Sugar Ransomware

Sugar Ransomware
Sugar or Encoded01 is a ransomware that targets individuals instead of huge organization and businesses. The ransomware encrypts files using the SCOP encryption algorithm from GPLib. The ransomware demands few hundred to few dollars in Bitcoins dempends on the number of files. The encrypted files will have the .encoded01 extension appended to file names. The ransomware page at onion network is closely resembles that of Clop Ransomware.

Sugar Ransomware Download Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/FileCryptor.MAK!MTB
MD5: 17c7b47b68f75df9eec21698decad5b4
SHA256: 4a97bc8111631795cb730dfe7836d0afac3131ed8a91db81dde5062bb8021058

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