Nevada Ransomware

Nevada Ransomware
In December 2022, criminal forums advertised Nevada ransomware as part of a new ransomware-as-a-service affiliate program. Nevada is programmed in Rust and is compatible with Linux and 64-bit Windows. Zscaler ThreatLabz has found significant similarities in code between Nevada and Nokoyawa ransomware, such as debug strings, command-line arguments, and encryption algorithms. Nokoyawa ransomware has been modified multiple times since February 2022 and has at least four distinct variants, including Nevada. The Nokoyawa threat group operates two code branches written in different programming languages to avoid detection and confuse researchers.

Nevada Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win64/Nevada
MD5: 99549bcea63af5f81b01decf427519af
SHA256: 855f411bd0667b650c4f2fd3c9fbb4fa9209cf40b0d655fa9304dcdd956e0808

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