
1515jasmineOfficial packaging of Jasmine's core files fo...3.5.0
1516jasmine-ajaxA library for faking Ajax responses in your Jasmi...4.0.0
1517jasny-bootstrapAdditional features and components for Bootstrap4.0.0
1518javascript-astarastar search algorithm in JavaScript0.4.1
1519javascript-canvas-to-blobJavaScript Canvas to Blob is a function to conver...3.17.0
1520javascript-debugA simple wrapper for console.log0.4
1521javascript-detect-element-resizeA Cross-Browser, Event-based, Element Resize Dete...0.5.3
1522javascript-hookerMonkey-patch (hook) functions for debugging and s...0.2.3
1523javascript-state-machineA simple finite state machine library2.0.0
1524javascript.utiljavascript.util is a port of selected parts of ja...0.12.12
1525jblocksA tiny JavaScript library helps to create UI comp...1.0.6
1526jboneLibrary for DOM manipulation1.2.1
1527jcalculatorAwesome jQuery plugin for calculator inputs1403955268
1528jcanvasjCanvas brings jQuery's powerful syntax and c...21.0.1
1529jcarouselRiding carousels with jQuery0.3.9
1530jcfThis script allows smooth cross-browser customiza...1.2.3
1531jclic.jsHTML5 player for JClic activities1.1.11
1532jedGettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps1.1.1
1533jeditable.jsjQuery edit in place plugin. Extendable via plugi...2.0.14
1534jetsNative CSS search engine0.14.1
1535jexceljQuery plugin for embed a excel-like spreadsheet ...3.8.2
1536jicJavascript Image Compressor using HTML5 Canvas &a...2.0.2
1537jinplaceA jQuery plugin for in place editing on a page, p...1.2.1
1538jinqjinqJs provides you the ability to query, update ...1.6.1
1539jitJavaScript InfoVis Toolkit - Create Interactive D...2.0.2
1540jmespathJMESPath implementation in JavaScript0.15.0
1541jmpressA jQuery plugin to build a website on the infinit...0.4.5
1542joJo is a thin (~12K) candy shell for PhoneGap apps...0.4.1
1543joditJodit is awesome and usefully wysiwyg editor with...3.3.17
1544jointjsJavaScript diagramming library3.1.1
1545jooplObject-oriented programming for JavaScript on the...2.3.0
1546joyrideJoyride is an easy to configure jQuery site tour ...2.1.0
1547jplayerThe jQuery HTML5 Audio / Video Library. Allo...2.9.2
1548jplistjPList - jQuery Data Grid Controls is a flexible ...5.2.0
1549jq-consoleFeature complete web terminal2.7.7
1550jqBootstrapValidationA JQuery validation plugin for bootstrap forms.1.3.7
1551jqModaljqModal helps you display modals, popups, and not...1.4.2
1552jqPlotjqPlot is a plotting and charting plugin for the ...1.0.9
1553jqcloudjQCloud is a jQuery plugin that builds neat and p...1.0.4
1554jqgridjqGrid is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that...4.6.0
1556jqpluginA jQuery plugin that extends the jQuery.browser o...1.0.2
1557jqtreeTree widget for jQuery1.4.12
1558jqueryJavaScript library for DOM operations3.4.1
1559jquery-advanced-news-tickerA powerful, flexible and animated vertical news t...1.0.1
1560jquery-ajax-localstorage-cacheStore ajax responses using the browser's loca...2.0.1
1561jquery-ajaxQueueA simple queue for ajax requests0.1.1
1562jquery-ajaxchimpAjaxify your mailchimp form.1.3.0
1563jquery-ajaxtransport-xdomainrequestImplements automatic Cross Origin Resource Sharin...1.0.4
1564jquery-ajaxyjQuery Ajaxy aims at solving complicated AJAX Par...1.6.1
1565jquery-animateNumberjQuery animate number plugin0.0.14
1566jquery-appearjQuery plugin to call a function when an element ...0.1
1567jquery-autocompleteAn extremely lightweight completion suggester plu...1.0.7
1568jquery-autotabA jQuery plugin that provides auto-tabbing and fi...1.9.2
1569jquery-awesome-cursorjQuery plugin for using FontAwesome icons as cust...0.3.1
1570jquery-backstretchA simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a d...2.1.18
1571jquery-bar-ratingMinimal, light-weight jQuery ratings.1.2.2
1572jquery-bgiframeA jQuery plugin that helps ease the pain when hav...3.0.1
1573jquery-boilerplateA jump-start for jQuery plugins development.4.1.0
1574jquery-bootgridNice, sleek and intuitive. A grid control especia...1.3.1
1575jquery-bootpagbootpag - dynamic pagination jQuery plugin. Works...1.0.4
1576jquery-bracketLibrary for organizing single and double eliminat...0.11.1
1577jquery-browserA jQuery plugin for browser detection.0.1.0
1578jquery-cascading-dropdownA simple and lighweight jQuery plugin for creatin...1.2.9
1579jquery-chainedSimple chained selects. You can choose from two d...1.0.1
1580jquery-circle-progressPlugin to draw animated circular progress bars1.2.2
1581jquery-colorjQuery plugin for color manipulation and animatio...2.1.2
1582jquery-compatJavaScript library for DOM operations3.0.0-alpha1
1583jquery-confirmA jQuery plugin that provides great set of featur...3.3.4
1584jquery-contextifyA lightweight jQuery plugin for creating Bootstra...1.0.8
1585jquery-contextmenuManagement facility for context menus. Developed ...2.9.0
1586jquery-cookieA simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for reading, ...1.4.1
1587jquery-cookiebarjQuery CookieBar Plugin1.0.5
1588jquery-countdownCountdown for jQuery.2.1.0
1589jquery-counttoA jQuery plugin that will count up (or down) to a...1.2.0
1590jquery-csvA jQuery CSV parser plugin. Battle Tested | Optim...1.0.8
1591jquery-data-remotejQuery data-remote is a plugin that simplifies th...1.2.1
1592jquery-date-range-pickerjQuery Date Range Picker is a jQuery plugin that ...0.20.0
1593jquery-dateFormatIt's a jQuery Plugin to format Date outputs u...1.0
1594jquery-datetimepickerjQuery Plugin DateTimePicker it is DatePicker and...2.5.20
1595jquery-detailsThis plugin polyfills <details>/<su...0.1.0
1596jquery-domPathA simple jQuery plugin for getting DOM Path of HT...1.0.0
1597jquery-dotimeoutjQuery doTimeout takes the work out of delayed co...1.0
1598jquery-dropdownMinimal dropdown as a jQuery plugin2.0.3
1599jquery-easingA jQuery plugin from GSGD to give advanced easing...1.4.1
1600jquery-easy-tickerjQuery Easy ticker plugin2.0.0
1601jquery-endless-scrollEndless/infinite scrolling/pagination.1.8.0
1602jquery-expandableA jQuery plugin that auto-expands textareas to fi...1.1.4
1603jquery-expanderExpand and collapse HTML content1.7.0
1604jquery-flexdatalistjQuery Datalist Autocomplete plugin2.2.4
1605jquery-footablejQuery plugin to make HTML tables responsive3.1.6
1606jquery-form-serializerSerialize forms to JSON objects in a friendly way.1.2.0
1607jquery-form-validatorWith this feature rich jQuery plugin it becomes e...2.3.79
1608jquery-fracsdetermine the visible fractions of an HTML element1.0.1
1609jquery-fullscreen-pluginThis jQuery plugin provides a simple to use mecha...1.1.4
1610jquery-gamequerygameQuery is a jQuery plug-in to help make javasc...0.7.0
1611jquery-handsontableSpreadsheet-like data grid editor that provides c...0.10.2
1612jquery-hashchangeThis jQuery plugin enables very basic bookmarkabl...1.3
1613jquery-highlighttextareaAllows highlighting words and sentences in textar...3.1.3
1614jquery-historyjQuery history plugin helps you to support back&#...1.9
1615jquery-i18nexti18next plugin for jquery usage1.2.1
1616jquery-idletimerprovides you a way to monitor user activity with ...1.0.0
1617jquery-image-uploadA jQuery plugin that adds controls to the selecte...1.2.0
1618jquery-impromptuAn extension to help provide a more pleasant way ...6.2.3
1619jquery-infinitescrollInfinite Scroll is a JavaScript plugin that autom...3.0.6
1620jquery-instagramInstagram jQuery plugin0.3.1
1621jquery-jcropJcrop is the quick and easy way to add image crop...2.0.4
1622jquery-jgrowljGrowl is a jQuery plugin that raises unobtrusive...1.4.6
1623jquery-jkitA very easy to use, cross platform, jQuery based ...1.1.8
1624jquery-jsonjQuery plugin for serialising to and parsing from...2.6.0
1625jquery-json-editorA jQuery library for editing JSON data.1.1.0
1626jquery-jsonviewjQuery plugin for display pretty JSON.1.2.3
1627jquery-lang-jsi18n Automatically deploy and switch multi-langua...3.0.0
1628jquery-layoutjQuery plugin for layout management (jQuery versi...1.4.3
1629jquery-lazyload-anyA jQuery plugin provides a lazyload function for ...0.3.1
1630jquery-loading-overlayA flexible loading overlay jQuery Plugin2.1.6
1631jquery-localScrollAnimated anchor navigation made easy with jQuery2.0.0
1632jquery-localizeA jQuery plugin that makes it easy to i18n your s...0.1.0
1633jquery-locationpickerThis plug-in allows to easily find and select a l...0.1.12
1634jquery-mapaeljQuery Mapael is a jQuery plugin based on raphael...2.2.0
1635jquery-maskmoneyjQuery plugin to mask data entry in the input tex...3.0.2
1636jquery-migrateMigrate older jQuery code to jQuery 1.9+3.1.0
1637jquery-minicolorsjQuery MiniColors Plugin2.3.4
1638jquery-mobileTouch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones &am...1.4.5
1639jquery-mobile-dateboxPlugin to provide a framework agnostic Date and T...1.1.1
1640jquery-mockjaxThe jQuery Mockjax Plugin provides a simple and e...1.6.2
1641jquery-modalThe simplest possible modal for jQuery0.9.2
1642jquery-mosaicA free plugin for jQuery to build responsive mosa...0.131
1643jquery-mousewheelA jQuery plugin that adds cross-browser mouse whe...3.1.13
1644jquery-nearestFind the elements in a page that are closest to a...1.4.0
1645jquery-nice-selectA lightweight jQuery plugin that replaces native ...1.1.0
1646jquery-nivosliderDescribed as 'The world's most awesome jQ...3.2
1647jquery-notynoty is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to cre...2.4.1
1648jquery-nstsliderFully customizable with CSS, Single/Double h...1.0.13
1649jquery-onceAct on jQuery elements only once.2.2.3
1650jquery-one-page-navA lightweight jQuery plugin for the navigation on...3.0.0
1651jquery-orgchartA small jQuery plugin that generates a hierarchic...1.0.0
1652jquery-outside-eventsWith jQuery outside events you can bind to an eve...1.1
1653jquery-overlapsA jQuery plugin that detects if one or more eleme...1.2.3
1654jquery-overscrollOverscroll is a jQuery Plugin and polyfill for mo...1.7.7
1655jquery-parallaxjQuery Parallax is a script that simulates the pa...1.1.3
1656jquery-placeholderA jQuery plugin that enables HTML5 placeholder be...2.3.1
1657jquery-popup-overlayLightweight modal popup overlay for jquery2.1.4
1658jquery-powertipA jQuery plugin that creates hover tooltips.1.2.0
1659jquery-price-formatjQuery Price Format plugin is useful to format in...2.2.0
1660jquery-prompt21A minimalist jQuery prompt plugin for the 21st Ce...1.1.1
1661jquery-replace-textjQuery replaceText will replace text in specified...1.1.0
1662jquery-requestAnimationFrameReplaces the standard jQuery timer loop with requ...0.2.1
1663jquery-resizeA resize event for ALL your jQueries!1.1
1664jquery-rssAn easy-to-use rss plugin for jquery with templat...4.3.0
1665jquery-scrollToLightweight, cross-browser and highly customizabl...2.1.2
1666jquery-scrolldepthA jQuery plugin to track page scroll depth1.0.0
1667jquery-scrollintoviewjQuery scrollintoview() plugin and :scrollable se...1.8
1668jquery-scrollpanela simple vertical scrollpanel1.1.0
1669jquery-scrolltoSmooth Scrolling to any jQuery/DOM Element1.4.6
1670jquery-searcherConnects any list-like data with an input for sea...0.3.0
1671jquery-serialize-objectserialize form fields into an object or JSON2.5.0
1672jquery-sheetrockQuickly connect to, query, and lazy-load data fro...1.1.4
1673jquery-sidebarA stupid simple sidebar jQuery plugin.3.3.2
1674jquery-simplyscrollA jQuery plugin for scrolling a set of images...2.1.1
1675jquery-simulatejQuery plugin for simulating browser mouse and ke...1.0.1
1676jquery-smart-web-app-bannerAdd this small script to your site & invite y...1.5
1677jquery-smooth-scrollAutomatically make same-page links scroll smoothly2.2.0
1678jquery-smooveA simple jQuery plugin for sexy scrolling effects...0.2.11
1679jquery-sortablejquery plugin for sortable, nestable lists0.9.13
1680jquery-sparklinesThis jQuery plugin generates sparklines (small in...2.1.2
1681jquery-spellcheckA jQuery plugin that adds spellcheck support to i...0.2
1682jquery-spellcheckerA lightweight jQuery plugin that can check the sp...0.2.3
1683jquery-stepsA powerful jQuery wizard plugin that supports acc...1.1.0
1684jquery-storage-apijQuery Storage API is a plugin that simplify acce...1.9.4
1685jquery-tagsinputjQuery Tags Input Plugin1.3.6
1686jquery-tejQuery Text Editor is a lightweight WYSIWYG text ...1.4.0
1687jquery-teletype-pluginTeletype is a jQuery plugin that types out text, ...0.1.6
1688jquery-textextTextExt plugin for jquery1.3.0
1689jquery-throttle-debouncejQuery throttle / debounce allows you to rat...1.1
1690jquery-timeagojQuery plugin that makes it easy to support autom...1.6.7
1691jquery-timepickerA jQuery timepicker plugin inspired by Google Cal...1.10.0
1692jquery-tiny-pubsubA really, really, REALLY tiny pub/sub implem...0.7.0
1693jquery-toast-pluginHighly customizable jquery plugin to show toast m...1.3.2
1694jquery-togglesToggles is a lightweight jQuery plugin that creat...2.0.4
1695jquery-tokeninputA jQuery Tokenizing Autocomplete Text Entry1.7.0
1696jquery-toolsjQuery Tools is a collection of the most importan...1.2.7
1697jquery-touch-eventsPolyfill to remove click delays on browsers with ...2.0.1
1698jquery-treegridjQuery TreeGrid plugin0.2.0
1699jquery-treetablejQuery plugin for displaying a tree structure in ...3.2.0
1700jquery-tubeplayerA jQuery wrapper around the YouTube Player API.2.1.0
1701jquery-twinkleget the visitor's attention0.9.0
1702jquery-typeaheadjQuery plugin that provides Typeahead (autocomple...2.11.0
1703jquery-ui-bootstrapA Bootstrap-themed kickstart for jQuery UI widgets0.5pre
1704jquery-ui-mapGoogle Map version 3 plugin for jQuery and jQM3.0-rc1
1705jquery-ui-multiselect-widgetMultiSelect progessively enhances an ordinary mul...3.0.0
1706jquery-ui-timepicker-addonThe timepicker addon adds a timepicker to jQuery ...1.6.3
1707jquery-ujsRuby on Rails unobtrusive scripting adapter for j...1.2.2
1708jquery-url-parserutility to parse urls and provide easy access to ...2.3.1
1709jquery-validateClient-side form validation made easy1.19.1
1710jquery-validation-unobtrusiveAdd-on to jQuery Validation to enable unobtrusive...3.2.11
1711jquery-visibilityPage visibility shim for jQuery.1.0.11
1712jquery-visibleQuickly check if an element is within the browser...1.2.0
1713jquery-watchThis small jQuery plug-in allows you to monitor c...1.21.0
1714jquery-weuiUI lib for build hybrid wechat web app1.2.1
1715jquery-xmlrpcInteract with remote XML-RPC services using AJAX0.4.3
1716jquery-zoomEnlarge images on click or mouseover.1.7.21
1717jquery.AreYouSureA light-weight jQuery "dirty forms" Plu...1.9.0
1718jquery.SPServicesSPServices is a jQuery library which abstracts Sh...2014.02
1719jquery.activity-indicatorA jQuery plugin that renders a translucent activi...1.0.0
1720jquery.actualOlder version of jQuery has trouble finding the w...1.0.19
1721jquery.adaptive-backgroundsA simple jQuery plugin to extract the dominant co...1.0.3
1722jquery.addressThe jQuery Address plugin provides powerful deep ...1.6
1723jquery.ageAge is a jQuery plugin that formats and tracks da...1.2.4
1724jquery.allowed-charsjQuery plugin to restrict users for typing only a...1.0.4
1725jquery.alphanumRestrict what characters that may be entered into...1.0.24
1726jquery.appearIt implements a custom 'appear'/'...0.4.1
1727jquery.atmosphereA browser-side jQuery plugin for the Atmosphere2.1.2
1728jquery.avgrundAvgrund is a jquery plugin for modal boxes and po...1.3.3
1729jquery.ba-bbqjQuery BBQ leverages the HTML5 hashchange event t...1.2.1
1730jquery.basictableBasic Table jQuery plugin for simple responsive t...1.0.9
1731jquery.blockUISimulate synchronous ajax by blocking - not locki...2.70
1732jquery.bootstrapvalidatorThe best jQuery plugin to validate form fields. D...0.5.3
1733jquery.businessHoursjQuery plugin allows you to easy show & manag...1.0.1
1734jquery.caroufredseljQuery.carouFredSel is a plugin that turns any ki...6.2.1
1735jquery.collapsibleThis plugin enables site owners to control multip...1.2
1736jquery.colorboxjQuery lightbox and modal window plugin.1.6.4
1737jquery.complexify.jsJavaScript library for inform users of password s...0.5.1
1738jquery.cookieBarA simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for creating ...0.1.0
1739jquery.countdownThe Final Countdown for jQuery2.2.0
1740jquery.customSelectCustom Select Box CSS Style Plugin0.5.1
1741jquery.cycleCycle is an easy-to-use slideshow plugin that pro...3.0.3
1742jquery.cycle2The successor to Cycle. Cycle2 is a mobile and de...2.1.6
1743jquery.devbridge-autocompleteAutocomplete provides suggestions while you type ...1.4.10
1744jquery.dirtyformsDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1745jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.blockuiDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1746jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.bootstrapDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1747jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.faceboxDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1748jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.jquery-uiDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1749jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.pnotifyDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1750jquery.dirtyforms.helpers.alwaysdirtyDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1751jquery.dirtyforms.helpers.ckeditorDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1752jquery.dirtyforms.helpers.tinymceDirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent us...2.0.0
1753jquery.downCountSimple countdown plugin that accounts for timezone1.0.0
1754jquery.dropotronAdds multilevel dropdown menus to jQuery.1.4.3
1755jquery.easytabsEasyTabs is a lightweight jQuery plugin to provid...3.2.0
1756jquery.fancytreeFancytree is a JavaScript tree view plugin for jQ...2.34.0
1757jquery.fileDownloadjQuery.fileDownload plugin1.4.2
1758jquery.finderselectAdd File Explorer selecting functions to any elem...0.6.0
1759jquery.fingerjQuery Finger unifies click and touch events by r...0.1.6
1760jquery.formThe jQuery Form Plugin allows you to easily and u...4.2.2
1761jquery.formalizeteach your forms some manners1.2
1762jquery.formsetHelps create more usable Django formsets by addin...1.2.2
1763jquery.googlemapA jQuery Plugin allows you to easely manipulate t...1.5.1
1764jquery.grayMake an image gray in all browsers1.6.0
1765jquery.gridstera drag-and-drop multi-column jQuery grid plugin0.5.6
1766jquery.hashcash.iojQuery Hashcash.io plugin0.0.2
1767jquery.hoverintenthoverIntent is a plug-in that attempts to determi...1.10.1
1768jquery.html5loaderjQuery.html5Loader can preload <b>images<...1.8.0
1769jquery.i18njQuery.i18n is a jQuery based Javascript internat...1.0.7
1770jquery.iframe-transportjQuery plugin that implements an iframe transport...1.0.1
1771jquery.iframetrackerjQuery Plugin to track click on iframes (like Goo...1.1.0
1772jquery.imagesloadedYou images done yet or what?4.1.4
1773jquery.imejQuery based internationalization library0.2.0
1774jquery.inputmaskjquery.inputmask is a jquery plugin which create ...3.3.4
1775jquery.inviewRemy Sharp's jQuery plugin adds a bindable &#...1.0.0
1776jquery.is.jsCheck your data against regular expressions or kn...0.2.1
1777jquery.isotopeFilter and sort magical layouts3.0.6
1778jquery.json2htmljson2html - HTML Templating using JSON2HTML1.2.0
1779jquery.lazyLazy is a fast, feature-rich and lightweight dela...1.7.10
1780jquery.lazyloadLazyload images with jQuery1.9.1
1781jquery.lazyloadxtLazy Load XT is mobile-oriented, fast and extensi...1.1.0
1782jquery.lifestreamShow a stream of your online activity.0.3.7
1783jquery.liveurljQuery plugin to get an url preview like the face...1.2.2
1784jquery.loadtemplatejQuery plugin for loading and using templates. Th...1.5.10
1785jquery.maskA jQuery Plugin to make masks on form fields and ...1.14.16
1786jquery.maskedinputjQuery Masked Input Plugin1.4.1
1787jquery.matchHeighta responsive equal heights plugin for jQuery0.7.2
1788jquery.mb.YTPlayerThis plugin let you play any public YouTube video...3.3.1
1789jquery.mb.bgndgalleryThis plugin let you create a flexible photo galle...1.9.5
1790jquery.meiomaskA jquery plugin for masking text inputs.1.1.14
1791jquery.mobilephonenumberA general purpose library for validating and form...1.0.7
1792jquery.mosaicflowPinterest like responsive image or HTML grid for ...0.2.5
1793jquery.nanoscrollerA jQuery plugin that offers a simplistic way of i...0.8.7
1794jquery.nicescrollNicescroll is a jquery plugin, for nice customiza...3.7.6
1795jquery.notificationWebkit Notification plugin. That makes your life ...1.0.2
1796jquery.ns-autogrowAutomatically adjust textarea height based on use...1.1.6
1797jquery.panzoomA jQuery plugin to pan and/or zoom elements ...3.2.3
1798jquery.paymentA general purpose library for building credit car...3.0.0
1799jquery.pepKinetic drag for mobile & desktop0.4.0
1800jquery.percentageloaderA tiny jQuery plugin for displaying progress in a...0.1.0
1801jquery.perfect-scrollbarMinimalistic but perfect custom scrollbar plugin1.5.0
1802jquery.photocolsPhotocols: A photo navigation for jQuery1.0.3
1803jquery.pinPin any element within a container1.0.1
1804jquery.pjaxpjax is a jQuery plugin that uses ajax and pushSt...2.0.1
1805jquery.poptroxA lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery.2.5.1
1806jquery.postcodifyPostcodify is a jQuery plugin and server-side API...3.4.1
1807jquery.qrcodeA jquery plugin for a pure browser qrcode generat...1.0
1808jquery.quicksearchA jQuery plugin for searching through tables, lis...2.4.0
1809jquery.rateitRating plugin for jQuery.1.1.3
1810jquery.repeaterrepeatable form input interface1.2.1
1811jquery.restA jQuery plugin for easy consumption of RESTful A...1.0.2
1812jquery.ripplesAdd a water ripple effect to your background usin...0.5.3
1813jquery.scregalFull Screen Gallery to make Your gallery better.1.3
1814jquery.scroll4everjQuery infinite scroll plugin1.0.0
1815jquery.scrollbarCross-browser CSS customizable scrollbar0.2.11
1816jquery.scrollexNifty scroll events for jQuery.0.2.1
1817jquery.scrollfireAllows useful callbacks to be fired upon elements...1.4.0
1818jquery.selectboxA styleable replacement for SELECT elements.1.2.0
1819jquery.selectboxitA jQuery plugin that progressively enhances an HT...3.8.0
1820jquery.selectionselection text/caret operation - jQuery pulg...1.0.1
1821jquery.serialScrollAnimated scrolling of series with jQuery1.3.1
1822jquery.serializeJSONjQuery or Zepto plugin to serialize a form into a...2.9.0
1823jquery.shapeshiftjQuery plugin which creates a column based grid s...2.0.0
1824jquery.simpleWeatherA simple jQuery plugin to display current weather...3.1.0
1825jquery.smartbannerSmart Banners are feature in iOS 6+ to promote Ap...1.0.0
1826jquery.smartmenusAdvanced jQuery website menu plugin. Mobile first...1.1.0
1827jquery.socialshareprivacy2 Klicks fuer mehr Datenschutz1.6
1828jquery.spritelyCreate dynamic characters and background animatio...0.6.8
1829jquery.stickySticky is a jQuery plugin that gives you the abil...1.0.4
1830jquery.sumoselectA jQuery plugin that progressively enhances an HT...3.0.2
1831jquery.superlabelsGive your forms a helping of awesome!2.0.3
1832jquery.swipeboxA touchable jQuery lightbox.1.4.4
1833jquery.tablesortertablesorter (FORK) is a jQuery plugin for turning...2.31.2
1834jquery.tabslet.jsYet another jQuery plugin for tabs, lightweight, ...1.7.3
1835jquery.terminaljQuery Terminal Emulator is a plugin for creating...2.12.0
1836jquery.textcompleteIntroduce autocompleting power to textareas, like...1.8.5
1837jquery.threedubmediaA jquery special event plugin that makes the task...2.2
1838jquery.tipsyFacebook-style tooltip plugin for jQuery1.0.3
1839jquery.tiptipIntelligent ToolTip jQuery Plugin1.3
1840jquery.tocifyA jQuery plugin that creates a dynamic table of c...1.9.0
1841jquery.touchAdds touch gesture events to jQuery1.1.0
1842jquery.touchswipeA jquery plugin to be used on touch devices such ...1.6.19
1843jquery.transitSmooth CSS3 transitions and transformations for j...0.9.12
1844jquery.turbolinksjQuery plugin for drop-in fix binded events probl...2.1.0
1845jquery.ui-contextmenuTurn a jQuery UI Menu widget into a contextmenu.1.18.1
1846jquery.waitforimagesProvides callbacks for image loading events2.4.0
1847jquery.webtickerJQuery Web Ticker3.0.0
1848jquery.wookmarkJavascript plugin for laying out elements of vary...2.2.0
1849jquery_lazyloadLazyload images with jQuery1.9.7
1850jquerykeyframesjQuery-Keyframes allows dynamic generation of CSS...0.0.9
1851jquerymobile-routerjQuery Mobile router is a plugin for jQuery Mobil...0.93
1852jqueryuiA curated set of user interface interactions, eff...1.12.1
1853jqueryui-touch-punchA small hack that enables the use of touch events...0.2.3
1854jqvmapjQuery Vector Map Library1.5.1
1855jrumblejRumble is a jQuery plugin that rumbles, vibrates...1.3.0
1856js-beautifyjsbeautifier.org for node1.10.2
1857js-bsonA bson parser for node.js and the browser2.0.8
1858js-cookieA simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling...2.2.1
1859js-dataRobust, framework-agnostic in-memory data store.3.0.8
1860js-data-angularAngular wrapper for js-data.3.2.4
1861js-data-firebaseFirebase adapter for js-data.3.2.1
1862js-data-httpHTTP adapter for js-data.2.2.2
1863js-data-localforagelocalforage adapter for js-data.2.1.1
1864js-data-localstoragelocalStorage adapter for js-data.2.3.2
1865js-jodaa date and time library for javascript1.11.0
1866js-marker-clustererThe library creates and manages per-zoom-level cl...1.0.0
1867js-naclEmscripten-compiled Javascript version of NaCl, t...1.3.2
1868js-objectdetectcomputer vision in your browser - javascript real...1.0.0
1869js-polyfillsCollection of Web polyfills.0.1.42
1870js-quantitiesJavaScript library for quantity calculation and u...1.7.4
1871js-scryptEmscripten-compiled scrypt, a Password-Based Key ...1.2.0
1872js-sequence-diagramsGenerates UML sequence diagrams from simple text1.0.6
1873js-sha1A simple SHA1 hash function for JavaScript suppor...0.6.0
1874js-sha256A simple SHA-256 / SHA-224 hash function for...0.9.0
1875js-sha3A simple SHA-3 / Keccak / Shake hash fu...0.8.0
1876js-sha512This is a simple SHA-512, SHA-384, SHA-512/2...0.8.0
1877js-signalsCustom Event/Messaging System1.0.0
1878js-skeletonRendering lists made as easy as pushing to an arr...3.6.3
1879js-urlA simple, lightweight url parser for JavaScript (...2.5.3
1880js-xssSanitize untrusted HTML (to prevent XSS) with a c...0.3.3
1881js-yamlYAML 1.2 parser and serializer3.13.1
1882jsPlumbVisual connectivity for webapps2.12.9
1883jsSHAjsSHA is a JavaScript implementation of the entir...2.3.1
1884jsSocialsjsSocials - jQuery Social Network Sharing Plugin1.5.0
1885jsbarcodeJsBarcode is a simple and powerfull way to create...3.11.0
1886jschannelJSChannel is a small JavaScript abstraction layer...1.0.0-git-commit1-8c4f7eb
1887jschardetCharacter encoding auto-detection in JavaScript (...2.1.1
1888jscolorjscolor is a web color picker component that aims...2.0.4
1889jscrolljQuery plugin for infinite scrolling / auto-...2.4.1
1890jsdiffA javascript text diff implementation.4.0.2
1891jselDOM 3 XPath implementation for JavaScript objects.1.1.6
1892jsencryptA Javascript library to perform OpenSSL RSA Encry...2.3.1
1893jsfaceSmall, fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platfor...2.4.9
1894jsfeatJavaScript Computer Vision library0.0.8
1895jsfileJavaScript library for working with files in brow...0.1.17
1896jsforceSalesforce API Library for JavaScript1.9.3
1897jsfxPackage for sound effect generation.1.2.0
1898jsgridLightweight data grid jQuery plugin. It supports ...1.5.3
1899jshashesA fast and independent hashing library pure JavaS...1.0.8
1900jshintStatic analysis tool for JavaScript2.11.0
1901jsliteJSLite is a minimalist JavaScript library for mod...1.1.12
1902jsmediatagsMedia Tags Reader (ID3, MP4)3.9.3
1903jsmpegMPEG1 Video Decoder in JavaScript0.2
1904jsnesA JavaScript NES emulator1.1.0
1905jsnetworkxA graph processing and visualization library for ...0.3.4
1906jsnlogSimple logging package. Use on client and/or...2.29.0
1907json-editorJSON Schema based editor0.7.28
1908json-formatterAngular Publishable Directive Boilerplate0.7.0
1909json-formsBrutusin json-forms is a JSON Schema to HTML form...1.6.3
1910json-maskTiny language and engine for selecting specific p...0.3.8
1911json-schema-fakerJSON-Schema + Faker0.4.7
1912json2This file creates a global JSON object containing...20160511
1913json2csvConvert JSON to CSV4.5.4
1914json2htmljson2html - HTML Templating using JSON2HTML1.3.0
1915json3A modern JSON implementation compatible with near...3.3.3
1916json5JSON for the ES5 era.0.5.1
1917jsondiffpatchDiff & Patch for Javascript objects0.2.5
1918jsoneditorA web-based tool to view, edit, format, and valid...8.4.1
1919jsonldA JSON-LD Processor and API implementation in Jav...2.0.2
1920jsonlintValidate JSON1.6.0
1921jspanel3A jQuery Plugin to create highly configurable mul...3.11.3
1922jspdfPDF Document creation from JavaScript1.5.3
1923jspdf-autotableGenerate PDF tables with jsPDF3.2.11
1924jsrenderBest-of-breed templating in browser or on Node.js...1.0.5
1925jsrsasignopensource free pure JavaScript cryptographic lib...8.0.12
1926jssComposable and reusable style sheets.10.0.4
1927jssipthe Javascript SIP library3.1.2
1928jssor-sliderResponsive jQuery Image Slider/Slideshow...28.0.0
1929jstatStatistical Library for JavaScript1.9.1
1930jstimezonedetectThis script gives you the zone info key represent...1.0.7
1931jstreejQuery tree plugin3.3.8
1932jstreegridgrid plugin for jstree3.10.1
1933jstsA JavaScript library of spatial predicates and fu...2.1.0
1934jsurlLightweight URL manipulation with JavaScript.2.3.0
1935jsviewsNext-generation MVVM and MVP framework - built on...1.0.5
1936jsxgraphInteractive geometry, plotting, visualization0.99.7
1937jszipCreate, read and edit .zip files with Javascript ...3.2.2
1938jszip-utilsA collection of cross-browser utilities to go alo...0.1.0
1939juicera high-performance lightweight javascript templat...0.6.15
1940jump.jsA small, modern, dependency-free smooth scrolling...1.0.2
1941just-animateWeb Animation library2.6.2
1942justgageJustGage is a handy JavaScript plugin for generat...1.3.5
1943justifiedGalleryThis is a JQuery plugin that allows you to create...3.7.0
1944jvectormapjQuery plugin for embedding vector maps with reac...2.0.5
1945jwertyAwesome handling of keyboard events0.3.2
1946jxonA complete, bidirectional, JXON library1.6.1
1947kartograph-jsJavaScript library for SVG mapping0.8.7
1948keen-jsKeen IO JavaScript SDK5.0.5
1949kefirReactive Programming library for JavaScript inspi...3.8.0
1950kendo-ui-coreKendo UI is everything you need to build sites an...2014.1.416
1951keras-jsRun Keras models (tensorflow backend) in the brow...0.3.0
1952kerning.jsTake control of your web typography.0.2
1953keyboardjsA library for binding to keys and key combos with...2.5.0
1954keydrownA JavaScript key state handler for web apps1.2.7
1955keymageJavascript keyboard bindings handler with support...1.1.3
1956keymasterlibrary for defining and dispatching keyboard sho...1.6.1
1957keypressa robust keyboard input capturing Javascript util...2.1.5
1958kiboA simple JavaScript library for handling keyboard...1.1.0
1959kineticjsKineticJS is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework...5.2.0
1960kiss.animateKISS.Animate is plugin for sliding animations bas...0.1.2
1961kissui.scrollanimCSS3 scroll animation library0.3.0
1962kiwiSimple, modular, fast and lightweight template en...0.2.1
1963klassClass provider with classical inheritance interfa...1.4.1
1964knockbackKnockback.js provides Knockout.js magic for Backb...1.2.3
1965knockback-core-stackKnockback.js provides Knockout.js magic for Backb...0.17.2
1966knockoutKnockout makes it easier to create rich, responsi...3.5.0
1967knockout-bootstrapKnockout Bindings for Bootstrap Widgets0.2.1
1968knockout-delegated-eventsA simple and flexible plugin to do declarative ev...0.6.1
1969knockout-dragdropA drag and drop binding for Knockout2.6.1
1970knockout-es5Knockout.js meets ECMAScript 5 properties0.4.6
1971knockout-kendo# Note Kendo UI Labs projects are experimental an...0.10.0
1972knockout-pagingAdds an extender to Knockout to add paging functi...0.4.0
1973knockout-postboxA small library that uses Knockout's native p...0.6.0
1974knockout-pre-renderedKnockout pre-rendered0.11.0
1975knockout-sortableA Knockout.js binding to connect observableArrays...1.2.0
1976knockout-validationA KnockoutJS Plugin for model and property valida...2.0.3
1977knockout.mappingObject mapping plugin for Knockout2.4.1
1978knuth-shuffleThe Fisher-Yates (aka Knuth) shuffle for Browser ...1.0.8
1979konvaKonva is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework tha...4.1.3
1980kotoA d3 chart framework written in ES60.4.2
1981kronos.jsJavaScript client for Kronos0.7.2
1982kubeKube is a minimalistic Web framework for professi...6.5.2
1983kule.lazyKule CSS Lazy, Do less, but changeable.3.1.171101
1984kurento-clientMedia API for the Kurento Web SDK6.10.0
1985kute.jsA minimal Native Javascript animation engine.1.6.2
1986kwargsjsSmart argument management for javascript1.0.1
1987l20nA client side localization library from Mozilla1.0.2
1988label.cssJust a simply easy way to label each element you ...0.1.1
1989labelautyA lightweight and beautiful jQuery plugin for rad...1.1.4
1990labellaMay the force label you.1.1.4
1991labjsLABjs (Loading And Blocking JavaScript) is an ope...2.0.3
1992ladda-bootstrapButtons with built-in loading indicators, effecti...0.9.4
1993lambA lightweight, and docile, JavaScript library to ...0.58.0
1994lamejsPure JavaScript MP3 Encoder1.2.0
1995laterDetermine later (or previous) occurrences of recu...1.2.0
1996laveeval in reverse: stringifying all the stuff that ...1.1.10
1997layerCross-end web layer tool2.3
1998layzr.jsA small, fast, modern, and dependency-free librar...2.2.2
1999lazy.jsLike Underscore, but lazier0.5.1
2000lazyad-loaderDeliver synchronous ads asynchronously with RWD s...1.1.11
2001lazyloadTiny, dependency-free async JavaScript and CSS lo...2.0.3
2002lazyloadjsImage lazy loading3.2.2
2003lazysizesHigh performance (jankfree) lazy loader for image...5.2.0
2004lazyytA jQuery plugin to lazy load those darn slow Yout...0.3.4
2005le_jsJavascript library for Logentries.com0.0.3
2006leafletJavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactiv...1.6.0
2007leaflet-ajaxAJAX and JSONP in Leaflet2.1.0
2008leaflet-contextmenuA context menu for Leaflet1.4.0
2009leaflet-dvfThe Leaflet Data Visualization Framework (DVF) is...0.3.1
2010leaflet-editableMake geometries editable in Leaflet1.2.0
2011leaflet-geocoder-mapzenLeaflet plugin to search (geocode) using Mapzen S...1.9.4
2012leaflet-gpxGPX layer, targeted at sporting activities by pro...1.5.0
2013leaflet-groupedlayercontrolA Leaflet layer control with support for grouping...0.6.1
2014leaflet-hashlinkable location hashes for leaflet0.2.1
2015leaflet-locatecontrolA useful control to geolocate the user with many ...0.70.0
2016leaflet-minimapA plugin for Leaflet that provides a minimap in t...3.6.1
2017leaflet-omnivorea geospatial format parser for Leaflet0.3.4
2018leaflet-pluginsMiscellaneous plugins for Leaflet library for ser...3.3.1
2019leaflet-polylinedecoratorA plug-in for the JS map library Leaflet, allowin...1.1.0
2020leaflet-providersAn extension to Leaflet that contains configurati...1.9.1
2021leaflet-realtimeShow realtime updated GeoJSON in Leaflet2.2.0
2022leaflet-routing-machineRouting for Leaflet3.2.12
2023leaflet-tilelayer-geojsonLeaflet plugin to render GeoJSON data over tile l...1.0.4
2024leaflet-vector-layersAllows to easily create vector layers from a numb...1.6.0
2025leaflet.AnimatedMarkerThis is a Leaflet plugin for animating a marker a...1.0.0
2026leaflet.drawVector drawing plugin for Leaflet1.0.4
2027leaflet.freedrawZoopla inspired freehand polygon creation using L...2.0.1
2028leaflet.fullscreenSimple plugin for Leaflet that adds fullscreen bu...1.6.0
2029leaflet.heatA tiny and fast Leaflet heatmap plugin.0.2.0
2030leaflet.markerclusterProvides Beautiful Animated Marker Clustering fun...1.4.1
2031leaflet.pmA Leaflet Plugin For Editing Geometry Layers in L...2.2.0
2032leaflet.toolbar.jsFlexible, extensible toolbars for Leaflet maps.0.3.0
2033leapjsJavaScript client for the Leap Motion Controller0.6.1
2034legofyLegofy your images with retina support using SVG.0.1.13
2035legojsLego JS0.0.1
2037less.jsLeaner CSS3.10.3
2038lethargyDistinguish between scroll events initiated by th...1.0.9
2039letterfxA jQuery plugin to apply animated visual effects ...1.0.2
2040lettering.jsA lightweight, easy to use Javascript <span>...0.7.0
2041levenshteinJavascript implementation of the L-diggity.1.0.5
2042lg-autoplayAutoplay module for lightgallery.1.0.4
2043lg-fullscreenFullscreen module for lightgallery.1.1.0
2044lg-hashHistory(Hash) module for lightgallery.1.0.4
2045lg-pagerVideo module for lightgallery.1.0.2
2046lg-shareSocial media share module for lightgallery.1.1.0
2047lg-thumbnailThumbnail module for lightgallery.1.1.0
2048lg-videoVideo module for lightgallery.1.2.2
2049lg-zoomZoom module for lightgallery.1.1.0
2050libilLibil is a JavaScript library to process string f...0.1.2
2051libphonenumberGoogle's common Java, C++ and JavaScript libr...8.11.3
2052libphonenumber-jsA simpler (and smaller) rewrite of Google Android...1.7.31
2053libsodium-wrappersThe Sodium cryptographic library compiled to pure...0.5.4
2054lieA basic but performant promise implementation3.3.0
2055light7Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JS c...0.4.3
2056lightbox2Lightbox is small javascript library used to over...2.11.1
2057lightcaseThe smart and flexible Lightbox Plugin.2.5.0
2058lightgalleryA lightweight, customizable, modular, responsive,...1.6.12
2059lightsliderjQuery lightSlider is a lightweight responsive co...1.1.6
2060limonte-sweetalert2A beautiful, responsive, customizable and accessi...8.11.8
2061line-chartAwesome charts for AngularJS.2.0.28
2062linkurious.jsA Javascript toolkit to speed up the development ...1.5.1
2063linq.jslinq.js - LINQ for JavaScript. Implements all .NE...
2064list.fuzzysearch.jsA fuzzy search plugin for List.js0.1.0
2065list.jsThe perfect library for adding search, sort, filt...1.5.0
2066list.pagination.jsA pagination plugin for List.js0.1.1
2067lityLightweight responsive lightbox.2.4.0
2068livequeryA jQuery plugin that helps with dynamic DOMs.1.1.1
2069livescriptLiveScript is a language which compiles to JavaSc...1.6.0
2070livestampA simple, unobtrusive jQuery plugin that provides...1.1.2
2071livingston-css3-mediaqueries-jsWrite your media queries like you would for brows...1.0.0
2072loStorage.jsClient-side storage the way it should be – usin...1.1.0
2073load.jsLazy loading of javascript1316434407
2074loadCSSA function for loading CSS asynchronously2.1.0
2075loaders.cssLoading animations in pure css0.1.2
2076loadjsTiny async loader for modern browsers4.2.0
2077lobipaneljQuery plugin for bootstrap panels. It extends pa...1.0.6
2078localStorageA localStorage polyfill, that enables persistent ...2.0.1
2079localforageOffline storage, improved.1.7.3
2080lockrLockr is an extremely lightweight library (<2k...0.8.5
2081lodash-compatThe compatibility build of lodash.js3.10.2
2082lodash-fplodash with more functional fun.0.10.4
2083lodash.jsA utility library delivering consistency, customi...4.17.15
2084log4javascriptlog4javascript is a JavaScript logging framework ...1.4.9
2085logerrProvides JavaScript errors in readable format. Al...1.2.0
2086loglevelMinimal lightweight logging for JavaScript, addin...1.6.6
2087lokijsFast document oriented javascript in-memory datab...1.5.8
2088lory.jsTouch enabled minimalistic slider written in vani...2.5.3
2089lovefieldLovefield - A relational database for web apps2.1.12
2090lowdbJSON database for Node and the browser powered by...1.0.0
2091lozad.jsA light-weight JS library to lazy load any HTML e...1.14.0
2092lrsjng.jquery-qrcodegenerate QR codes dynamically0.17.0
2093lscacheA simple library that emulates memcache functions...1.3.0
2094luminateExtendA JavaScript library for use with the Luminate On...1.8.3
2095luminous-lightboxA simple, lightweight, no-dependencies JavaScript...2.3.2
2096lumxThe first responsive front-end framework based on...2.0.62
2097lunr.jsSimple full-text search in your browser.2.3.8
2098lz-stringLZ-based compression algorithm1.4.4
2099m8tro-bootstrapBootstrap theme inspired by Windows Modern UI (ak...3.3.7
2100machHTTP for JavaScript1.3.8
2101machina.jsA library for creating powerful and flexible fini...4.0.2
2102machineboy2045-angular-selectize2This is an Angular.js directive for Brian Reavis&...3.0.1
2103magicCSS3 Animations with special effects1.1.0
2104magicsuggestMagicSuggest is a multiple selection auto suggest...2.1.4
2105magnific-popup.jsLightbox and modal dialog plugin. Can display inl...1.1.0
2106magnifyA lightweight jQuery magnifying glass zoom plugin.2.3.3
2107mailcheckA standalone module that suggests a right domain ...1.1.2
2108malihu-custom-scrollbar-pluginHighly customizable custom scrollbar jQuery plugi...3.1.5
2109mammothConvert Word documents from docx to simple HTML a...1.4.9
2110mapbox-glA WebGL interactive maps library1.7.0
2111maphilighta plugin that adds visual hilights to image maps1.4.0
2112maplace-jsGoogle Maps jQuery plugin and markers helper0.2.10
2113maple.jsMaple is a seamless module that allows you to org...1.5.0
2114maquetteMinimalistic Virtual DOM implementation with supp...3.3.4
2115marginotesQuick, cool margin notes with jQuery0.1.0
2116mark.jsA keyword highlighter for search terms or regular...8.11.1
2117markdown-itMarkdown-it - modern pluggable markdown parser.10.0.0
2118markdown-it-emojiEmoji plugin for markdown-it markdown parser.1.4.0
2119markdown-it-footnoteFootnotes for markdown-it markdown parser.3.0.2
2120markdown.jsA sensible Markdown parser for javascript0.5.0
2121markedA markdown parser built for speed0.8.0
2122marker-animate-unobtrusiveUnobtrusive Google Maps animated marker0.2.8
2123markerclustererplusThe library creates and manages per-zoom-level cl...2.1.4
2124marxThe stylish CSS reset.3.0.7
2125masonryCascading grid layout library4.2.2
2126matchmedia-ngmatchmedia wrapper for AngularJS1.0.8
2127material-colorsColors of Google's Material Design made avail...1.2.6
2128material-components-webModular and customizable Material Design UI compo...4.0.0
2129material-datetime-pickerA Vanilla JS Material Design date/time picke...2.4.0
2130material-design-iconic-fontMaterial Design Iconic Font and CSS toolkit2.2.0
2131material-design-iconsMaterial Design icons by Google3.0.1
2132material-design-liteMaterial Design Components in CSS, JS and HTML1.3.0
2133material-kitA Badass Bootstrap UI Kit based on Material Design2.0.6
2134material-scrolltopLightweight, Material Design inspired plugin for ...1.0.2
2135materializeBuilds Materialize distribution packages1.0.0
2136materialize-autocompleteMaterialize-css styled autocomplete1.0.7
2137mathjaxMathJax is an open source JavaScript display engi...2.7.7
2138mathjax-mhchemmhchem extension for MathJax3.3.2
2139mathjsMath.js is an extensive math library for JavaScri...6.6.0
2140mathquillEasily type math in your webapp0.10.1
2141matreshkaEvent-driven JavaScript framework1.9.1
2142matter-jsa 2D rigid body physics engine for the web0.14.2
2143md-data-tableAngular material table. Complete implementation o...2.2.0
2144mdbootstrapMaterial Design for Bootstrap (MDB) is a powerful...4.11.0
2145mduia CSS Framework based on material design0.4.3
2146mediaelementHTML5 audio and video players in pure HTML and CS...4.2.12
2147mediaelement-pluginsPlugins for MediaElement Player2.5.0
2148medium-editorMedium.com WYSIWYG editor clone.5.23.3
2149medium-editor-custom-htmlInsert custom HTML using a new button in the Medi...1.1.0
2150medium-editor-insert-pluginjQuery insert plugin for Medium editor2.5.1
2151melonjsMelonJS Game Engine1.0.1
2152memoizejsA faster JavaScript memoizer0.1.1
2153menyA three dimensional and space effecient menu1.4.0
2154mercuryA truly modular frontend framework14.1.0
2155mermaidMarkdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, seq...8.4.6
2156meshkiMeshki: A Black-Colored, Responsive Boilerplate f...2.2.0
2157messageformatPluralFormat and SelectFormat Message and i18n To...2.3.0
2158messengerClient-side growl-like notifications with actions...1.5.0
2159metisMenuA jQuery menu plugin3.0.5
2160metrics-graphicsA library optimized for concise, principled data ...2.15.6
2161metroThe front-end framework for developing responsive...4.2.49
2162meyer-resetEric Meyer CSS reset2.0
2163mhayes-twentytwentyVisual diff plugin to compare images1.0.0
2164microbejsmicrobe.js - A modular JS library for DOM manipul...0.5.2
2165micromustacheA faster and smaller subimplementation of the {{m...4.1.1
2166micropluginA lightweight plugin / dependency system for...0.0.3
2167midi.jsLibrary to assist in creating HTML5 MIDI apps.0.3.0
2168midnight.jsA jQuery plugin to switch fixed headers on the fly1.1.2
2169milligramA minimalist CSS framework.1.3.0
2170milojsBrowser/nodejs reactive programming and data...1.6.1
2171minThe world's smallest CSS framework - only 995...1.5.0
2172min.jsA super tiny JavaScript library to execute simple...0.2.3
2173mindbDatabase on JavaScript0.2.2
2174mini-meteorSelect Client-side components of MeteorJS1.0.1
2175mini.cssA minimal, responsive, style-agnostic CSS toolkit.3.0.1
2176miniTipUltra lightweight jQuery tooltip plugin.1.5.3
2177minicartThe Mini Cart is a great way to improve your PayP...3.0.6
2178minifillA minimal polyfill with most essential stuff0.0.4
2179minigridMinimal 2kb zero dependency cascading grid layout1.6.5
2180minimapA preview of full web page1.0.0
2181minireset.cssA tiny modern CSS reset0.0.2
2182minitranslateA lightweight way to change words into other word...1.2.0
2183mint-uiMobile UI elements for vue.js2.2.13
2184mistic100-Bootstrap-ConfirmationBootstrap plugin for on-place confirm boxes using...2.4.4
2185mithrilMithril.js beta build - use this to help us test ...2.0.4
2186mixitupA CSS3 and jQuery Filter & Sort Plugin3.3.1
2187mnistThe goal of this library is to provide an easy-to...1.1.0
2188moA collection of OzJS core modules that form a lib...1.7.3
2189mo-jsmotion graphics toolbelt for the web0.288.2
2190mobi.cssA lightweight, flexible css framework that focus ...3.1.1
2191mobile-angular-uiMobile Angular UI1.3.4
2192mobile-detectDevice detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile ...1.4.4
2193mobileboneBone main for mobile web APP with a sigle page mo...2.7.4
2194mobilizejsA HTML5 and Javascript framework to transform web...0.9
2195mobxSimple, scalable state management.5.15.4
2196mobx-reactReact bindings for MobX. Create fully reactive co...5.4.4
2197mochasimple, flexible, fun test framework7.0.1
2198mockstateA centralized state management for Javascript app...0.0.7
2199modern-normalizeNormalize browsers' default style0.6.0
2200modernizrModernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HT...2.8.3
2201modestmapsA display and interaction library for tile-based ...3.3.5
2202moglMOGL is a lightweight & high performance MObi...0.3.0
2203mojio-jsMojio javascript REST client.3.5.2
2204moment-duration-formatA moment.js plugin for formatting durations.2.3.2
2205moment-rangeFancy date ranges for Moment.js4.0.2
2206moment-recurA momentjs plugin for matching and generating rec...1.0.7
2207moment-timezoneParse and display moments in any timezone.0.5.27
2208moment.jsParse, validate, manipulate, and display dates2.24.0
2209monaco-editorA browser based code editor0.19.3
2210money.jsJavaScript currency conversion library.0.2.0
2211monkberryMonkberry is a JavaScript library for building we...4.0.8
2212monkberry-standaloneStandalone build of Monkberry for use in browsers.4.0.8
2213moonjsA minimal, blazing fast UI library.0.11.0
2214mootoolsMooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented J...1.6.0
2215mootools-moreMooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented J...1.6.0
2216moriPersistent Data Structures for JavaScript0.3.2
2217morpheusA Brilliant Animator0.7.2
2218morris.jsEasy, pretty charts0.5.1
2219mostMonadic streams for Ultra-high performance reacti...1.8.0
2220motajsJavaScript library that aims to allow the develop...0.18.0
2221motioSmall JavaScript library for sprite based animati...2.2.2
2222motion-uiSass library for creating transitions and animati...2.0.3
2223motion.jsMotionJs is an easy to use, cross-browser CSS3 li...0.3.0
2224mouse0270-bootstrap-notifyThis is a simple plugin that turns standard Boots...3.1.7
2225mousetrapSimple library for handling keyboard shortcuts1.6.3
2226move.jsCSS3 backed JavaScript animation framework0.5.0
2227moveToA lightweight scroll animation javascript library...1.8.2
2228moviedbLibrary for interacting with themoviedb.com API0.2.10
2229msgpack-liteFast Pure JavaScript MessagePack Encoder and Deco...0.1.26
2230msgpack5A msgpack v5 implementation for node.js and the b...4.2.0
2231msl-client-browserBrowser Client for MSL (Mock Service Layer)1.1.0
2232msngrAn asynchronous messaging library, written in Jav...7.0.0
2233muThe μ framework is just 1 kb. Inspired by the mo...0.3.1
2234muiThe most high-performance front-end framework for...3.7.1
2235muicssLightweight CSS framework based on Google's M...0.10.1
2236multi-level-push-menuCross-browser compatible jQuery plug-in allowing ...2.1.4
2237multi-selectThis is a user-friendlier drop-in replacement for...0.9.12
2238multi.jsA user-friendly replacement for select boxes with...0.5.1
2239multiple-selectMultiple select is a jQuery plugin to select mult...1.2.3
2240multiple.jsSharing background across multiple elements using...0.0.1
2241multiscroll.jsA simple plugin to create split scrolling website...0.2.2
2242multiselectjQuery multiselect plugin with two sides2.2.9
2243murmurhash3jsA javascript implementation of MurmurHash3's ...3.0.1
2244musicmetadataStreaming music metadata parser for node and the ...2.0.2
2245mustache.jsLogic-less {{mustache}} templates with JavaScript3.1.0
2246muuriResponsive, sortable, filterable and draggable gr...0.5.4
2247mvw-injectionDependency Injection module for MV-Whatever patte...0.3.0
2248mycolorway-simple-hotkeysSimple hotkeys for tower.im1.0.3
2249myforce-angularjs-dropdown-multiselectThis directive gives you a Bootstrap Dropdown wit...1.10.2
2250myscriptThe JavaScript library for the MyScript Cloud rec...4.3.0
2251najaxjsAjax simple library. You can use ajax easily and ...1.1.0
2252nanoajaxA small ajax lib0.4.3
2253nanobarVery lightweight js progress bars (for browsers)0.4.2
2254nanogalleryimage gallery simplified - jQuery plugin5.10.3
2255native-promise-onlyNative Promise Only: A polyfill for native ES6 Pr...0.8.1
2256nedbFile-based embedded data store for node.js1.8.0
2257neo-asyncNeo-Async is thought to be used as a drop-in repl...2.3.0
2258nesWebSocket adapter plugin for hapi routes10.0.2
2259nes.cssNES.css is NES-style CSS Framework.2.3.0
2260nestable2Drag & drop hierarchical list with mouse and ...1.6.0
2261nestedSortableNestedSortable is a jQuery plugin that extends jQ...2.0.0
2262network-jsMake accurate network measures in JavaScript2.1.0
2263ng-bootstrapAngular powered Bootstrap5.2.1
2264ng-browser-infongBrowserInfo is an AngularJS service that gives ...0.1.6
2265ng-bs-daterangepickerAngularJS directive for bootstrap-daterangepicker0.0.6
2266ng-ckeditorCKEditor + AngularJS0.2.1
2267ng-clipCopy to clipboard using AngularJS0.2.6
2268ng-context-menuAn AngularJS directive to display a context menu ...1.0.2
2269ng-cordovaCordova with AngularJS Goodness0.1.27-alpha
2270ng-csvSimple directive that turns arrays and objects in...0.3.6
2271ng-currencyDirective that works in conjunction with currency...1.2.8
2272ng-device-detectorUses user-agent to set css classes or directly us...5.1.4
2273ng-dialogModal dialogs and popups provider for Angular.js ...1.4.0
2274ng-dropletAngular.js HTML5 file uploading with drag & d...0.7.1
2275ng-dropzoneAngularJS directive for Dropzone, an easy to use ...2.0.2
2276ng-embedAn AngularJS filter to convert text into emoticon...2.2.0
2277ng-fittextAn AngularJS directive for inflating web type4.2.3
2278ng-flowFlow.js html5 file upload extension on angular.js...2.7.8
2279ng-gridA data grid for Angular2.0.11
2280ng-i18nextAngularJS provider, filter and directive for i18n...1.0.4
2281ng-idleDirectives and services for responding to idle us...1.3.2
2282ng-img-cropImage crop directive for AngularJS0.3.2
2283ng-inline-editSimple inline editing for HTML elements0.7.0
2284ng-jsoneditorAngular version of the insanely cool jsoneditor1.51
2285ng-knobAngular.js Knob directive0.1.3
2286ng-metaMeta tags support for AngularJS single page appli...1.0.3
2287ng-notifyA simple, lightweight module for displaying notif...0.8.0
2288ng-parallaxAn easy way to utilize parllax scrolling in Angul...1.1.3
2289ng-pdfviewerAngularJS PDF viewer directive using pdf.js.0.2.1
2290ng-prettyjsonAngularJS directive for json pretty output (color...0.2.0
2291ng-quillAngular directive for rich text editor Quill4.5.3
2292ng-showdownOfficial Showdown integration with AngularJS1.1.0
2293ng-sliderAngularJS directive slider control.2.2.6
2294ng-sortableAngular Library for Drag and Drop, supports Sorta...1.3.8
2295ng-tableSimple table with sorting and filtering on Angula...1.0.0
2296ng-tags-inputTags input directive for AngularJS3.2.0
2297ng-tastyA lightweight, flexible, and tasty collection of ...0.6.1
2298ng-toastAngular provider for toast notifications2.0.0
2299ng-token-authToken based authentication system for angular js....0.0.30
2300ng-wigSmall AngularJS WYSIWYG editor component3.1.0
2301ng.ckeditorAngular Module for rendering the CKEditor2.1.0
2302ng2-bootstrapangular2 native bootstrap components1.6.2
2303ng2-formlyangular2-formly is an Angular 2 module which has ...2.0.0-beta.14
2304ngAnalyticsAngular directive for Google Analytics Embed API1.1.4
2305ngCartReally simple shopping cart for AngularJS1.0.0
2306ngDraggableDrag and drop module for Angular JS with support ...0.1.11
2307ngHandsontableAngularJS directive for Handsontable0.13.0
2308ngInfiniteScrollInfinite scrolling for AngularJS1.3.0
2309ngMaskBest ngMask3.1.1
2310ngOfficeUiFabricAngular directives for Microsoft's Office UI ...0.16.1
2311ngStoragelocalStorage and sessionStorage done right for An...0.3.11
2312ngclipboardAngularjs directive for clipboard.js2.0.0
2313ngmodeloptionsngModelOptions for AngularJS
2314ngn-chassis-componentsNGN Chassis Web Components1.0.5
2315ngprogressslim, site-wide progressbar for AngularJS1.1.3
2316ngreactUse React Components in Angular0.5.2
2317nice-validatorSimple, smart and pleasant verification solution.1.1.4
2318nightly.jsA zero dependency javascript library that enables...1.1.0
2319ninjauithe jQuery plugin for lethal interaction1.0.1
2320nipplejsA virtual joystick for touch capable interfaces0.7.3
2321nivo-lightboxA simple, flexible, responsive, retina-ready jQue...1.3.1
2322nlp_compromisenatural language processing in the browser6.5.5
2323noUiSliderA lightweight, highly customizable range slider w...14.0.3
2324nodFrontend input validation2.0.12
2325node-uuidRigorous implementation of RFC4122 (v1 and v4) UU...1.4.8
2326node-wavesClick effect insipired by Google Material Design0.7.6
2327noisyAdds random noise to the background of a given el...1.2
2328nomnomlThe sassy UML renderer that generates diagrams fr...0.6.2
2329normalizeNormalize.css as a node packaged module8.0.1
2330nosleepPrevent display sleep on all Android and iOS brow...0.6.0
2331noti.jsNOTE: there won't be updates on CDNJS any lon...1.0.2
2332notienotie - a clean and simple notification, input, a...4.3.1
2333notificonfavicon notifications and alerts1.0.4
2334notifxiA queued notification class for javascript that u...0.2.2
2335notifyA simple, versatile notification library0.4.2
2336notify.jsA handy wrapper for the Web Notifications API3.0.0
2337notyNoty is a library that makes it easy to create al...3.1.4
2338nprogressSimple slim progress bars0.2.0
2339ns-popoverA popover directive for angularJs0.6.8
2340nuclear-jsImmutable, reactive Flux architecture. UI Agnosti...1.4.0
2341numberedStringify any number into words, and parse number...1.1.0
2342numbers.jsAdvanced Mathematics Library for JavaScript0.7.0
2343numbroFormat and manipulate numbers.2.0.5
2344numeral.jsFormat and manipulate numbers.2.0.6
2345numericNumerical analysis in javascript1.2.6
2346numjsLike NumPy, in JavaScript0.16.0
2347nunjucksA powerful templating engine with inheritance, as...3.0.1
2348nvd3A reusable charting library written in d3.js1.8.6
2349nviewjsView template engine.1.0.3
2350nwmatcherA CSS3-compliant JavaScript selector engine.1.4.2
2351oauth-ioOAuth that just works0.6.2
2352object-fitPolyfill for the CSS object-fit property to fit i...0.4.3
2353object-fit-imagesPolyfill object-fit and object-position on images...3.2.4
2354object-observeObject.observe polyfill based on ES7 spec0.2.6
2355oboe.jsOboe.js reads json, giving you the objects as the...2.1.5
2356ocanvasoCanvas is a JavaScript library that makes develo...2.10.0
2357oclazyloadLoad modules on demand (lazy load) with angularJS1.1.0
2358octiconsGitHub's icon font8.5.0
2359odometer.jsTransition numbers with ease0.4.8
2360offline-jsAutomatically detect when a browser is offline0.7.19
2361oidc-clientOpenID Connect (OIDC) & OAuth2 client library1.10.1
2362oimoJavaScript 3D physics engine.1.0.9
2363ojA unified templating language for the people. Thi...0.2.1
2364oj.AceEditorAce Editor plugin for OJ0.0.6
2365oj.GitHubButtonGitHub buttons plugin for OJ0.0.2
2366oj.JSFiddleJSFiddle plugin for OJ0.0.1
2367oj.TwitterButtonTwitter button plugin for OJ0.0.4
2368oj.VimeoVideoVimeo Video plugin for OJ0.0.6
2369oj.YouTubeVideoYouTube video plugin for OJ0.0.1
2370oj.markdownMarkdown plugin for oj0.2.10
2371oj.mustacheMustache plugin for OJ0.7.2
2372okayNavProgressively responsive jQuery navigation2.0.4
2373ol3Build tools and sources for developing OpenLayers...4.6.5
2374omniscientA library providing an abstraction for React comp...4.2.0
2375onecolorJavascript color object with implicit color space...3.1.0
2376onepage-scrollCreate an Apple-like one page scroller website (i...1.3.1
2377onfire.jsonfire.js is a simple events dispatcher subscribe...1.0.6
2378onsenHTML5 Mobile Framework & UI Components2.10.10
2379oojsPower for object oriented JavaScript libraries.3.0.0
2380oojs-uiUser interface classes built on the OOjs framewor...0.36.3
2381opalRuby runtime and core library for javascript.0.3.43
2382opal-jqueryjQuery for Opal0.0.8
2383opal-parserRuby runtime and core library for javascript.0.3.43
2384open-colorOpen color scheme for web UI1.7.0
2385open-iconicAn open source icon set with marks in SVG, sprite...1.1.1
2386open-weatherA simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to displ...2.0.0
2387openajax-hubThe central feature of the OpenAjax Hub is its pu...2.0.7
2388openflA fast, productive library for 2D cross-platform ...8.9.6
2389openlayersOpenLayers is a JavaScript library for building m...4.6.5
2390openlocationcodeLibrary to convert between lat/lng and OLC c...1.0.4
2391openpgpOpenPGP.js is a Javascript implementation of the ...4.6.2
2392openseadragonProvides a smooth, zoomable user interface for HT...2.4.1
2393opentipFree opensource tooltip class.2.4.6
2394opentype.jsOpenType font parser1.1.0
2395openwebiconsOpenWeb Icons1.6.1
2396operativeOperative: Inline Web-Worker Helper0.4.6
2397oppiaOppia is a tool for creating interactive online e...0.0.3
2398optimal-selectGet efficient & robust CSS selectors for HTML...4.0.1
2399orbPivot table javascript library1.0.9
2400orgchartSimple and direct organization chart(tree-like hi...2.1.9
2401orgchart-webcomponentsIt's a simple and direct organization chart p...0.0.1
2402origamijsHTML5 Canvas for Humans0.5.1
2403ornajsOrnaJS is a tool for creation Atomic CSS. Orna li...3.3.7
2404ot.jsCollaborative editing using operational transform...0.0.15
2405ouibounceShow some HTML before visitors leave your site.0.0.12
2406outdated-browserA time saving tool for developers. It detects out...1.1.5
2407overlayscrollbarsA javascript scrollbar plugin which hides the nat...1.10.2
2408overpassOverpass open source web font family3.0.3
2409overthrowAn overflow:auto polyfill for responsive design.0.7.0
2410owl-carouselOWL Carousel is a touch enabled jQuery plugin tha...1.3.3
2411oz.jsA microkernel for modular javascript, a toolchain...2.6.4
2412p2.jsA JavaScript 2D physics engine.0.7.1
2413p5.jsp5.js is a client-side JS platform that empowers ...0.10.2
2414pabloA tool for creating interactive SVG drawings and ...0.4.0
2415paceAutomatic page load progress bar1.0.2
2416packerybin-packing layout library2.1.2
2417page-acceleratorA very light solution to load web pages faster.0.1.1
2418page.jsTiny client-side router1.11.5
2419pagePiling.jsCreate a scrolling pile of sections1.5.6
2420pagedownPageDown is the JavaScript Markdown previewer use...1.0
2421pagexA super simple front-end page manager3.0.0
2422paginationjsA jQuery plugin to provide simple yet fully custo...2.1.5
2423paho-mqttThe Eclipse Paho JavaScript Library for Web-brows...1.1.0
2424pakozlib port to javascript - fast, modularized, with...1.0.10
2425panguParanoid text spacing for good readability, to au...4.0.7
2426pannellumPannellum is a lightweight, free, and open source...2.5.6
2427paper-cssPaper CSS for happy printing0.4.1
2428paper.jsThe Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting0.12.2
2429papierJust another CSS library1.3.1
2430paradeiserParadeiser is an easy to use menu for mobile views0.4.5
2431parallaxParallax Engine that reacts to the orientation of...3.1.0
2432parallax.jsSimple parallax scrolling effect inspired by spot...1.5.0
2433parallaxifyparallaxify is a jQuery plugin that adds parallax...0.0.2
2434parcoordsParallel Coordinates: A visual toolkit for multid...0.7.0
2435parseThe Parse JavaScript SDK2.11.0
2436parsley.jsValidate your forms, frontend, without writing a ...2.9.2
2437particle-api-jsParticle API Client8.2.0
2438particles.jsA lightweight JavaScript library for creating par...2.0.0
2439particlesjsA lightweight and dependency-free javascript plug...2.2.3
2440paste.jsread image/text data from clipboard (cross-b...0.0.21
2441path.jsPathJS is a lightweight, client-side routing libr...0.8.4
2442patternflyThis reference implementation of PatternFly is ba...3.59.4
2443paverA minimal panorama/image viewer replicating ...1.3.4
2444pavilionA simple, unopinionated CSS framework, ready for ...2.0.3
2446paypaljsbuttonsJavaScript integration for PayPal's buttons2.0.1
2447pdf.jsPDF Reader in JavaScript2.3.200
2448pdfmakeClient/server side PDF printing in pure Java...0.1.62
2449pdfobjectAn open-source standards-friendly JavaScript util...2.1.1
2450peaks.jsFrontend app for displaying audio waveforms0.18.0
2451peerjsPeerJS client1.0.4
2452pegasusLoad data while still loading other scripts, work...0.3.5
2453pegjsParser generator for JavaScript0.9.0
2454peityPeity (sounds like deity) is a simple jQuery plug...3.3.0
2455pellpell - the simplest and smallest WYSIWYG text edi...1.0.6
2456peppermintResponsive touch-enabled slider. Tiny, supports m...1.4.0
2457perfbarTracking performance metrics never been easier0.2.1
2458perfundoa pure CSS lightbox4.0.4
2459perliedman-leaflet-control-geocoderExtendable geocoder with builtin support for Nomi...1.9.0
2460persian.jsPersian language localization.0.4.0
2461phaserA fast, free and fun HTML5 Game Framework for Des...3.22.0
2462phaser-cePhaser CE (Community Edition) is a fast, free and...2.14.0
2463phery.jsThe bridge from jQuery to PHP, and vice-versa thr...2.7.4
2464photo-editorA photo editing application based on the Cropper....1.0.1
2465photoboxA lightweight CSS3 image gallery plugin for jQuer...1.9.9
2466photonUI toolkit for building desktop apps with Electro...0.1.2-alpha
2467photoset-gridjQuery plugin to arrange images into a flexible g...1.0.1
2468photoswipeJavaScript gallery4.1.3
2469picaHigh quality image resize in browser.5.1.0
2470pickadate.jsThe mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight ...3.6.4
2471pickoutCool efect for field select on form2.0.1
2472picnicA lighweight CSS library with nice defaults and m...6.5.2
2473picomodalA small, self-contained JavaScript modal library3.0.0
2474picturefillA responsive image polyfill.3.0.3
2475pie-chartAwesome pie charts for AngularJS1.0.0
2476pieconDynamic pie charts in your favicon0.5.0
2477pikadayA refreshing JavaScript Datepicker — lightweigh...1.8.0
2478pileupJavaScript track viewer0.6.13
2479pillsA simple, responsive, and tiny CSS grid for human...1.0.1
2480pipes-coreBasic utilities for web streams0.8.4
2481pivottableJavascript Pivot Table (aka Pivot Grid, Pivot Cha...2.23.0
2482piwikPiwik is a free web analytics tool that provides ...3.12.0
2483pixi-filtersOptional display filters to work with Pixi.js1.0.8
2484pixi.jsPixi.js is a fast lightweight 2D library that wor...5.2.1
2485pizzaPizza is a responsive Pie chart based on the Snap...0.2.1
2486pizzicatoA web-audio library to simplify using and manipul...0.6.4
2487placeholder-shivA tiny polyfill for the placeholder attribute. Re...0.2
2488placeholder.jsImage placeholder uses CANVAS to render image pla...3.1.0
2489placeholdersA JavaScript polyfill for the HTML5 placeholder a...4.0.1
2490places.js🌐 The easiest way to add fast geo search to yo...1.17.1
2491planck-js2D JavaScript physics engine for cross-platform H...0.2.7
2492planoutPlanOut is a framework and programming language f...4.0.0
2493plastiqA fast, feature rich and simple framework for bui...1.14.0
2494platesUnobtrusive templating for the flatiron framework0.4.11
2495platformA platform detection library that works on nearly...1.3.5
2496playlyfe-js-sdkPlaylyfe Javascript SDK for browser-based apps1.0.1
2497playlyfe-odysseusParse and build stories out of Playlyfe Events.0.5.6
2498please-waitDisplay a nice loading screen while your app loads0.0.5
2499pleasejsJS library to generate random pleasing colors...0.4.2
2500plotly.jsThe open source javascript graphing library that ...1.51.1
2501plottable.jsA modular charting library built on D33.8.6
2502pluploadPlupload is a JavaScript API for dealing with fil...3.1.2
2503pluralizePluralize and singularize any word8.0.0
2504plyrA simple, accessible and customizable HTML5, YouT...3.5.6
2505pnotifyPNotify is a JavaScript notification plugin, deve...3.2.1
2506pnp-commonpnp - provides shared functionality across all pn...1.3.9
2507pnp-config-storepnp - provides a way to manage configuration with...1.3.9
2508pnp-graphpnp - provides functionality to query the Microso...1.3.9
2509pnp-loggingpnp - light-weight, subscribable logging framework1.3.9
2510pnp-odatapnp - provides shared odata functionality and bas...1.3.9
2511pnp-pnpjspnp - rollup library of core functionality (mimic...1.3.9
2512pnp-sppnp - provides a fluent api for working with Shar...1.3.9
2513pnp-sp-addinhelperspnp - provides functionality for working within S...1.3.9
2514pnp-sp-clientsvcpnp - provides functionality for working within S...1.3.9
2515pnp-sp-taxonomypnp - provides functionality for working within S...1.3.9
2516politespacePolitely add spaces to input values to increase r...1.0.2
2517polljsPollJS is a lightweight wrapper for the JavaScrip...0.3.0
2518polyglotAllows you to easily switch between the languages...2.2.0
2519polyglot.jsGive your JavaScript the ability to speak many la...2.2.2
2520polymapsA free JavaScript library for making dynamic, int...2.5.1
2521polymerThe Polymer library makes it easy to create your ...0.5.6
2522polytheneModular implementation of Material Design for Mit...0.3.0
2523popmotionThe JavaScript motion engine. Handles animation, ...4.3.4
2524popper.jsA kickass library to manage your poppers1.16.1
2525portalPortal client for Node.js1.1.1
2526portholeA proxy to safely communicate to cross-domain ifr...1.0.0
2527poshytipjQuery Plugin for Stylish Tooltips1.2
2528postal.jsPub/Sub library providing wildcard subscript...2.0.5
2529postgrest-clientAdvanced client for the PostgREST API1.1.2
2530postscribeAsynchronously write javascript, even with docume...2.0.8
2531pouchdbPouchDB is a pocket-sized database.7.1.1
2532pqGridData grid inspired by MS Excel, provides sorting,...2.4.1
2533preactFast 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API....8.5.2
2534preact-compatA React compatibility layer for Preact3.19.0
2535preconditionsA preconditions package based on Google's Pre...5.3.0
2536prefixfreeA script that lets you use only unprefixed CSS pr...1.0.7
2537prelodrA simple Material preloader inspired in Google In...2.1.1
2538pressurePressure is a lightweight JavaScript library for ...2.1.2
2539prettifyA Javascript module and CSS file that allows synt...r298
2540pretty-checkboxA pure CSS library to beautify checkbox and radio...3.0.0
2541prettyCheckableprettyCheckable jQuery Plugin2.1.2
2542prettyPhotoprettyPhoto is a jQuery based lightbox clone. Not...3.1.6
2543prettycronDisplay cron runspecs in human-readable format0.11.0
2544prettydateA jQuery date prettify plugin.0.1.0
2545prettydiffLanguage aware code comparison tool for several w...2.2.8
2546primeuiPrimeUI PrimeUI is a collection of rich javascrip...4.1.15
2547primishA portable Class implementation in javascript, fo...0.3.9
2548printThisPrinting plug-in for jQuery1.15.0
2549prismLightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting....1.19.0
2550probtnProfit Button is an interactive element - floatin...1.0.1
2551processing.jsA port of the Processing visualization language t...1.6.6
2552progress.jsThemeable HTML5 progress bar library0.1.0
2553progressStepDynamically renders a progress bar with numbered ...1.0.3
2554progressbar.jsResponsive and slick progress bars with animated ...1.1.0
2555progressivelyA JavaScript library to load images progressively1.2.5
2556proj4jsProj4js is a JavaScript library to transform poin...2.6.0
2557proj4leafletSmooth Proj4js integration with Leaflet1.0.2
2558promizA proper compact promise (promises/A+ spec c...1.0.6
2559prop-typesRuntime type checking for React props and similar...15.7.2
2560propelDifferentiable Programming in JavaScript3.3.1
2561prostyleIf you love the Greensock Animation Platform (GSA...1.2.0
2562proteicStreaming and static data visualization for the m...0.0.30
2563protonet-jquery.inviewElement 'inview' Event Plugin1.1.2
2564prototypePrototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to ...1.7.3
2565protovisA visualization toolkit for JavaScript using SVG.3.3.1
2566psd.jsA general purpose Photoshop file parser.3.2.0
2567pslDomain name parser based on the Public Suffix List1.7.0
2568ptsA library for visualization and creative-coding0.8.11
2569pubnubPubNub, a new kind of Cloud-Hosted Broadcasting S...3.7.7
2570pubsub-jsDependency free publish/subscribe library1.7.0
2571pulltorefreshjsPull To Refresh0.1.20
2572punycodeA robust Punycode converter that fully complies t...1.4.1
2573purePure is a ridiculously tiny CSS library you can u...1.0.1
2574pure.jsPURE Unobtrusive Rendering Engine, keep your HTML...2.83
2575purlA JS utility for for parsing URLs and extracting ...2.3.1
2576push.jsA compact, cross-browser solution for Javascript ...1.0.12
2577pusherPusher JavaScript library for the browser5.0.2
2578pusher-angularAngular library for using Pusher1.0.0
2579pushyPushy is a responsive off-canvas navigation menu ...1.3.0
2580pwnjsA Javascript library for browser exploitation1.1.0
2581pwstrength-bootstrapjQuery plugin for Twitter Bootstrap that provides...3.0.5
2582pymResize an iframe responsively depending on the he...1.3.2
2583q.jsA library for promises (CommonJS/Promises&#x...2.0.3
2584qartjsqart.js merge picture and QR code.1.2.0
2585qoopido.demandPromise like module loader using XHR requests and...5.2.5
2586qoopido.jsModular library of dry, extendable and AMD compat...3.7.4
2587qoopido.nucleusLightweight, atomic and modular JavaScript utilit...3.1.7
2588qooxdooUniversal JavaScript Framework5.0
2589qrcode-generatorQR Code Generator implementation in JavaScript.1.4.4
2590qriousLibrary for QR code generation using canvas4.0.2
2591qsA querystring parser that supports nesting and ar...6.9.1
2592qtip2Introducing... qTip2. The second generation of th...3.0.3
2593quaggaAn advanced barcode-scanner written in JavaScript0.12.1
2594quasar-frameworkSimultaneously build desktop/mobile SPA webs...0.17.20
2595query-resultRethinking the $0.2.0
2596queue-asyncA little helper for asynchronous JavaScript.1.0.7
2597quickbloxJavaScript SDK of QuickBlox cloud backend platfor...2.12.6
2598quicklinkFaster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-vi...1.0.1
2599quicksound.jsA very simple JavaScript sound library using WebA...0.5.2
2600quillCross browser rich text editor1.3.7
2601quixoteCSS unit and integration testing0.14.0
2602qunitAn easy-to-use JavaScript Unit Testing framework.2.9.3
2603quo.jsMicro #JavaScript Library for Mobile Devices.2.3.6
2604qwerty-hancockAn interactive HTML plugin-free keyboard for your...0.6.0
2605qweryblazing fast CSS3 query selector engine4.0.0
2606qwestAjax library with XHR2, promises and request limit4.5.0
2607r2d3Raphael Rendered, Data Driven Documents0.2.0
2608ractiveNext-generation DOM manipulation1.3.8
2609ractive-requireRequire Ractive views on demand in Package by Fea...0.6.12
2610ractive.jsNext-generation DOM manipulation0.3.7
2611radialIndicatorA simple and light weight circular indicator ...1.4.0
2612radioA small dependency-free publish/subscribe (p...0.2.0
2613radiobox.cssTiny set of CSS3 animations for your radio inputs.1.0.1
2614radiumA set of tools to manage inline styles on React e...0.26.0
2615rainbowSimple library for code syntax highlighting1.2.0
2616rainyday.jsSimulating raindrops falling on a window0.1.2
2617rambdaLightweight alternative to Ramda1.2.2
2618ramdaA practical functional library for JavaScript pro...0.26.1
2619ramjet.jsTransform DOM elements into each another with smo...0.5.0
2620random-jsA mathematically correct random number generator ...1.0.8
2621randomcolorFor generating attractive random colors0.5.4
2622range.jsJavaScript's missing range function.1.1.0
2623rangeslider.jsSimple, small and fast JavaScript/jQuery pol...2.3.3
2624rangyA cross-browser DOM range and selection library1.3.0
2625rantjsA procedural text generator for JavaScript1.0.6
2626raphaelJavaScript Vector Library2.3.0
2627rapidoidA pack of several JQuery and Angular plugins, Rap...5.4.1
2628rasterizehtmlRenders HTML into the browser's canvas.1.3.0
2629ratchetBuild mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JS c...2.0.2
2630rateYoA simple and flexible star rating plugin2.3.4
2631ratyjQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin2.8.0
2632raven.jsJavaScript client for the Sentry realtime event l...3.26.2
2633re-treeJavaScript Extended regular expression engine - c...0.1.7
2634reactReact is a JavaScript library for building user i...16.12.0
2635react-aceA react component for Ace Editor8.0.0
2636react-autocompleteAccessible, extensible, Autocomplete for React.js1.8.1
2637react-autosuggestWAI-ARIA compliant React autosuggest component9.4.3
2638react-block-uiBlock UI for react1.3.2
2639react-bootstrapBootstrap 3 components built with React0.33.1
2640react-bootstrap-selectA custom <select> for react-bootstrap using...0.14.0
2641react-bootstrap-tableIt's a react table for bootstrap4.3.1
2642react-bootstrap-typeaheadReact-based typeahead using the Bootstrap theme3.4.7
2643react-card-flipReact component for card flipping animation.0.8.1
2644react-chartjsreact charting components using the chartjs lib1.2.0
2645react-chartjs-2React wrapper for Chart.js2.9.0
2646react-chartkickCreate beautiful JavaScript charts with one line ...0.4.0
2647react-contextmenuContext Menu implemented in React2.13.0
2648react-cookieLoad and save cookies within your React applicati...0.4.9
2649react-data-gridData grid for React6.1.0
2650react-date-pickerA carefully crafted date picker for React5.3.28
2651react-datepickerA simple and reusable datepicker component for Re...2.9.6
2652react-datetimeA lightweight but complete datetime picker React....3.0.0
2653react-disqus-threadReact Disqus thread component0.4.0
2654react-domThe entry point of the DOM-related rendering path...16.11.0
2655react-dropzoneSimple HTML5 drag-drop zone with React.js10.2.1
2656react-faux-domDOM like data structure to be mutated by D3 et al...4.5.0
2657react-flip-moveEffortless animation between DOM changes (eg. lis...3.0.4
2658react-foundation-apps'React port of foundation-apps'0.6.1
2659react-grid-layoutA draggable and resizable grid layout with respon...0.17.1
2660react-highchartsReact wrapper for highcharts16.1.0
2661react-inlinesvgAn SVG loader for React0.8.0
2662react-instantsearch⚡ Lightning-fast search for React and React Nat...6.3.0
2663react-instantsearch-theme-algoliaAlgolia theme for React InstantSearch4.5.2
2664react-intlInternationalize React apps declaratively. This l...1.2.2
2665react-ios-switchReact switch component0.1.19
2666react-leafletReact components for Leaflet maps2.6.1
2667react-localstorageA mixin for automatically synchronizing a compone...1.0.0
2668react-markdownRenders Markdown as React components4.3.1
2669react-mdlReact Components for Material Design Lite2.1.0
2670react-modalAccessible modal dialog component for React.JS3.11.1
2671react-motionA spring that solves your animation problems.0.0.3
2672react-motion-ui-packAddon component wrappers for common UI transition...0.10.3
2673react-moveBeautiful, data-driven animations for React.6.1.0
2674react-native-elementsReact Native Elements & UI Toolkit1.1.0
2675react-nvd3React nvd3 reusable graph components.0.5.7
2676react-popperReact wrapper around PopperJS.1.3.7
2677react-quillThe Quill rich-text editor as a React component.0.4.1
2678react-reduxOfficial React bindings for Redux7.1.3
2679react-redux-formCreate Forms Easily with React and Redux1.16.14
2680react-relayA framework for building data-driven React applic...0.10.0
2681react-routerA complete routing library for React.js5.1.2
2682react-router-bootstrapIntegration between React Router and React-Bootst...0.25.0
2683react-router-domDOM bindings for React Router5.1.2
2684react-router-reduxRuthlessly simple bindings to keep react-router a...4.0.8
2685react-selectA Select control built with and for ReactJS2.4.4
2686react-semantifyIntegrate Semantic-ui with react components.0.6.0
2687react-slickReact port of slick carousel0.25.2
2688react-sortable-hocSet of higher-order components to turn any list i...0.9.0
2689react-swipeBrad Birdsall's Swipe.js, as a React component6.0.4
2690react-tableA fast, lightweight, opinionated table and datagr...6.11.5
2691react-textarea-autosizetextarea component for React which grows with con...7.1.2
2692react-transition-groupA react component toolset for managing animations4.3.0
2693react-trendreact-trend React component1.2.5
2694react-uwpUWP Design & Fluent Design UiKit by React1.2.31
2695react-virtualizedReact components for efficiently rendering large,...9.21.2
2696react-widgetsAn à la carte set of polished, extensible, and a...4.4.11
2697reactableFast, flexible, simple data tables in React0.14.1
2698reacthttpAn universal http module for react1.0.0
2699reactive-coffeeA lightweight CoffeeScript library/DSL for r...2.3.1
2700reactive-elementsAllows to use React.js component as custom element0.9.0
2701reactstrapReact Bootstrap 4 components8.4.1
2702reading-timeA simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to displ...2.0.0
2703readremaining.jsA jQuery plugin that allows you to show the user,...1.0.1
2704ready.jsTakes the pain out of writing conditional initial...0.1.2
2705rechartsReact charts1.8.5
2706recomposeA React utility belt for function components and ...0.26.0
2707reconnecting-websocketA small JavaScript library that decorates the Web...1.0.0
2708recorderjsA plugin for recording/exporting the output ...0.1.0
2709redomRE:DOM – Tiny UI library3.25.1
2710reductioReductio: Crossfilter groupings0.6.3
2711reduxPredictable state container for JavaScript apps4.0.5
2712redux-formA higher order component decorator for forms usin...8.2.6
2713redux-form-material-uiAn adapter between Redux Form and Material UI com...4.3.4
2714redux-little-routerA barebones routing solution for Redux applicatio...14.2.3
2715redux-persistpersist and rehydrate redux stores6.0.0
2716redux-promise-middlewareRedux middleware for handling promises and optimi...6.1.2
2717redux-routerRedux bindings for React Router — keep your rou...2.1.2
2718redux-sagaSaga middleware for Redux to handle Side Effects1.0.5
2719redux-searchRedux bindings for client-side search2.5.0
2720redux-thunkThunk middleware for Redux.2.3.0
2721reel.js`img` tag enhancement for 360° object ...1.3.0
2722reflect-metadataPolyfill for Metadata Reflection API0.1.13
2723refluxA simple library for uni-directional dataflow app...6.4.1
2724reframe.jsReframe.js: responsive iframes for embedded conte...2.2.7
2725reglregl is a fast functional WebGL framework.1.3.13
2726regressionJavascript least squares data fitting methods1.4.0
2727rellaxLightweight, vanilla javascript parallax library1.12.0
2728remA polyfill to parse CSS links and rewrite pixel e...1.3.4
2729remarkA simple, in-browser, markdown-driven slideshow t...0.14.0
2730remarkableMarkdown parser, done right. 100% Commonmark supp...2.0.0
2731remodalResponsive, lightweight, fast, synchronized with ...1.1.1
2732remoteStorageJavaScript library for integrating remoteStorage0.14.0
2733repo.jsRepo.js is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily e...5c0eae0f1b
2734require-csAn AMD loader plugin for CoffeeScript0.5.0
2735require-cssA RequireJS CSS loader plugin to allow CSS requir...0.1.10
2736require-domReadyAn AMD loader plugin for detecting DOM ready2.0.1
2737require-i18nAn AMD loader plugin for loading internationaliza...2.0.4
2738require-jqueryRequire.js merged with jQuery for loader goodness!0.25.0
2739require-textAn AMD loader plugin for loading text resources.2.0.12
2740require.jsRequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader....2.3.6
2741requirejs-asyncRequireJS plugin for async dependency load like J...0.1.1
2742requirejs-handlebarsRequireJS Handlebars template plugin0.0.2
2743requirejs-mustacheA RequireJS/AMD loader plugin for Mustache.j...0.0.2
2744requirejs-pluginsSmall set of plugins for RequireJS. Some plugins ...1.0.3
2745requirejs-tplRequireJS UnderscoreJS template plugin0.0.2
2746reqwestA wrapper for asynchronous http requests2.0.5
2747reselectSelectors for Redux.4.0.0
2748respond.jsmin/max-width media query polyfill1.4.2
2749response.jsResponse is an experimental jQuery/Ender...0.10.1
2750responsiveThis plugin add responsive functionality to JavaS...1.0.5
2751responsive-elementsResponsive elements makes it possible for any ele...1.0.2
2752responsive-nav.jsResponsive Nav JS plugin1.0.39
2753responsiveCarouselSimple and friendly responsive carousel plugin fo...1.2.2
2754rest.jsGitHub REST API client for Node.js15.2.6
2755restangularRestful Resources service for AngularJS apps1.6.1
2756restful.jsA pure JS client for interacting with server-side...0.9.6
2757restylea JS to CSS transformer0.7.0
2758resumable.jsA JavaScript library for providing multiple simul...1.1.0
2759retina.jsRetina.js is an open source script that makes it ...2.1.3
2760reveal.jsThe HTML Presentation Framework3.8.0
2761rickshawJavaScript toolkit for creating interactive real-...1.6.6
2762riloadrA cross-browser framework-independent responsive ...1.5.3
2763rimgRimg supports responsive websites to provide a wa...2.1.0
2764ring.jsRing.js - JavaScript Class System with Multiple I...2.2.4
2765riotA React-like user interface micro-library4.6.6
2766riotuxSimple Event Controller for Riot.js, inspired in ...2.1.1
2767ritaRiTa: A toolkit for natural language and computat...1.3.94
2768rivescriptRiveScript is a scripting language for chatterbot...2.0.0
2769rivetsDeclarative data binding + templating solution.0.9.6
2770rlite-routerA tiny, fast client-side router2.0.3
2771rollA simple library to track scroll movements.0.1.2
2772roll-callRoll Call is a completely free🎉 voice chat ser...0.7.1
2773rollbar.jsError tracking and logging from JS to Rollbar2.14.4
2774romeCustomizable date (and time) picker. Opt-in UI, n...3.0.2
2775roslibjsThe standard ROS Javascript Library1.0.1
2776rot.jsA roguelike toolkit in JavaScript0.6.0
2777rough.jsCreate graphics using HTML Canvas or SVG with a h...3.1.0
2778roundSliderA free jQuery plugin1.3.3
2779roundaboutEasily convert unordered lists & other nested...2.4.2
2780rowgrid.jsA small, lightweight JavaScript plugin for placin...1.1.0
2781rrssbRidiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons1.14.0
2782rssiRuby-like simple string interpolation0.0.7
2783rsuiteA suite of react components4.2.1
2784rsvpA lightweight library that provides tools for org...4.8.5
2785rushaA high-performance pure-javascript SHA1 implement...0.8.7
2786rwdgridrwdgrid is just another Grid system based on popu...2
2787rx-angularLibrary for bridging between RxJS and AngularJS.1.1.3
2788rx-playerCanal+ HTML5 Video Player3.16.1
2789rxdbA realtime Database for the Web8.7.5
2790rxjsLibrary for composing asynchronous and event-base...6.5.4
2791rxjs-domLibrary for using DOM elements as well as Ajax re...7.0.3
2792rxjs-jqueryLibrary for composing asynchronous and event-base...1.1.6
2793ryejsA lightweight browser library0.1.3
2794rythm.jsA javascript library that makes your page dance.2.2.5
2795s3colorsEasy to use CSS Colors in your project with simpl...1.0
2796sails.io.jsJavascript SDK for communicating w/ a Sails ...1.2.1
2797salesforce-canvasAn open source javascript sdk to build a seamless...27.0
2798salvattoreA jQuery Masonry alternative with CSS-driven conf...1.0.9
2799sammy.jsSammy is a RESTful Evented JavaScript framework b...0.7.6
2800sanA Flexible JavaScript Component Framework3.8.1
2801sanitize.cssMinimal CSS normalization library2.0.0
2802sass.jsSass.js is a convenience API for the JavaScript l...0.11.1
2803satLibrary for performing 2D collision detection0.8.0
2804satellite.jsSGP4/SDP4 calculation library4.0.0
2805satellizerToken-based AngularJS Authentication0.14.1
2806savviorA Javascript multicolumn layout tool alternative ...0.6.1
2807sbtSocial Business Toolkit minified&aggregated f...
2808scaleappscaleApp is a JavaScript framework for scalable a...0.4.3
2809scannerdetectionjQuery Scanner Detection is a small plugin to det...1.2.0
2810sceditorA lightweight HTML and BBCode WYSIWYG editor.2.1.3
2811schedulejsSchedule tasks, meetings, appointments, etc0.6.3
2812scionAn implementation of SCXML in JavaScript.5.0.4
2813sco.jsJavascript extensions for Twitter Bootstrap. Rewr...1.1.0
2814screenfull.jsSimple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the Jav...5.0.0
2815scribbletuneScribbletune is a JavaScript library that helps y...3.4.5
2816script.jsAsyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency mana...2.5.9
2817scriptaculousscript.aculo.us provides you with easy-to-use, cr...1.9.0
2818scroll-scopeSmall jQuery plugin to keep parent element still ...0.1.0
2819scrollReveal.jsEasily reveal elements as they enter the viewport.4.0.5
2820scrollamaLightweight scrollytelling library using Intersec...2.1.4
2821scrolldirVertical scroll direction in CSS1.5.0
2822scrollgressA simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to displ...2.0.0
2823scrollifyA jQuery plugin that assists scrolling and smooth...1.0.19
2824scrollmonitorA simple and fast API to monitor DOM elements as ...1.2.0
2825scrollpointsScroll callbacks for DOM Elements0.4.0
2826scrollprogressSmall library that creates a progress bar that in...3.0.2
2827scrollupA jQuery plugin to create a customisable 'Scr...2.4.1
2828seajsA Module Loader for the Web3.0.3
2829seamless-immutableImmutable data structures for JavaScript which ar...7.1.4
2830seedrandomSeeded random number generator for Javascript.3.0.5
2831segment-jsA little JavaScript class (without dependencies) ...1.1.2
2832select-or-dieYet another jQuery plugin to style/replace s...0.1.8
2833select2Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select ...4.0.12
2834select2-bootstrap-csssimple css to make select2 widgets fit in with bo...1.4.6
2835select2-bootstrap-themeA theme for Select2 v4 and Bootstrap
2836selectivizrselectivizr is a JavaScript utility that emulates...1.0.2
2837selectize.jsSelectize is a jQuery-based custom <select>...0.12.6
2838semantic-uiSemantic empowers designers and developers by cre...2.4.1
2839semantic-ui-calendarCalendar module for Semantic UI0.0.8
2840semantic-ui-reactThe official Semantic-UI-React integration.0.88.2
2841sentient-langSentient Language Compiler and Runtime0.0.0-beta.1
2842sentinel-jsJS library that detects new DOM nodes using CSS s...0.0.5
2843set-iframe-heightcross-domain responsive iframes: automatically se...2.1.0
2844setImmediateA shim for the setImmediate efficient script yiel...1.0.5
2845sevenSeg.jssevenSeg.js is a jQueryUI plugin for creating vec...0.2.0
2846shadydomShadow DOM polyfill1.1.0
2847shaka-playerDASH/EME video player library2.5.8
2848sharer.jsCreate custom social share DOM elements. No depen...0.4.0
2849shariffShariff enables website users to share their favo...1.26.2
2850shaveShave is a javascript plugin that truncates multi...2.5.7
2851shell.jsA JavaScript and CSS library to create terminals1.0.5
2852shepherdGuide your users through a tour of your app.1.8.1
2853shine.jsA library for pretty shadows.0.2.7
2854shoelace-cssA back to the basics CSS starter kit.1.0.0-beta9
2855shoestringA simple framework for organizing, creating, and ...2.0.1
2856shopify-buyThe JS Buy SDK is a lightweight library that allo...0.7.1
2857shopify-cartjsA Javascript library to power cart management for...0.4.3
2858should.jstest framework agnostic BDD-style assertions13.2.3
2859show-your-termsSimple demos of your applications' terminal c...1.1.1
2860showdownA Markdown to HTML converter written in Javascript1.9.1
2861shower-coreCore for Shower HTML presentation engine2.1.0
2862shredShred is an HTTP client library for browsers and ...0.8.10
2863side-commentsAn interface component to give your site/app...0.0.1
2864sidrSidr is a jQuery plugin for creating side menus a...2.2.1
2865sifterA library for textually searching arrays and hash...0.6.0
2866sigma.jsA JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing.1.2.1
2867signalr.jsIncredibly simple real-time web for .NET http:&#x...2.4.0
2868signature_padLibrary for drawing smooth signatures.1.5.3
2869signetDisplay a unique seal in the developer console of...0.4.8
2870simditorA simple online editor2.3.28
2871simple-gallery-jsEasy gallery upload. Native. Just 2kb gzipped.1.0.3
2872simple-hintCSS-only tooltip packed with a variety of feature...3.0.0
2873simple-iconsPNG and SVG icons for popular brands3.0.1
2874simple-jekyll-searchSimple Jekyll site search using javascript and js...1.7.3
2875simple-line-iconsSimple and elegent line icons.2.4.1
2876simple-moduleA base class for javascript modules.3.0.3
2877simple-peerSimple one-to-one WebRTC video/voice and dat...9.6.2
2878simple-sliderThe 1kb JavaScript Carousel1.0.1
2879simple-statisticsSimple Statistics1.0.1
2880simple-text-rotatorAdd a super simple rotating text to your website ...1.0.0
2881simple-uploaderA HTML5 upload component without UI3.0.0
2882simplePagination.jsA simple jQuery pagination plugin, 3 CSS themes a...1.6
2883simplebarCustom scrollbars with native scroll, done simple...5.1.0
2884simplecartjsA simple javascript shopping cart that easily int...3.0.5
2885simplelightboxTouch-friendly image lightbox for mobile and desk...1.17.3
2886simplemdeA simple, beautiful, and embeddable JavaScript Ma...1.11.2
2887simplemodalSimpleModal is a lightweight jQuery Plugin which ...1.4.4
2888simplestatemanagerSimpleStateManager =====...2.2.5
2889simpleuiA simple UI framework for building simple web pro...0.1.1
2890simplex-noisesimplex-noise is a fast simplex noise implementat...2.4.0
2891single-spaMultiple applications, one page4.4.1
2892sinon.jsJavaScript test spies, stubs and mocks.8.1.1
2893sir-trevor-jsRich content editing entirely re-imagined for the...0.8.2
2894sisyphus.jsGmail-like client-side drafts and bit more. Plugi...1.1.3
2895sizzleA pure-JavaScript, bottom-up CSS selector engine ...2.3.4
2896sjclStanford Javascript Crypto Library1.0.8
2897skelSkel: A lightweight responsive framework for the ...3.0.1
2898skel-layersLayers: A plugin for Skel that streamlines buildi...2.2.1
2899skeletonSkeleton is a small collection of CSS files that ...2.0.4
2900skeleton-frameworkA simple responsive framework for mobile friendly...1.1.1
2901sketch.jsCross-Platform JavaScript Creative Coding Framewo...1.0
2902sketchpadA simple sketchpad.0.1.0
2903skrollrStand-alone parallax scrolling library with zero ...0.6.30
2904skyconsA public domain library of animated weather icons...1396634940
2905slabTextA jQuery plugin for producing big, bold & res...2.3
2906slick-carouselthe last carousel you'll ever need1.9.0
2907slick-lightboxA lightbox wrapper for Ken's amazing slick ca...0.2.12
2908slideRevealSlide Reveal1.1.2
2909slidebarsSlidebars is a jQuery plugin for quickly and easi...2.0.2
2910slideoutA touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile ...1.0.1
2911slider-proResponsive jQuery slider, featuring modular archi...1.5.0
2912slidesjsSlidesJS is a responsive slideshow plug-in for jQ...3.0
2913sliiideThe Easiest Way to Create a Sliding Nav Menu with...1.1.4
2914slim-scrollA javascript library for filtering json object an...1.3.2
2915slim-selectSlim vanilla javascript select dropdown1.25.0
2916slim.jsSuperpower Web Components3.3.4
2917slipjsUI library for manipulating lists via swipe and d...2.1.1
2918slippryResponsive slider plugin for jQuery. Intrinsic tr...1.4.0
2919smalot-bootstrap-datetimepickerBoth Date and Time picker widget based on twitter...2.4.4
2920smart-table-scrollBuild scrollable tables w/ many(1MM) rows.0.2.0
2921smart-underlineReadable and beautiful underlines for every websi...4.2.1
2922smartcropContent aware image cropping.2.0.3
2923smokejsSmoke form validation and components for Bootstrap3.1.1
2924smooth-scrollAnimate scrolling to anchor links16.1.0
2925smooth-scrollbarCustomize scrollbar in modern browsers with smoot...8.5.1
2926smoothState.jsUnobtrusive page transitions with jQuery.0.7.2
2927smoothieSmoothie Charts: smooooooth JavaScript charts for...1.34.0
2928smoothscrollSmooth scrolling experience for websites. This is...1.4.10
2929snabbdomA virtual DOM library with focus on simplicity, m...0.7.4
2930snabbt.jsFast animations with javascript and CSS-transforms0.6.4
2931snackbarjsSnackbarJS is a lightweight and jQuery powered pl...1.1.0
2933snap.svgJavaScript Vector Library0.5.1
2934snap.svg.zpdA zoom/pan/drag plugin for Snap.svg0.0.11
2935snarkdownTransform Markdown into HTML.1.2.2
2936snarlWeb Notifications based on Growl0.3.4
2937snoocoreA minimal and complete JavaScript driver for the ...3.2.0
2938social-feedA jQuery plugin that shows a user feed from the m...0.1.2
2939social-likesBeautiful like buttons with counters for popular ...3.1.3
2940social-share-kitLibrary of decent and good looking CSS/JavaS...1.0.15
2941social-share.jscreate social share buttons on your site.1.0.16
2942social-sharingSocial sharing links and buttons without the bloat1.7.2
2943socket.ionode.js realtime framework server2.3.0
2944socket.io-streamstream for socket.io0.9.1
2945socketcluster-clientSocketCluster JavaScript client13.0.0
2946sockjs-clientSockJS-client is a browser JavaScript library tha...1.4.0
2947sopaUse this script on your site to protest censorshi...1.0
2948sortableThe simplest, most elegant way to sort a table.0.8.0
2949soundmanager2A JavaScript Sound API supporting MP3, MPEG4 and ...2.97a.20150601
2950soundplayer-widgetLightweight embedded SoundCloud player widgets0.4.2
2951soxxThe missing microlib for websocket communication ...2.0.3
2952sp-pnp-jsA reusable JavaScript library targeting SharePoin...3.0.10
2953spa.jsA webapp framework for routing control and view t...2.0.6
2954spaceA lightweight language for objects0.8.4
2955spark-md5Lightning fast normal and incremental md5 for jav...3.0.0
2956speakingurlGenerate a slug – transliteration with a lot of...14.0.1
2957spectragramAn easy jQuery plugin for Instagram API to fetch ...1.1.1
2958spectre.cssSpectre.css: a lightweight, responsive and modern...0.5.8
2959spectrumSpectrum: the no hassle jQuery colorpicker1.8.0
2960spectrum-i18nSpectrum: the no hassle jQuery colorpicker1.3.0
2961spellbookJavascript tools and Class extensions1.0.3
2962spfA lightweight JS framework for fast navigation an...2.4.0
2963spin.jsAn animated CSS3 loading spinner with VML fallbac...2.3.2
2964spinejsMVC Library.1.2.0
2965spinkitA collection of loading indicators animated with ...1.2.5
2966split.js2kb unopinionated utility for resizeable split vi...1.5.11
2967spoqa-han-sansSpoqa Han Sans2.1.2
2968springyA force directed graph layout algorithm in JavaSc...2.8.0
2969sprintA tiny, lightning fast jQuery-like library for mo...0.9.2
2970sprintfJavaScript sprintf implementation1.1.2
2971sprite-jsA very lightweight library to handle Sprites on H...0.1.1
2972spritespinjQuery plugin for creating flipbook animations3.4.3
2973sql.jsSQLite library with support for opening and writi...0.5.0
2974squelSQL query string builder5.13.0
2975squire-rteSquire is an HTML5 rich text editor, which provid...1.9.0
2976squishyA jQuery plugin to size text such that it complet...1.0.1
2977ssi-modalssi-modal is the most flexible and powerful modal...1.0.28
2978stackblur-canvasFast and almost Gaussian blur by Mario Klingemann2.2.0
2979stackiconsIcon font and Sass-based construction kit for Sta...1.0
2980stacktable.jsjQuery plugin for stacking tables on small screens1.0.3
2981stacktrace.jsFramework-agnostic, micro-library for getting sta...2.0.2
2982stage.js2D HTML5 JavaScript library for cross-platform ga...0.8.10
2983stampitCreate objects from reusable, composable behavior...3.2.1
2984stapesThe Javascript MVC microframework that does just ...1.0.0
2985starabilityStarability.css is an accessible rating system wi...2.4.2
2986startbootstrap-agencyA one page HTML theme for agencies created by Sta...5.2.2
2987startbootstrap-clean-blogA clean Bootstrap blog theme created by Start Boo...5.0.8
2988startbootstrap-creativeA one page HTML theme for creatives by Start Boot...5.1.8
2989startbootstrap-freelancerA one page HTML theme for freelancers created by ...5.1.3
2990startbootstrap-grayscaleA multipurpose one page Bootstrap theme created b...5.0.9
2991startbootstrap-landing-pageA responsive, Bootstrap landing page template cre...5.0.7
2992startbootstrap-sb-admin-2A free, open source, Bootstrap admin theme create...3.3.7+1
2993startbootstrap-stylish-portfolioA stylish, one page, Bootstrap portfolio theme cr...5.0.7
2994stately.jsStately.js is a JavaScript based finite-state mac...2.0.0
2995stats.jsJavaScript Performance Monitorr16
2996stellar-baseLow level stellar support library2.1.4
2997stellar-sdkstellar-sdk is a library for working with the Ste...3.3.0
2998stellar.jsParallax scrolling made easy.0.6.2
2999sticky-jsSticky-js is a library for sticky elements writte...1.2.2
3000sticky-kitA jQuery plugin for creating smart sticky elements1.1.3
3001sticky-table-headersjQuery sticky table headers plugin0.1.24
3002stickyNavbar.jsFancy sticky navigation jQuery plugin with smart ...1.3.5
3003stickybitsStickybits is a lightweight alternative to `...3.7.3
3004stickyfill`position: sticky` polyfill2.1.0
3005stickyfloatMakes it possible to have a fixed position elemen...7.5.0
3006stomp.jsSTOMP for JavaScript apps (Web browser & node...2.3.3
3007store.jsA localStorage wrapper for all browsers without u...1.3.20
3008store2Better localStorage2.10.0
3009strapdown-topbara topbar modification for strapdown.js1.6.4
3010stretchyForm element autosizing, the way it should be.1.1.0
3011string-fnString manipulation library2.10.2
3012string-formatAdds a `format` method to `String....0.5.0
3013string-maskA string formatter and validator based on masks0.3.0
3014string-sawprovides an easy way to string together match...0.0.43
3015string.jsstring contains methods that aren't included ...3.3.3
3016string_scoreString Scoring Algorithm packaged for NodeJS0.1.22
3017strmanA Javascript string manipulation library without ...1.3.1
3018stroll.jsCSS3 list scroll effects1.0
3019strophe.jsStrophe.js is an XMPP library for JavaScript1.2.16
3020stupidtableA stupidly small and simple jQuery table sorter p...1.1.3
3021styled-componentsVisual primitives for the component age. Use the ...5.0.0
3022stylusRobust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset0.32.1
3023subkitSubkit library for the browser.1.1.24
3024submitterA simple jQuery form submitting plugin.0.3.1
3025sugarA Javascript library for working with native obje...2.0.6
3026summernoteSuper Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Bootstrap0.8.12
3027suncalcA tiny JavaScript library for calculating sun...1.8.0
3028superagentelegant & feature rich browser / node HT...4.1.0
3029superdomBetter and simpler DOM manipulation1.3.0
3030superfishSuperfish is a jQuery plugin that adds usability ...1.7.10
3031superplaceholderSuper charge your input placeholders1.0.0
3032superslidesA fullscreen, hardware accelerated slider for jQu...0.6.2
3033survey-angularsurvey.js is a JavaScript Survey Library. It is a...1.5.4
3034survey-jquerysurvey.js is a JavaScript Survey Library. It is a...1.5.4
3035survey-knockoutsurvey.js is a JavaScript Survey Library. It is a...1.5.4
3036survey-reactsurvey.js is a JavaScript Survey Library. It is a...1.5.4
3037survey-vuesurvey.js is a JavaScript Survey Library. It is a...1.5.4
3038svg-injectorFast, caching, dynamic inline SVG DOM injection l...1.1.3
3039svg.connectable.jsA JavaScript library for connecting SVG things.2.0.1
3040svg.draggy.jsA JavaScript library for dragging SVG things.1.1.1
3041svg.filter.jsA plugin for svg.js adding filter functionality2.0.2
3042svg.jsA lightweight library for manipulating and animat...3.0.13
3043svg.pan-zoom.jsA JavaScript library for panning and zooming SVG ...2.8.0
3044svg4everybodyUse external SVG spritemaps in any browser2.1.9
3045svgeezyA simple JavaScript plugin which detects SVG imag...1.0.0
3046svgxuseA polyfill that fetches external SVGs referenced ...1.2.6
3047sw-toolboxService Worker Toolbox provides some simple helpe...3.6.1
3048swagger-uiSwagger UI is a dependency-free collection of HTM...3.24.2
3049sweetalertA beautiful replacement for JavaScript's &quo...2.1.2
3050swfobjectSWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendl...2.2
3051swiftclickEliminates the 300ms click event delay on touch d...2.1.1
3052swigA simple, powerful, and extendable templating eng...1.4.1
3053swingA swipeable cards interface. The swipe-left/...3.0.2
3054swipeSwipe is a lightweight mobile slider with 1-to-1 ...2.0.0
3055swipeboxA touchable jQuery lightbox1.4.4
3056swipejsSwipe is the most accurate touch slider2.2.13
3057switcheryCreate iOS 7 styled switches from default input c...0.8.2
3058switchy.jsThis is a tiny jQuery plugin which can be used as...0.1.1
3059sylvesterVector and Matrix math for JavaScript0.1.3
3060synStandalone Synthetic Event Library0.4.1
3061synapticarchitecture-free neural network library1.1.4
3062systemjsUniversal dynamic module loader6.2.0
3063systemjs-plugin-jsonJSON loader plugin0.3.0
3064t3jsT3 Javascript Framework2.7.0
3065t7t7 is a small, lightweight JavaScript template li...0.4.0
3066tAutocompleteAutomplete drop-down lists the details in a table...1.0.0
3067tabbySimple, mobile-first toggle tabs.12.0.3
3068tabcompleteLightweight tab completion for inputs and textare...1.4.0
3069tabellajsPure javascript, touch enabled, responsive tables0.5.1
3070tablefilterHTML Table Filter Script2.5.0
3071tablesawA set of plugins for responsive tables.3.1.2
3072tablesortA dependency free sorting component for tables.5.1.0
3073tabletop.js**Tabletop.js** takes a Google Spreadsheet and ma...1.6.2
3074tabulatorInteractive table generation JavaScript library4.4.3
3075tachyonsPerformant, mobile-first, and 100% responsive mod...4.11.1
3076taffydbTaffyDB is an opensouce library that brings datab...2.7.3
3077tag-editorA powerful and lightweight tag editor plugin for ...1.0.20
3078tag-itA jQuery UI plugin to handle multi-tag fields as ...2.0
3079taggdA jQuery plugin that adds tags to your image.4.0.0
3080taggleTaggle is a dependency-less tagging library1.15.0
3081tagmanagerA jQuery plugin to create tag input fields, which...3.0.2
3082tailwindcssA utility-first CSS framework for rapidly buildin...1.1.4
3083task.jsSimplified interface for getting code to run on d...0.0.31
3084taskforceProtest in Washington DC.1.0
3085tauChartsD3 based data-focused charting library1.2.1
3086teadaoRapid Application Development Framework Built Wit...0.6.1
3087techan.jsA visual, technical analysis and charting library...0.8.0
3088teleject-hisrcA simple jQuery plugin for adaptive images in res...2.0.0
3089template7Mobile-first HTML template engine1.4.1
3090template_jstemplate.js simple and easy to use javascript tem...0.8.0
3091templatebindingPolymer's template binding polyfill. Concaten...0.3.4
3092tempusdominus-bootstrap-4A date/time picker component designed to wor...5.1.2
3093tensorflowAn open-source machine learning framework.1.5.2
3094ternA JavaScript code analyzer for deep, cross-editor...0.24.3
3095terraformerA Geo-toolkit built in Javascript.1.0.10
3096tesseract.jsPure Javascript Multilingual OCR1.0.19
3097tetherA client-side library to make absolutely position...1.4.7
3098tether-dropClient-side library for creating dropdowns1.4.2
3099tether-selectStyleable select elements built on Tether1.1.1
3100tether-tooltipCSS tooltips built on Tether1.2.0
3101textAngularA radically powerful Text-Editor/Wysiwyg edi...1.5.16
3102textfitA fast, jQuery-free text sizing component that qu...2.4.0
3103texthighlighterTextHighlighter allows you to highlight text on w...1.2.0
3104textile-jsA full-featured JavaScript Textile parser2.0.4
3105textillateA simple plugin for CSS3 text animations0.4.0
3106tez.jsLightweight, Flexible, Fast, Memory and Power Eff...10.0.1
3107themoviedb-javascript-libraryA Javascript library to interact with themoviedb....3.0.3
3108then-requestA request library that returns promises, inspired...2.2.0
3109thoraxHandlebars + Backbone2.2.1
3110three.jsJavaScript 3D library110
3111ticketbase-jsIntegrate Ticketbase forms into your site0.1.13
3112tilt.jsA tiny requestAnimationFrame powered 60+fps light...1.2.1
3113timeago.jstimeago.js is a simple library (only 2kb) to used...4.0.2
3114timecirclesTimeCircles is a jQuery plugin that provides a ni...1.5.3
3115timedroppertimedropper jQuery time plugin1.0
3116timekit-js-sdkJavaScript SDK for the Timekit API (timekit.io)1.18.1
3117timeline.cssTimeline The best way to create your own Timeline...1.0.0
3118timelinejsTimelineJS is an open-source tool that enables yo...2.36.0
3119timepickerEnhances standard form input fields helping users...1.3.5
3120timer.jqueryStart/Stop/Resume/Remove a timer i...0.9.0
3121timezone-jsJavaScript timezone library based on Olson timezo...0.4.13
3122tingleA simple modal plugin written in pure JavaScript0.15.2
3123tiny-date-pickerA small, dependency-free date picker3.2.8
3124tiny-sliderVanilla javascript slider for all purposes, inspi...2.9.2
3125tinyColorPickerTiny jQuery color picker for mobile and desktop w...1.1.1
3126tinycolorFast Color Parsing and Manipulation1.4.1
3127tinyconAdd notification bubbles in the favicon0.6.5
3128tinymceTinyMCE rich text editor5.1.6
3129tinyscrollbarA lightweight cross browser jQuery based scrollba...2.4.2
3130tinysortTinySort is a small script that sorts HTML elemen...3.2.5
3131tipografLightweight CSS typography base for your next pro...2.0.0
3132tippy.jsVanilla JS Tooltip Library5.2.0
3133tipsoA Lightweight Responsive jQuery Tooltip Plugin1.0.8
3134titatoggleDefault bootstrap checkbox toggle buttons. Just d...2.1.2
3135tmlib.jsjavascript library for game programming.0.5.2
3136to-markdownHTML-to-Markdown converter3.1.1
3137toast-cssAn insane grid. You’ve been warned.1.1.0
3138toastr.jsToastrJS is a JavaScript library for Gnome /...2.1.4
3139tocas-uiA CSS3 UI library with the meaningful naming conv...2.3.3
3140tocbotGenerate a table of contents based on the heading...4.10.0
3141tocktimertimer object/class. kickass!1.0.12
3142todc-bootstrapGoogle-styled theme for Bootstrap.3.4.0-3.4.1
3143togeojsonconvert KML and GPX to GeoJSON0.16.0
3144toneA Web Audio framework for making interactive musi...14.5.33
3145tooltip.jsA kickass library to create tooltips, based on Po...1.3.3
3146tooltipsterTooltipster is a jQuery tooltip plugin.3.3.0
3147tootikA pure CSS/SCSS/LESS Tooltip library1.0.2
3148topcoatCSS for clean and fast web apps0.8.0
3149topcoat-iconsOpen source icons for Topcoat0.1.0
3150topojsonAn extension to GeoJSON that encodes topology.3.0.2
3151tota11yAn accessibility visualization toolkit0.1.6
3152touchjsclouda event and gesture lib touch.js0.2.14
3153toxiclibsjsToxiclibsjs is an open-source library for computa...0.1.3
3154tracing.jsTracing.js is a library/utility to help you ...1.1.3
3155tracking.jsA modern approach for Computer Vision on the web.1.1.3
3156trackpad-scroll-emulatorA jQuery plugin that emulates OSX trackpad-style ...1.0.8
3157transducers.jsA small library for generalized transformation of...0.3.2
3158transformation-matrix-js2D affine matrix power tools for JavaScript2.7.2
3159transitionizeCreate CSS3 transitions dynamically0.0.3
3160translater.jsSimple translation tools.1.0.12
3161transparencyTransparency is a minimal template engine for bro...0.9.9
3162treant-jsjavascript library for drawing tree diagrams1.0
3163tree-grid-directiveAngularJS directive for a tree grid, using Bootst...0.4.0
3164tree-modelManipulate and traverse tree-like structures in j...1.0.7
3165treesaverJavaScript library for creating column and page-b...0.10.0
3166trianglesTriangle background generator1.0.2
3167trianglifyTrianglify is a javascript library for generating...2.0.0
3168tributejsNative ES6 @mentions4.1.1
3169trixA rich text editor for everyday writing1.2.1
3170trunk8trunk8 is an intelligent text truncation plugin t...1.3.3
3171tslibRuntime library for TypeScript helper functions1.10.0
3172tuesdayA quirky CSS Animation Library by Shakr.1.2.3
3173tufte-cssEdward Tufte uses a distinctive style in his hand...1.7.2
3174tui-calendarTOAST UI Calendar1.12.7
3175tui-editorGFM Markdown Wysiwyg Editor - Productive and Ext...1.4.10
3176tunajsAudio effects library for the Web Audio API1.0.11
3177turbolinksTurbolinks makes navigating your web application ...5.2.0
3178turn.jsThe page flip effect for HTML53
3179tv4A public domain JSON Schema validator for JavaScr...1.3.0
3180twbs-paginationjQuery simple pagination plugin for bootstrap-sty...1.4.2
3181twbuttonsalexwolfe/Buttons for Twitter Bootstrap 30.1.3
3182tween.jsSuper simple, fast and easy to use tweening engin...18.5.0
3183tweeneJavaScript Animation Proxy. It can work with GSAP...0.5.11
3184tweenjsTweenJS is a simple tweening library for use in J...1.0.2
3185tweetput twitter on your website with tweet, an unobtr...2.2.0
3186tweetnaclPort of TweetNaCl cryptographic library to JavaSc...1.0.1
3187twemojiA Unicode standard based way to implement emoji a...12.0.4
3188twig.jsJS port of the Twig templating language.0.8.9
3189twilio.jsTwilio.js allows you to establish audio connectio...1.2.0
3190twineA minimalistic 2-way binding system1.2.2
3191twitter-bootstrapThe most popular front-end framework for developi...4.4.1
3192twitter-bootstrap-wizardThis twitter bootstrap plugin builds a wizard out...1.2
3193twitter-fetcherFetch your twitter posts without using the new Tw...18.0.3
3194twitterlib.jsLibrary for doing all things Twitter API related,...1.0.9
3195twix.jsTwix.js allows you to work with date ranges1.3.0
3196two.jsA two-dimensional drawing api meant for modern br...0.6.0
3197txt.wavText animation library1.0.5
3198typeahead-addresspickerA quick full rewrite of jquery address picker plu...0.1.4
3199typeahead.jsfast and fully-featured autocomplete library0.11.1
3200typeahead.js-bootstrap-cssBootstrap3 style for typeahead.js using Bootstrap...1.2.1
3201typebase.csstypebase.css is a minimal CSS typography boiler p...0.5.0
3202typeboost.cssTypeboost.css is a set of CSS rules to ensure rea...0.1.8
3203typed.jsA jQuery typing animation script2.0.11
3204typeisTypeis. it's the smart and simple javascript ...1.1.2
3205typeitA lightweight, easy-to-implement jQuery animated ...6.1.2
3206typeplate-starter-kitA Typographic Starter Kit3.0.2
3207typescriptTypeScript is a language for application scale Ja...3.7.5
3208typiconsTypicons icon font2.0.9
3209typogrTypography utils0.6.8
3210ui-leafletui-leaflet - An AngularJS directive to easily int...2.0.0
3211ui-router-extrasUI-Router Extras: Sticky states, Future States, D...0.1.3
3212ui-selectableScrollThis is an extension of the original jQuery ui se...0.1.4
3213uikitUIkit is a lightweight and modular front-end fram...3.3.0
3214uivBootstrap 3 components implemented by Vue
3215umbrellaLightweight and intuitive javascript library3.1.0
3216underscore-contribThe brass buckles on Underscore's utility bel...0.3.0
3217underscore.jsJavaScript's functional programming helper li...1.9.1
3218underscore.stringString manipulation extensions for Underscore.js ...3.3.5
3219uniboxA powerful search suggestion input box.1.17.4
3220unicorn.jsUnicorn CPU emulator framework port for JavaScript1.0
3221unitegalleryThe Unite Gallery is multipurpose javascript gall...1.7.40
3222universal-mixinCreate mixins and lightweight traits that work in...2.0.0
3223unsemanticUnsemantic is a fluid grid system that is the suc...1.2.3
3224unsliderThe simplest little slider.2.0.3
3225unveilA very lightweight jQuery plugin to lazy load ima...1.3.0
3226unveil2A very lightweight jQuery plugin to lazy load ima...2.0.8
3227upbA NodeJS, browser, Bower, AMD, and CommonJS libra...1.2.3
3228upng-jsSmall, fast and advanced PNG / APNG encoder ...2.1.0
3229url-search-paramsSimple polyfill for URLSearchParams standard1.1.0
3230urlivejQuery URLive lets you easily create a live previ...1.1.1
3231urljsA lightweight JavaScript library to manipulate th...2.3.1
3232us-mapA Javascript map of the United States built with ...1.0.1
3233use.jsAn AMD plugin for consuming globally defined Java...0.4.0
3234userinfoJavascript wrapper for the userinfo.io API1.1.1
3235usertimingW3C UserTiming polyfill0.1.7
3236uswdsOpen source UI components and visual style guide ...2.4.0
3237utf8A well-tested UTF-8 encoder/decoder written ...3.0.0
3238uvChartsSimple yet powerful JavaScript Charting library b...2.0.0
3239v-maskSuper tiny input mask library for Vue.js based on...2.0.2
3240vConsoleA lightweight, extendable front-end developer too...3.3.4
3241valid.jsA simple library for data validation1.2.5
3242validate-jsLightweight JavaScript form validation library in...2.0.1
3243validate.jsDeclarative validations for JavaScript0.13.1
3244validatorString validation and sanitization12.2.0
3245validatorjsA laravel-styled JavaScript Object/Form/...2.0.0
3246valineA fast, simple & powerful comment system.1.3.10
3247valjsAnother jQuery Form Validation plugin1.2
3248vanilla-lazyloadLazyLoad is a fast, lightweight and flexible scri...12.3.0
3249vanilla-maskerVanillaMasker is a pure javascript input mask.1.2.0
3250vanilla-modalA dependency-free CSS-driven plain JavaScript mod...1.6.5
3251vanilla-tiltA smooth 3D tilt javascript library forked from T...1.7.0
3252vault.jsKey-Value Storage of true data types for the brow...1.0.3
3253vectoriousA high performance linear algebra library.5.5.0
3254vee-validateSimple VueJS input validation plugin3.2.3
3255vegaThe Vega visualization grammar.5.9.1
3256vega-embedPublish Vega visualizations as embedded web compo...6.2.2
3257vega-liteVega-lite provides a higher-level grammar for vis...4.1.1
3258vega-tooltipA tooltip plugin for Vega-lite and Vega visualiza...0.20.1
3259vegasVegas - Fullscreen Backgrounds and Slideshows.2.4.4
3260veinjsInjects CSS into the document (it's a perfect...0.3
3261velocityAccelerated JavaScript animation.2.0.5
3262venoboxResponsive jQuery modal window plugin1.8.6
3263verifyA powerful asynchronous validation library0.0.1
3264vertxEffortless asynchronous application development f...3.8.3
3265vex-jsBeautiful, functional, dialogs in Javascript4.1.0
3266vexflowA JavaScript library for rendering music notation...1.2.90
3267vibrant.jsGet color variations from an image. Basically a J...1.0.0
3268victorA JavaScript 2D vector class with methods for com...1.1.0
3269victoryData viz for React34.0.1
3270videEasy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds.0.5.1
3271video.jsAn HTML5 and Flash video player with a common API...7.7.4
3272video.js-chromecastChromecast plugin for videojs2.0.9
3273videogularBower repository for Videogular project1.4.4
3274videogular-themes-defaultDefault Videogular's theme1.4.4
3275videojs-chromecastDisplays a Chromecast button in the control bar.1.1.1
3276videojs-contrib-adsA framework that provides common functionality ne...6.6.5
3277videojs-contrib-dashA Video.js source-handler providing MPEG-DASH pla...2.11.0
3278videojs-contrib-hlsPlay back HLS with video.js, even where it's ...5.15.0
3279videojs-flashThe official Flash tech package for Video.js.2.2.1
3280videojs-gaGoogle Analytics plugin for video.js0.4.2
3281videojs-hotkeysAdds more hotkey support to video.js0.2.25
3282videojs-imaIMA SDK Plugin for Video.js1.7.4
3283videojs-markersvideo marker breaks plugin for video.js0.7.0
3284videojs-overlayA plugin to display simple overlays during video ...1.1.4
3285videojs-playListsPlaylists done right for Videojs0.2.0
3286videojs-recordA video.js plugin for recording audio/video&...3.9.0
3287videojs-resolution-switcherResolution switcher for video.js 50.4.2
3288videojs-swfThe Flash-fallback video player for video.js (htt...5.4.2
3289videojs-thumbnailsprogress bar thumbnails plugin for video.js0.1.1
3290videojs-vast-pluginA VAST plugin for VideoJS0.2.1
3291videojs-vast-vpaidVAST plugin to use with video.js2.0.2
3292videojs-wavesurfervideo.js plugin that adds a navigable waveform fo...2.11.0
3293videojs-youtubeYouTube playback technology for Video.js2.6.1
3294videomail-clientA revolutionary node.js module which enables you ...2.8.2
3295vidomLibrary to build UI in a declarative way0.11.3
3296viewer.jsA viewer for documents converted with the Box Vie...0.11.1
3297viewerjsJavaScript image viewer.1.5.0
3298viewport-units-buggyfillMaking viewport units (vh|vw|vmin|vmax) work prop...0.6.2
3299vimeo.ga.jsA Google Analytics plugin for measuring Vimeo Pla...0.6
3300virtual-keyboardVirtual Keyboard using jQuery UI1.30.1
3301visA dynamic, browser-based visualization library.4.21.0
3302visibility.jsWrapper for the Page Visibility API1.2.4
3303visibly.jsA cross-browser Page Visibility API shim0.1.1
3304vissenseA utility library for observing visibility change...0.10.0
3305vivagraphjsGraph Drawing Library0.12.0
3306vivida JavaScript library which is built to easily cus...1.0.10
3307vivusJavaScript library to make drawing animation on S...0.4.5
3308viz.jsA hack to put Graphviz on the web.2.1.2
3309vizceralIntuitive animated traffic graph using webgl. If ...4.9.0
3310vjs-videoAn angular js directive for video.js0.1.11
3311vocaThe ultimate JavaScript string library1.4.0
3312vocalizerVocalizer is a plugin that help people learn to s...1.0.0
3313vonicMobile UI Components, based on Vue.js and ionic C...1.1.3
3314vqueryA simple, light-weight, vanilla JS wrapper for jQ...5.0.1
3315vtt.jsA JavaScript implementation of the WebVTT specifi...0.13.0
3316vueSimple, Fast & Composable MVVM for building i...2.6.11
3317vue-async-dataasync data loading plugin for Vue.js1.0.2
3318vue-bootstrap-datetimepickerVue.js component for bootstrap-datetimepicker5.0.1
3319vue-chartjsvue.js wrapper for chart.js3.5.0
3320vue-clickawayReusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue.js ...2.2.1
3321vue-colorColor of Vue Components2.7.0
3322vue-filterA plugin for Vue.js. It can enhance vue filter sy...0.2.5
3323vue-focusA set of reusable focus directives for reusable V...2.1.0
3324vue-formForm validation for Vue.js0.3.1
3325vue-google-mapsThis is a google map component for Vue.js0.1.21
3326vue-i18nInternationalization plugin for Vue.js8.15.3
3327vue-instantvue instant allows you to easily create custom se...1.0.4
3328vue-lazyloadVue module for lazy-loading images in your vue.js...1.3.3
3329vue-lsVue plugin for work with Local Storage from Vue c...3.2.1
3330vue-materialMaterial Design for Vue.js1.0.0
3331vue-material-componentsWeb components of Vue.js and materializecss0.3.4
3332vue-paginateA simple vue.js plugin to paginate data3.6.0
3333vue-resourceA web request service for Vue.js1.5.1
3334vue-routerA router for Vue.js3.1.3
3335vue-selectA native Vue.js select component that provides si...3.4.0
3336vue-smart-tableA table with dynamic components for vue.js2.5.0
3337vue-strapBootstrap components built with Vue.js1.1.40
3338vue-toastedResponsive Touch Compatible Toast plugin for VueJ...1.1.27
3339vue-validatorValidator component for Vue.js2.1.7
3340vuefireFirebase bindings for Vue.js2.2.1
3341vuejs-datepickerA simple Vue.js datepicker component. Supports di...1.6.2
3342vuejs-paginateA simple pagination component for Vue.js2.1.0
3343vuejs-paginatorA Vue.js plugin to easily integrate pagination.2.0.2
3344vuetifyVue.js 2 Semantic Component Framework2.2.8
3345vuexstate management for Vue.js3.1.2
3346vuikitUIkit with all the power of Vue0.8.10
3347w2uiJavaScript UI library. Includes grid, layout, too...1.4.3
3348wallopwallop is a minimal 4kb library for showing &...2.4.1
3349wangEditorwangEditor, your simple open-source easy-use rich...10.0.13
3350watchjQuery plugin for watching CSS property or elemen...2.0.4
3351waterfall.jsPinterest Grid in Just 1KB1.1.0
3352waud.jsWeb Audio Library1.0.3
3353wavedromDigital timing diagram in your browser2.3.0
3354wavesurfer.jsInteractive navigable audio visualization using W...3.3.1
3355waypointsEasily execute a function when you scroll to an e...4.0.1
3356wdt-emoji-bundleSlack like emoji selector with apple, twitter, go...0.2.1
3357wdt-loadingAsana like application loading screen with custom...0.1.0
3358weatherThere really should be a conclusive JavaScript we...0.0.2
3359weather-icons215 weather themed icons inspired by Font Awesome...2.0.9
3360web-animationsJavaScript implementation of the Web Animations A...2.3.2
3361web-socket-jsHTML5 Web Socket implementation powered by Flash.1.0.0
3362web-starter-kitGoogle Web Starter Kit: Boilerplate & Tooling...0.2.0-beta
3363webcamjsHTML5 Webcam Image Capture Library with Flash Fal...1.0.26
3365webfontWeb Font Loader gives you added control when usin...1.6.28
3366webiconsWebicons is a set of resolution-independent socia...2.0.0
3367webkit.jsPure JavaScript Port of WebKit0.1.0
3368webkul-microna microInteraction library built with CSS Animati...1.1.6
3369weblasGPU accelerated BLAS for node and the browser0.9.1
3370webpack-cesiumwebpack version of Cesium1.37.0
3371webrtc-adapterA shim to insulate apps from WebRTC spec changes ...7.3.0
3372webshimmodular capability-based polyfill loading libary,...1.16.0
3373websqltracerConsole tracer for Web SQL or SQLite1.0.3
3374webtorrentStreaming torrent client0.107.17
3375webtorrent-componentWebTorrent HTML element.1.0.2
3376webui-popoverA enhancement popover plugin for Bootstrap ,but y...2.1.15
3377webuploaderIt's a new file uploader solution, with two r...0.1.1
3378wechat.jseasy sharing on wechat http://sofish.gi...0.1.3
3379weldTemplate antimatter for JavaScript0.2.3
3380wenkLightweight tooltip for the greater good1.0.8
3381weuiA UI library by WeChat official design team, incl...2.1.4
3382what-inputA global utility for tracking the current input m...5.2.6
3383whenA lightweight Promises/A+ and when() impleme...3.7.8
3384whereyatWhere y'at adds classes to your HTML based on...0.1.2
3385whitestorm.jsFramework for developing 3D web apps with physics.2.1.9
3386wicketA modest library for moving between Well-Known Te...1.3.5
3387wingcssA lightweight, responsive CSS Framework0.1.9
3388winjsWinJS is a set of JavaScript toolkits that allow ...4.4.3
3389winstrapWinstrap is the official Bootstrap theme for Micr...0.5.12
3390wnumbwNumb - JavaScript Number & Money formatting1.2.0
3391woofmarkBarking up the DOM tree. A modular, progressive, ...4.2.6
3392wordcloud2.jsTag cloud/Wordle presentation on 2D canvas o...1.1.1
3393wowReveal CSS animation as you scroll down a page1.1.2
3394wuzzleResponsive, minimal and customizable grid system1.1.0
3395wysihtmlOpen source rich text editor for the modern web.0.5.5
3396wysihtml5wysihtml5 is an open source rich text editor base...0.3.0
3397x-editableIn-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery U...1.5.1
3398x-tagThe X-Tag core library1.5.11
3399x18nA JavaScript internationalisation library2.0.3
3400x2jsXML <=> JSON mapping/converting l...1.2.0
3401xStoreClient-side stores that serialize data for you2.0.4
3402xchartsA D3-based library for building custom charts and...0.3.0
3403xdomainA pure JavaScript CORS alternative0.8.2
3404xhookEasily intercept and modify XHR request and respo...1.4.9
3405xively-jsThe official JavaScript library for interfacing w...1.0.4
3406xlsExcel 5.0/95 and 97-2004 spreadsheet (BIFF5 ...0.7.6
3407xlsxExcel (XLSB/XLSX/XLSM/XLS/XML...0.15.5
3408xregexpExtended regular expressions3.2.0
3409xstreamAn extremely intuitive, small, and fast functiona...11.11.0
3410xtermFull xterm terminal, in your browser3.14.5
3411xuijsA lightweight, dead simple, micro-tiny, super mod...2.3.2
3412yadcfThis jQuery plug-in allows the user to easily add...0.9.4
3413yairEO-validatorThe Validator is cross-browser and will give you ...3.3.5
3414yamlcssA modular CSS framework for truly flexible, acces...4.1.2
3415yamljsStandalone JavaScript YAML 1.2 Parser & Encod...0.3.0
3416yasguiYet Another SPARQL GUI2.7.29
3417yasqeYet Another SPARQL Query Editor2.11.22
3418yasrYet Another SPARQL Resultset Visualizer2.12.19
3419yepnopeA Script Loader For Your Conditional Builds2.0.0
3420youtube-google-analyticsThis is a plug-and-play tracking solution for tra...8.1.4
3421yuiYUI 3 Source3.18.0
3422z-schemaJSON schema validator4.2.2
3423zTree.v3jquery tree plugin3.5.40
3424zabuto_calendarjQuery plugin for Bootstrap to add a month calend...1.6.4
3425zclipA lightweight jQuery "copy to clipboard"...1.1.2
3426zenscrollA module to smooth-scroll web pages and container...4.0.2
3427zensh-ui-autocompleteAngularJS Autocomplete, wrapper for the jQuery UI...0.6.1
3428zeptoZepto.js is a minimalist JavaScript library for m...1.2.0
3429zepto.fullpageA zepto plugin to create fullpage scrolling webap...0.5.0
3430zeroclipboardThe ZeroClipboard library provides an easy way to...2.3.0
3431zingchartA npm package for easy downloading of ZingChart.2.8.6
3432zingchart-angularjsA ZingChart AngularJS directive1.2.0
3433zingchart-reactReact components to generate interactive javascri...2.1.0
3434zingtouchA modern JavaScript touch gesture library1.0.6
3435zone.jsZones for JavaScript0.9.1
3436zoom.jsIt's the best way to zoom an image0.0.1
3437zoomingImage zoom that makes sense.2.1.1
3438zoomoozZoomooz is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin for makin...1.1.6
3439zoomoveEnlarges the image with the mouse hover and move1.2.1
3440zrenderA lightweight canvas library which providing 2d d...4.1.2
3441zuck.jsA JavaScript library that lets you add stories ev...1.3.0
3442zuiAn open source front-end implementation that help...1.9.1
3443zumper-angular-paymentsDirective for formatting and validating credit ca...1.0.7
3444zurb-inkInk is a responsive email framework for making em...1.0.5
3445zxcvbnrealistic password strength estimation4.4.2
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