BlackSquid Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: Exploit on Jun 16, 2019
Information security company Trend Micro said it had found a new family of malware, nicknamed by researchers as BlackSquid. It infects web servers, network drives and removable drives by installing mining software through many different exploits.

Flash 0day Exploit Sample Download (CVE-2018-15982)

Posted Under: Exploit on Dec 10, 2018
CVE-2018-15982 is assigned to an arbitrary code execution. Yet another Adobe Flash 0day exploit. The malicious hackers are using infected documents, particularly Microsoft Word ones. They are packed inside a RAR archive along with a JPG photo. As soon as the archives are opened upon launching of the Microsoft Word document the built-in Flash scripts will extract a malware payload from the photo.

CVE-2018-5002 Exploit CHAINSHOT Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: Exploit on Sep 18, 2018
CHAINSHOT Malware use multiple steps to exploit a a Adobe Flash 0-day vulnerability CVE-2018-5002. Malware is multi stager and downloads additional DLLs to create Backdoor in the victim machine.

Drupalgeddon2 RCE Exploit CVE-2018-7600

Posted Under: Exploit on Apr 23, 2018
Back in 2014, a SQLi in Drupal was discovered so serious that in a matter of hours it allowed to automate attacks that compromised hundreds or perhaps thousands of vulnerable servers.

Memcached DDoS UDP Port Amplification Exploits POC

Posted Under: Exploit on Mar 8, 2018
The Memcached vulnerability commonly know as Memcrashed and it is identified by CVE-2018-1000115 is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack using UDP port.
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