White Rabbit Ransomware

White Rabbit Ransomware
This ransomware encrypts user data using a combination of AES+RSA algorithms and then requires them to go to a ransomware website to learn how to pay a ransom and get their files back. The ransomware gives victims little time and threatens to sell or even publish the stolen data for free. Encrypted files are appended with the extension: .scrypt and a ransom note is generated for each encrypted file and named after its name: <filename>.scrypt.txt

White Rabbit Ransomware Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/Tnega!MSR
MD5: 087f82581b65e3d4af6f74c8400be00e
SHA256: 4ee21b5fd8597e494ae9510f440a1d5bbcdb01bc653226e938df4610ee691f3a

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