CoronaLocker Ransomware Sample Download

CoronaLocker Ransomware Sample Download
CoronaLocker is another malware related to COVID-19. It is screen locker distributed via a fake WiFi hacking program named wifihacker.exe. Upon execution it lock user out of windows. After logging again it make looping sound produce by the Microsoft Speech API saying corona virus. When the screen comes it display a VB script prompt asking for code to decrypt. which is "vb", enter it and it goes off. Unfortunately, the malware creates a variety of Registry settings that prevent the Task Manager and Run commands from working, the Desktop icons are hidden, Start Menu is disabled. coronalocker ransomware

Video showing CoronaLocker behavior.

CoronaLocker Ransomware Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/Disabler!MSR
MD5: 09387dad1341f534ad51966168c0e4af
SHA256: 01157c3e056d2040250598bc9b4aac8b4ad8b7f2c595381d320290dd79b8317d

CoronaLocker Ransomware Download

Download CoronaLocker Ransomware Sample