Yanluowang Ransomware Download

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Yanluowang Ransomware Download
Yanluowang is one of the ten kings of the underworld in Chinese mythology. This name is given to this ransomware based on the extension it adds to its victim's encrypted files. Once deployed, Yanluowang will stop hypervisor virtual machines, end all processes harvested by the precursor tool, encrypts files and append the .yanluowang extension. Once it did its work it dropped a ransom note that warns users not to contact law enforcement agencies and threat with DDOS if their demands were not meant.

Yanluowang Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/Yanluow.A
MD5: ba95a2f1f1f39a24687ebe3a7a7f7295
SHA256: 49d828087ca77abc8d3ac2e4719719ca48578b265bbb632a1a7a36560ec47f2d

Yanluowang Ransomware Download

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