Angular ngModel Example Input

Posted Under: TypeScript on Sep 23, 2018
In continuation from our last angular tutorial. In this tutorial we explore how modules are added in angular project. We will make a text filed and a simple paragraph tag. Whatever will be written in the text filed will automatically shown in the paragraph tag, in short we will bind text filed with paragraph tag.

ngx-admin - Angular 4 Admin Panel Template

Posted Under: TypeScript on Nov 7, 2017
ngx-admin is the next version of the famous ng2-admin - Angular 2 Admin Panel. This version is built with Angular 4, Bootsrap 4 and Typescript. It is recommended to use ngx-admin for all future developments as ng2-admin can not be upgraded to ngx-admin.

ng2-admin - Angular 2 Admin Panel Template

Posted Under: TypeScript on Mar 26, 2017
Almost all the business Web application have a back-end administration panel. ng2-admin is designd for those applications. ng2-admin is a front-end Admin Dashboard template based on Angular 2, Bootstrap 4 and Webpack.

Class in TypeScript with Example

Posted Under: TypeScript on Jan 15, 2017
TypeScript brings class to JavaScript. Classes are the integral part of the object-oriented development. Classes gives the code generalization, code manageability and consistent way to use them in every JavaScript framework popping every now and then.

TypeScript Hello World Example

Posted Under: TypeScript on Nov 28, 2016
TypeScript is a super set of JavaScript. Any piece of JavaScript is also a valid code in TypeScript. TypeScript is all about making JavaScript scale. It is about making easier to build medium to large applications in JavaScript.
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