Magniber Ransomware Download

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Magniber Ransomware Download
Magniber ransomware returns by exploiting PrintNightmare vulnerability. Magniber ransomware was first spotted in late 2017 targeting victims in South Korea through malvertising campaigns using the Magnitude Exploit Kit (EK). PrintNightmare vulnerability impacting the Windows Print Spooler service, Windows print drivers, and the Windows Point and Print feature.

Magniber Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win64/Magniber.DA!MTB
MD5: a60c5212d52fe1488d2f82989a2947d2
SHA256: 10b9b1d8f6bafd9bb57ccfb1da4a658f10207d566781fa5fb3c4394d283e860e

Magniber Ransomware Download

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