CovidLock Android Ransomware Sample Download

CovidLock is an Ransomware for Android Mobile devices. It harvest the fear of the current Corona Virus crisis. It demands a ransom of $250 in Bitcoins for decryption code/key. However upon reversing malware research are able to find the decryption key, which is hard coded in the code itself. It is 4865083501. Put it in and lock will be released. Browse more COVID-19 related malwares.

CovidLock Ransom Note

CovidLock Android Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:AndroidOS/Coravin.A!MTB
MD5: d1d417235616e4a05096319bb4875f57
SHA256: 6b74febe8a8cc8f4189eccc891bdfccebbc57580675af67b1b6f268f52adad9f

CovidLock Android Ransomware Download

Download CovidLock Android Ransomware Sample

Password of the archive is infected-android-ransomware