Vovalex Ransomware Download

Vovalex Ransomware is written in D programming language, one of the unique features of this malware. Other thing about it like encrypting files and demanding ransom in coins is same. It encrypt user file with AES and ask payment proof of 0.5 XMR (~$70) email to the attacker at VovanAndLexus@co ck.li. It spread as keygen of legitimate window programs like CCleaner. .vovalex extension is appended to after encrypting file.

Vovalex Ransomware

Vovalex Ransomware Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!rfn
MD5: 5ddc3474f5a1a20b33db76a83818518b
SHA256: 99f0875ce316761fe9dde48b1313486ba59e257f2db08d8040bee5b07067010c

Vovalex Ransomware Download

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