IEncrypt Ransomware Sample Download

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IEncrypt Ransomware encrypts company data with AES, and then requires a ransom in BTC to return files. It bear false copyright: Microgaming ©. The following pattern is added to the encrypted files: .PCname_of_company In the presented example, the company KRAUSS-MAFFEI (Germany) was attacked and the name of the PC was used. Thus, the extension on the files was given by the name of the PC: .kraussmfz In another company and on other PCs, other extensions are used. IEncrypt Ransomware Note

IEncrypt Ransomware Signatures

Family: Win32:Malware-gen
MD5: 02ade94c4b5bd3295d775a6d48a968c2
SHA256: 46d89dae47b8f048e11dc2d4ef6b0c74a6175c948b5407589f4cb97a06e92b0d

IEncrypt Ransomware Download

Download IEncrypt Ransomware Sample