GravityRAT Android RAT Download

GravityRAT Android RAT Download
GravityRAT makes a come back with versions for Android and MAC. It was previously know as for spying on Windows users only. It is capable of retrieving device data, contact lists, email addresses, call logs and SMS messages and can ex-filtrate various types of documents and files.

Update: Download GravityRAT Windows Version

Update: Download GravityRAT macOS Version

GravityRAT Android RAT Signatures

Family: TrojanSpy:AndroidOS/Grvity.A!MTB
MD5: df6e86d804af7084c569aa809b2e2134
SHA256: c39270febb9097def21777c994d10738ba2a915c88f516fb1e896e5d7240cc0d

GravityRAT Android RAT Download

Download GravityRAT Android RAT Sample