Install Python LDAP on Linux

Posted Under: Configuration on Jun 17, 2019
Linux snippet to install Python LDAP on various Linux distributions.

Apache Allow only GET and POST

Posted Under: Configuration on Sep 30, 2018
HTTP protocol defines several Methods to access and modify content served on a server. Apache the most commonly use web server to date. It provide 9 HTTP methods. Most of the web applications and website use only 2 or 3 methods i.e. GET,POST and sometimes HEAD method.

Installing Custom SSL Certificate on Apache

Posted Under: Configuration on Sep 4, 2018
This configuration snippet will install custom self signed certificate for Apache Web server on Ubuntu.

Install PHP mcrypt Extension on Linux

Posted Under: Configuration on Aug 17, 2018
In order to use encryption and decryption in PHP, we need to inatall PHP extension mcrypt.

Memcached DDoS Attack Patch fix

Posted Under: Configuration on Mar 8, 2018
Memcrashed (CVE-2018-1000115), a vulnerability of popular cache Memcached, which cause a massive DDOS attack of 1.7TBps can be fixed by simple configuration. Although a patch has...
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