Ranion Ransomware Download

Ranion Ransomware Download
Ranion ransomware gives naive criminals the ability to create and distribute their own ransomware, without the need for programming skills. It has been active since 2017. The reason for its persistence and endurance is its RaaS model. Typically, Ransomware-as-a-Service vendors pay out 60%-80% of any ransom collected to their "affiliates" that have successfully installed their ransomware onto a victim’s machine. The Ranion developers do not take a middleman's cut. Instead, their affiliates pay for the RaaS service upfront, and they then receive 100% of any ransoms collected.

Ranion Ransomware Signatures

Family: Gen:Variant.Ransom.Ranion.1
MD5: bda44793b7f8d4d62d268b326537372f
SHA256: e4c42969a0327ce133b8b6dd52b0f2e926fbc43a48cf2abbd78d521e310b00e4

Ranion Ransomware Download

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