Katyusha Ransomware Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , Malware, Ransomware, Windows on Nov 28, 2018
Katyusha Ransomware encrypts user data with AES, and then requires a 0.5 BTC ransom to return files. An extension is added to the encrypted files: .katyusha

Katyusha Ransomware Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/Eqtonex!rfn
MD5: 7f87db33980c0099739de40d1b725500
SHA256: d00ee0e6eab686424f8d383e151d22005f19adbda5b380a75669629e32fe12a6

Katyusha Ransomware Download

Download Katyusha Ransomware Sample