Spectre Exploit Download for Linux

Spectre Exploit Download for Linux
Spectre is a hardware design flaw in the architectures of Intel, AMD, and ARM processors that allows code running inside a malicious application to break the isolation between different applications at the CPU level and then steal sensitive data from other apps running on the same system. A fully working Spectre (CVE-2017-5753) exploit for Linux was uploaded on VirusTotal. The exploit works in four stages:

  1. Find the superblock,
  2. Find the inode of the file to dump
  3. Find the corresponding page address
  4. Dumps the content of the file

Update: Download Spectre Exploit for Windows

Spectre Linux exploit Signatures

Family: Exploit:Linux/CVE-2017-5753.A!MTB
MD5: 9f9b74bfc20022d3f4e265df8c280e0f
SHA256: 6461d0988c835e91eb534757a9fa3ab35afe010bec7d5406d4dfb30ea767a62c

Spectre Linux exploit Download

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