Dark Tequila Banking Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , Malware, Stealer, Windows on Nov 27, 2018
Dark Tequila is stealth Banking Malware that carefully choose its victims. It the victiem does not fall in to specific criteria it silently wipe itself for the host. There are two known infection vectors: spear-phishing and infection by USB device.

Dark Tequila Sample 1 Signatures

Family: Win32:Malware-gen
MD5: 9fbdc5eca123e81571e8966b9b4e4a1e
SHA256: dce2d575bef073079c658edfa872a15546b422ad2b74267d33b386dc7cc85b47

Dark Tequila Sample 1 Download

Download Dark Tequila Sample 1 Sample

Dark Tequila Sample 2 Signatures

Family: Win32:Malware-gen
MD5: 5b03784620586f3190146ead20e26770
SHA256: 4f49a01e02e8c47d84480f6fb92700aa091133c894821fff83c7502c7af136d9

Dark Tequila Sample 2 Download

Download Dark Tequila Sample 2 Sample