Cuba Ransomware Download

Cuba Ransomware Download
Cuba Ransomware encrypts user data ChaCha20 and encrypt key information with RSA. Cuba Ransomware has purportedly been active since Q4, 2019. However they gained fame after publishing leaked documents from there victim companies that failed or denied to pay ransom. An extension is added to encrypted files: .cuba The file marker FIDEL.CA is also used.

Cuba Ransomware Signatures

Family: HEUR:Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Cuba.gen
MD5: d8fd19fef4605b4217cb2546c470a918
SHA256: 33352a38454cfc247bc7465bf177f5f97d7fd0bd220103d4422c8ec45b4d3d0e

Cuba Ransomware Download

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