MassLogger v3 Stealer Download

MassLogger v3 Stealer Download
MassLogger v3 is an information stealer written in .net. It is feature rich and heavily obfuscated. It steals credentials and information from Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome, and instant messaging applications. The malware author claims it to be the "most powerful logger and recovery tool" which costs $99 USD worth of Bitcoin for a lifetime license. MassLogger is highly configurable and gives its malicious users many options for delivery, anti-detection and anti-analysis.

Its primarily targets are business users, with email being the main infection vector. The email contains a RAR attachment with a compiled HTML (.chm) attachment. Which when open generated a webpage and execute JavaScript code which in turn execute a PowerShell script responsible to download the dll and the final payload i.e. MassLogger.

MassLogger PoweShell Loader Signatures

Family: Trojan.PowerShell.Agent.lb
MD5: e5439acdcc091f6acec6b46510022229
SHA256: 0eef444f062ea06340ca7ef300cb39c44a6cdf7ead2732bb885d79f098991cb8

MassLogger PoweShell Loader Download

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MassLogger DLL Loader Signatures

Family: Trojan:MSIL/Perseus.XA!MTB
MD5: 2dfeabfd7a1f94f35589af3f03239227
SHA256: a16fa0a14f0d20b66af550e3cdb0b60f8ffb965415404df6cc8164e62dfbe124

MassLogger DLL Loader Download

Download MassLogger DLL Loader Sample

MassLogger Stealer Signatures

Family: Trojan:MSIL/BMassKeyLogger!MTB
MD5: 9c73b0f2a593fb39f3c0c80bc2851fbb
SHA256: 2487b12f52b803f5d38b3bb9388b039bf4f58c4b5d192d50da5fa047e9db828b

MassLogger Stealer Download

Download MassLogger Stealer Sample