HelloXD Ransomware

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , Malware, Ransomware, Windows on Jun 27, 2022
HelloXD Ransomware
HelloXD is a relatively a new Ransomware operation that is drives form Babuk Ransomware. It is still in early developmental stages and adding functionality continuously. It currently does not have any public website, it relies on Tox for communication with its victims. It uses Curve25519-Donna + Rabbit Cipher to encrypts its victim files. Encrypted files are appended with .HELLO extension.

HelloXD Ransomware Signatures

Family: Trojan.Win32.DelShad.hpm
MD5: 1b6a36215e0ba54a31ff2fa127510f14
SHA256: 435781ab608ff908123d9f4758132fa45d459956755d27027a52b8c9e61f9589

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