MySQL Select 1st Day of Month and Current Time

Posted Under: Database on Aug 29, 2018
MySQL snippet to select data between first day of the current month and current date.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for Point of Sale System (POS)

Posted Under: Database on Nov 17, 2016
A Point of Sale or Point of Service is generally a machine which calculate the amount of item/services a customer owed to the trader. A customer can pay in cash or via a credit card.

MySQL Replace NULL With 0 in SELECT Statement

Posted Under: Database on Nov 11, 2016
When you make a Left Join or make a UNION query the DBMS will put NULL where their is no match in the set. This tutorial is aimed to discuss the options by which NULL can be substituted with 0 in MySQL DBMS.

School Management System ERD Diagram

Posted Under: Database on Sep 12, 2011
A Database is required to support an Online school system which should be so generic that any number of schools in an area, (eg Town/country/world) can register to use the System.
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