Casbaneiro Trojan Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: Trojan on Oct 10, 2019
Casbaneiro, a banking trojan designed to deceive the victims, proposing the display of fake pop-up windows that try to convince the unfortunates to enter sensitive data in order to steal it and use it fraudulently.

Emissary Panda APT 27's RAT Sample Download

Posted Under: Trojan on Oct 2, 2019
Emissary Panda, which also goes by other identikits such as APT27, IronTiger, BronzeUnion, TG-3390, and LuckyMouse , is a decade old Chinese APT. It primarily targets aerospace, government, defense, technology, energy, and manufacturing sectors. Not much is know about the activities of this group.

InnfiRAT Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: Trojan on Sep 30, 2019
InnfiRAT remote access Trojan is written in .net. It primarily steals his victim's information such as browser cookies, crypto currency wallet details, session data.

Emotet Trojan Sample Download

Posted Under: Trojan on Sep 22, 2019
Emotet, one of the most advanced and dangerous botnets in the world in circulation for years, returns later a four-month break through a new malspam campaign, aimed at organizations and users. Starting from 16 September 2019 the botnet has completely resurfaced and resumed spamming operations.

HiddenWasp Linux Malware Sample

Posted Under: Trojan on Jul 13, 2019
HiddenWasp new malware designed for Linux machines to manage them remotely. Unlike the Windows cyber security ecosystem, threats related to Linux systems are not often discussed in sufficient detail.
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