HardBit 2.0 Ransomware

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HardBit 2.0 Ransomware
HardBit has been targeting organizations by encrypting their data and demanding cryptocurrency payments for decryption. In late November 2022, an updated version of HardBit, version 2.0, was released and has been observed in use through the end of 2022 and into 2023. HardBit, like other modern ransomware threats, claims to steal sensitive information from its victims upon gaining access to their networks. However, unlike many other ransomware groups, HardBit does not have a leak site nor does it use the double extortion tactic of threatening public exposure of stolen data. Instead, the ransom note left by HardBit prompts victims to contact them via email or a messaging platform called Tox to negotiate a settlement amount, rather than specifying a specific amount of bitcoin. Furthermore, the group encourages victims with cyber insurance policies to share the policy details so that the ransom demands can be adjusted accordingly.

HardBit 2.0 Ransomware Signatures

Family: Virus:Win32/Neshta.A
MD5: c0dab26a6f40cfd75fce1c938a4e15fd
SHA256: 422e0e4e01c826c8a9f31cb3a3b37ba29fb4b4b8c4841e16194258435056d8a3

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