Encrypt String Using PHP

Posted Under: PHP on Aug 17, 2018
PHP snippet to Encrypt string using AES-256 encryption algorithm with 32 Bytes key. In order to use encryption php_mcrypt extension need to be installed and activated.

Install PHP mcrypt Extension on Linux

Posted Under: PHP on Aug 17, 2018
In order to use encryption and decryption in PHP, we need to inatall PHP extension mcrypt.

Find all occurrences of a String in a String in PHP

Posted Under: PHP on Aug 16, 2018
This PHP snippet will list all indexes of a sub-string in parent string.

Check PHP Session Exists

Posted Under: PHP on Jun 19, 2017
In PHP, to access session variable stored in $_SESSION array the page must have session_start() method invoked earlier, but when it is called multiple called, it throws PHP Notice "session already started".

Virustotal API File Scanning PHP Example

Posted Under: PHP on Feb 12, 2016
This tutorial focuses on integration virustotal.com API in a PHP application without using any other api wrapper. This make the integration more integrated, reliable as you have complete control and visibility, efficient and fast as there no bloat code in it.
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