L0rdix Attack Tool Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , Malware, Stealer, Windows on Dec 10, 2018
L0rdix Attack Tool Sample Download
L0rdix, a multipurpose attack tools that appear to in development pahse. Is is currently available for purchase in underground forums, is aimed at infecting Windows-based machines, combines stealing and cryptocurrency mining methods, can avoid malware analysis tools and is designed to be a universal "go-to" tool for attackers. It is written in .net and the executable is obfucated using ConfuserEx, an open-source obfuscator .

L0rdix Attack Tool Signatures

Family: PWS:MSIL/Lordix.A!MTB
MD5: 16ecd9a45b27c86ff8f6b84aa722c8ce
SHA256: 9c4780fa358ee65ac1f2361e1e2757f475674145977bfb8a43870538dd6f85ca

L0rdix Attack Tool Download

Download L0rdix Attack Tool Sample