Quantum Ransomware

Quantum Ransomware
Quantum ransomware is the re-branded version of the MountLocker Ransomware. Threat actors uses IcedID malware as one of the initial access vectors that deploys Cobalt Strike. It then remotely access victim computers for data theft and to deploy Quantum Locker ransomware for encryption. The ransomware is used in fast ransomware attacks, in some cases even Time-to-Ransom (TTR) of less than 4 hours, leaving defenders little time to react. The ransom demands for the gang vary depending on the victim, with some attacks demanding $150,000 to receive a decryptor, while others are multi-million dollar demands.

Quantum Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win64/Mountlocker!mclg
MD5: 8a132d9eb16ab0a492c7858fa5d6b6fb
SHA256: 1d64879bf7b1c7aea1d3c2c0171b31a329d026dc4e2f1c876d7ec7cae17bbc58

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