Nodera Ransomware Sample Donwload

Nodera Ransomware Sample Donwload
Nodera Ransomware written is Node.js framework (framework used to create web applications in JavaScript). Writing malware in Node.js is an usual choice. Nodera affect Windows operating systems and it appeared to be still in development phase as ransom note refers to a 2048-bit RSA public key in the ransom note, where as the public key embedded in the script is 4096 bits. Secondly it indicates the date "March 1, 2018" as the time of destruction of the private key and thirdly there is no communication channel mentioned in the ransom note to receive the private key. Once executed, the ransomware encrypts the files and adds the extension ".encrypted" . Nodera Ransom Note

Nodera Ransomware Sample Signatures

Family: Ransom:VBS/Filecoder.G!MTB
MD5: e8cfee97467d4006257afdaabf945565
SHA256: 7265c1fb74eb9ea3cd98358475620ce54b9033421ba042957135bdefd078b366

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