Dacls RAT macOS Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free macOS Malware Samples , macOS , Malware, RAT on May 7, 2020
Dacls Remote Access Trojan (RAT) associated with North Korea’s Lazarus group, designed specifically for the Mac operating system. It spread via TinkaOTP app, an application that provide Two-factor Authentication. This is application is geared toward Chinese speaking people. DaclsRAT persists through LaunchDaemons or LaunchAgents which take a property list (plist) file that specifies the application that needs to be executed after reboot.

Dacls RAT Signatures

Family: Trojan:MacOS/Vigorf.A
MD5: 81f8f0526740b55fe484c42126cd8396
SHA256: 899e66ede95686a06394f707dd09b7c29af68f95d22136f0a023bfd01390ad53

Dacls RAT Download

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