Nemty Love Letter Ransomware Sample Download

Nemty Ransomware which was discovered in August 2019 get a new boost. It is spreading under a Love You malspam camping. Victims receive a email message with a just a wink. Below is the sample malspam mail that a user gets. A attachment with LOVE_YOU_######_2020.zip.

Update: A new version of Nemty called Nefilim Ransomware is detected in the wild.

Update 2: A newer version of it Nephilim Ransomware is out.

Nemty Ransomware Malspam

Nemty Ransomware Signatures

Family: TrojanDownloader:Script/Nemucode!MSR
MD5: ce58fe36343afdbe2b2a36f123ecb9a7
SHA256: f3e743c919c1deaf5108d361c4ff610187606f450fabda0bea3786d4063511b1

Nemty Ransomware Download

Download Nemty Ransomware Sample