Polar Ransomware Sample Download

Chinese hackers moves in to lucrative market of ransomwares and Polar Ransomware is the choice of APT27. It use randomly generated key using AES + RSA 1024. It then asked to contact Pt34Jarmys@protonmail.com or alex.dali@iran.ir for ransom amount and decryption key. .locked is appended to encrypted files.

Polar Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:MSIL/Polar.PC!MTB
MD5: 841980b4ae02a4e6520ab834deee241b
SHA256: ad9093adf832b6f86d6001331547f0072de21419fe40e6446c3525213add1413

Polar Ransomware Download

Download Polar Ransomware Sample