DarkBit Ransomware

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DarkBit Ransomware
A new form of ransomware called "DarkBit" has recently emerged and targeted Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, one of Israel's top research universities. This ransomware has been created using Golang and appears to have political motives as the ransom note contains anti-Israeli and anti-government sentiments. The ransom demanded was 80 Bitcoin, which is equivalent to about USD $1,869,760 at the time of writing. The ransomware is capable of accepting command-line arguments or running independently, and it uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bits (AES-256) to encrypt a wide range of file types quickly and efficiently. The University is currently responding to the incident and trying to determine the extent of the attack. DarkBit Ransom Note

DarkBit Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win64/DarkBit
MD5: 9880fae6551d1e9ee921f39751a6f3c0
SHA256: 9107be160f7b639d68fe3670de58ed254d81de6aec9a41ad58d91aa814a247ff

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