GravityRAT macOS RAT Download

GravityRAT macOS RAT Download
GravityRAT aim to go cross platform. It is available for Windows OS, macOS, and Android. The reported distribution methods are malicious applications, infected email attachments, malicious online activities, social engineering, and software cracks. Once its executed on the system , its searches for files in the device memory and on connected media with the extensions .jpg, .jpeg, .log, .png, .txt, .pdf, .xml, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .docx, and .opus, and sends these to its command and control servers.

Update: Download GravityRAT Windows Version

Update: Download GravityRAT Android Version

GravityRAT masOS RAT Signatures

Family: TrojanSpy:MacOS/Vigorf.A
MD5: 296c1e8f4d8c997ca410a5d9b33e62ca
SHA256: 70454f1794ee4626a9d70f58aa570bca14da1c40432a2dd1bec5f51b0efcc13f

GravityRAT masOS RAT Download

Download GravityRAT masOS RAT Sample