PollerYou (Rentyr) Ransomware Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , Malware, Ransomware, Windows on Feb 19, 2020
PollerYou ransomware encrypts user data using AES, and then requires a ransom of $100 in BTC in order to return the files.It does not add any extension or marker to its encrypted files. PollerYou (Rentyr) Ransom Note

PollerYou Ransomware Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C
MD5: e2406311d5587b727c06fbda60233d7d
SHA256: 05934ecc3ac575e72c90124ae4b539d35f6d7bc08b961c215fbde870d1c0d20d

PollerYou Ransomware Download

Download PollerYou Ransomware Sample