Egregor Ransomware Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , Malware, Ransomware, Windows on Nov 17, 2020
Egregor Ransomware is the successor of Maze Ransomware and Sekhmet Ransomware.Egregor ransomware allegedly compromise and steal data from more than 50 companies including the big fishes like Crytek, Ubisoft, Foxtons Group and Barnes and Noble. It latest victim is the Chilean retail giant Cencosud based. A new random extension is used for each file. A file marker of two DWORDs is used in EOF XOR'd together to a specific value to identify encrypted files.

Egregor Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/EregorCrypt.G!MSR
MD5: 4c36c3533a283e1aa199f80e20d264b9
SHA256: aee131ba1bfc4b6fa1961a7336e43d667086ebd2c7ff81029e14b2bf47d9f3a7

Egregor Ransomware Download

Download Egregor Ransomware Sample