TFlower Ransomware Sample Download

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TFlower Ransomware is being installed in a corporate network through exposed Remote Desktop services that are being hacked by attackers. It get it name because of the string "*tflower" pre-pended to encrypted files. Once the attackers gain access to the machine, they will infect the local machine or may attempt to traverse the network through tools such as PowerShell Empire, PSExec, etc. When executed, the ransomware will display a console that shows the activity being performed by the ransomware while it is encrypting a computer.

TFlower Ransomware

TFlower Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/Tflower
MD5: 53c923d4e39b966ab951f9a3b9d090be
SHA256: 6c75998580fb05c01b10f4703299ffd782bec55c8765c030b8a4760fff6045fe

TFlower Ransomware Download

Download TFlower Ransomware Sample