Ziggy Ransomware Sample Download

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Ziggy Ransomware encrypts user files and ask them to mail at EnceryptedFiles@tutanota.com. if there is no reply in 12 hours of your mail you need to re-mail at ReturnEncerypted@tutanota.com. It seems the attacker is kind to lazy. It append [EnceryptedFiles@tutanota.com] .ziggy extension to encrypted files.

Ziggy Ransomware Sample 1 Signatures

Family: Trojan:MSIL/AntiWD.YA!MTB
MD5: 04aaf892226b1e11ab69b4cdd90c790f
SHA256: c7879df64ead2bbc7c22724def1c0e329e896a6cc4eca9aaeb6658879f793d74

Ziggy Ransomware Sample 1 Download

Download Ziggy Ransomware Sample 1

Ziggy Ransomware Sample 2 Signatures

Family: Ransom:MSIL/ZiggyCrypter.PA!MTB
MD5: 55cb627f9925b52bd5ae0bc5e5188bcf
SHA256: 2608e3aee2ca61701eb8b5281b9c9f25f84f40faf3210b2cdaa188d798345a3c

Ziggy Ransomware Sample 2 Download

Download Ziggy Ransomware Sample 2
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