InnfiRAT Malware Sample Download

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InnfiRAT remote access Trojan or simply RAT, is a .net based malware. It primarily steals his victim's information such as browser cookies, crypto currency wallet details, session data.It however also can take screenshots and can download and execute additional payloads. It employs heavy checks to safe guard itself from debugging and being analyzed.

InnfiRAT Malware Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/Dynamer!rfn
MD5: f992dd6dbe1e065dff73a20e3d7b1eef
SHA256: 755894e632485b30d1522058a63b830f4c4c245207141cad4a8b456acee487f5

InnfiRAT Malware Download

Download InnfiRAT Malware Sample