PixStealer Android Malware Download

PixStealer Android Malware Download
Pix is an instant payment solution developed by Brazilian Banks in the backdrop of the COVID crisis. Evolution in technology also invites malicious actors to gain from it. PixStealer is one such example. It is a simple android app that does not do any fancy thing like gaining persistence or contacting a command and control system. It has one simple job to transfer app the cash in a legitimate Pix bank account to the defined hacker bank account.

PixStealer Android Banking Trojan Signatures

Family: HEUR:Trojan.AndroidOS.Piom.akqp
MD5: 94f676d6748bffb81b587c14bc4ce1fe
SHA256: 28e8170485bbee78e1a54aae6a955e64fe299978cbb908da60e8663c794fd195

PixStealer Android Banking Trojan Download

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