Check PHP Session Exists

Posted Under: PHP on Jun 19, 2017
In PHP, to access session variable stored in $_SESSION array the page must have session_start() method invoked earlier, but when it is called multiple called, it throws PHP Notice "session already started".

Virustotal API File Scanning PHP Example

Posted Under: PHP on Feb 12, 2016
This tutorial focuses on integration virustotal.com API in a PHP application without using any other api wrapper. This make the integration more integrated, reliable as you have complete control and visibility, efficient and fast as there no bloat code in it.

Secure File Upload in PHP

Posted Under: PHP on Feb 11, 2016
Almost all of the modern web application incorporate the functionality of file upload. It may range from a user display picture or a document that may be share across all member of a team. A file when uploaded to a server it should be treated as "containment" and through checks should be implemented to check it. If a file upload is taken lightly it may compromise the entire server which cause a devastating effect on an organization's business. This tutorial aimed to point out ways by which an upload an be secured on server.

PHP Convert String SEO Friendly

Posted Under: PHP on May 25, 2012
This tutorial explains how to create SEO friendly URL using PHP. Friendly URLs improves your site's search engines ranking. To make a SEO friendly URL a string must be sanitized for certain things like...

PHP Session by Example

Posted Under: PHP on Apr 9, 2011
When run application on your computer, the computer know who you are, what are you doing, what data you alter, when you close your application and so forth, this is called session. In web communication we use Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is a stateless protocol that does not retain information on server and treat all request as independent request. To make it remember user information we use SESSION.
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