Apache Allow only GET and POST

Posted Under: Configuration on Sep 30, 2018
HTTP protocol defines several Methods to access and modify content served on a server. Apache the most commonly use web server to date. It provide 9 HTTP methods. Most of the web applications and website use only 2 or 3 methods i.e. GET,POST and sometimes HEAD method.

Installing Custom SSL Certificate on Apache

Posted Under: Configuration on Sep 4, 2018
This configuration snippet will install custom self signed certificate for Apache Web server on Ubuntu.

Install PHP mcrypt Extension on Linux

Posted Under: Configuration on Aug 17, 2018
In order to use encryption and decryption in PHP, we need to inatall PHP extension mcrypt.

Memcached DDoS Attack Patch fix

Posted Under: Configuration on Mar 8, 2018
Memcrashed (CVE-2018-1000115), a vulnerability of popular cache Memcached, which cause a massive DDOS attack of 1.7TBps can be fixed by simple configuration. Although a patch has...

Bypass Remove Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Posted Under: Configuration on Sep 12, 2017
Google Factory Reset Protection is a security procedure that hinder anyone form cleaning all data on the Phone. This is viable solution in case of theft or in some cases pranks. But what if someone intentionally sell their cell phone and wants to completely remove its private data.
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