Zeoticus Ransomware Download

Zeoticus Ransomware Download
Zeoticus is offline ransomware with no external dependencies and works on all Windows Operation Systems including Windows XP. It uses X25519 + XSalsa20 + Poly1305 for asymmetric encryption and Xchacha20 for symmetric encryption. The ransomware also has the ability to discover and infect remote drives and to discover and terminate processes that could interfere with the encryption process. It will not encrypt files on the system if the locale of the system belongs to one of the CIS Countries. .zeoticus extension is added to encrypted files.

Zeoticus 2.0 Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/Zeoticus.PA!MTB
MD5: d0e87fd356979aff2a420957ec070d54
SHA256: 279d73e673463e42a1f37199a30b3deff6b201b8a7edf94f9d6fb5ce2f9f7f34

Zeoticus 2.0 Ransomware Download

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