ngx-admin - Angular 4 Admin Panel Template

Posted Under: Angular, Bootstrap, Open Source, Responsive, Template, TypeScript on Nov 7, 2017
ngx-admin is the next generation of the famous ng2-admin - Angular 2 Admin Panel Template. This version is built with Angular 4, Bootsrap 4 and Typescript. It is recommended to use ngx-admin for all future developments as ng2-admin can not be upgraded to ngx-admin.

ngx-admin angular admin panel template

ngx-admin at a Glance

  • ngx-admin is built using Nebular.
  • ngx-admin is highly modular.
  • ngx-admin is the front-end of you application so back-end is to written by the developer. It support pure JavaScript objects so all client-server communication should be in JSON.
  • It is released under MIT licence.

Download ngx-admin Angular 4 Admin Panel Template from here.
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