Pandora Ransomware

Pandora Ransomware
Pandora Ransomware hits automotive spare parts manufacturing giant DENSO. Pandora targets corporate networks steals data for double extortion attacks. It is new ransomware actor so its tactics are unknown at this time. Pandora uses the same executable packer as 'NightSky,' a previous re-brand of the LockFile/AtomSilo ransomware operations.

Pandora Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win64/FileCoder!MSR
MD5: 0c4a84b66832a08dccc42b478d9d5e1b
SHA256: 5b56c5d86347e164c6e571c86dbf5b1535eae6b979fede6ed66b01e79ea33b7b

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