Atom Silo Ransomware Download

Atom Silo Ransomware Download
Atom Silo Ransomware encrypt user data and ask Bitcoins of 1 million dollar worth as a ransom payment. It is targeting the Atlassian Confluence server's Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (RCE) CVE-2021-26084. It is similar to LockFile Ransomware, but also uses additional techniques to hide from detection and analysis, like side-loading of malicious dynamic-link libraries.

Atom Silo Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win64/LockCrypt.PB!MTB
MD5: 04a8307259478245cbae49940b6d655a
SHA256: d9f7bb98ad01c4775ec71ec66f5546de131735e6dba8122474cc6eb62320e47b

Atom Silo Ransomware Download

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