Hades Ransomware Download

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Hades Ransomware Download
An unknown threat group is deploying a variant of Hades in targeted attacks against companies with annual revenue of more than $1 Billion dollar. The threat actors take a hands-on approach and use a mix of custom tools and file-less approaches. Hades appears to infiltrate systems through internet facing systems, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), or Virtual Private Network (VPN) setups using legitimate credentials which may be obtained through brute-force attacks or stolen data dumps. Hades ransomware share significant code similarities between WastedLocker Ransomware by Evil Crop.

Hades Ransomware Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win64/LoaderCS.ZZ
MD5: 9fa1ba3e7d6e32f240c790753cdaaf8e
SHA256: fe997a590a68d98f95ac0b6c994ba69c3b2ece9841277b7fecd9dfaa6f589a87

Hades Ransomware Download

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