Free Responsive Bootstrap Admin Panel Template - SB Admin 2

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SB Admin 2 is a free responsive premium Bootstrap based Admin Panel Template. It features a dashboard template, a web-app UI starter. SB Admin 2 is an enhancement over its old SB Admin Template theme.

SB Admin 2 Free Responsive Bootstrap Admin Panel Template

SB Admin 2 Features

  • SB Admin 2 has responsive multi level Side bar menu.
  • It also has a fully responsive Top nav bar.
  • To make sense of data Morris.js and Flot Charts are supported by default for drawing responsive and interactive charts.
  • To make search and sort as easy as possible SB Admin 2 utilize the power of jQuery DataTables Plugin.
  • It has Built in support for Sharing and Socializing.
  • By default it has SB Admin Panel Template has 3 Coloring Options, But as it harness the power of LESS framework new color schemes can easily be created.
  • Other features includes a Chat library, a Facebook style timeline module.
SB Admin 2 is licensed under MIT by Blackrock Digital, which mean it is free to use and re-distribute. You can download it form the below mentioned link.

SB Admin 2 Free Download
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