XLoader Download mac

XLoader Download mac
XLoader is an information stealer and a backdoor targeted toward macOS users. It is the macOS version of Formbook stealer, one of the notorious stealers. XLoader can harvests credentials from various web browsers, collects screenshots, monitors and logs keystrokes, and can download and execute files according to the orders received from Command-and-Control (C&C) servers and available as Malware-as-a-service model.

XLoader Stealer Download Signatures

Family: Trojan.Mac.XLoader.B
MD5: 4ded6a1d590e8a31ae6b9ea0ffb3331d
SHA256: 81c4276f2e3c0ed456b08402a6a5b63d0cad68220b7a3275b3cbf0ba73faaa21

XLoader Stealer Download Download

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